Looking for some new authors/people to check out? In my journal, I asked people to list their two personal best/favorite fannish things they've ever done.

Here is the compiled list. (Thanks to Murklins for all her help!)


[info]_sail_ --
1. Life On Earth (SV)
2. Egypt (SV manip)

[info]angiepen --
1. A Spirit of Vengeance (RPS, Orlando/Viggo)
2. In the Driver's Seat (RPS, Orlando Bloom/Johnny Depp)

1. Shepherds Watch Their Flock (The Sentinel)
2. Not answered

[info]beet --
1. My feedbacking.
2. Hmmm... by comment #s: The Map (SV manip); by enthusiasm: Locked entry

[info]bop_radar --
1. Don't U Eva (BSG)
2. My unfinished WIP, sadly: The office adventures of Lex Luthor, Photocopy Boy (PCB!Lex) (SV)

[info]burntcopper --
1. Holding Pattern (Doctor Who)
2. Not answered

[info]capnzebbie --
1. Gethsemane (SV vid)
2. My Secret Love (SV vid)

[info]carcassi --
1. Lois Lane, Star Reporter
2. By respone, that'd have to be this: The Jimmy Olsen Series (SV)

[info]catmoran --
1. Marley's Tale (A Christmas Carol)
2. Homeless (due South, Fraser/Rayk, PG)

[info]ciaan --
1. Babel (SV)
2. Not answered

[info]cold_poet --
1. We All Make Mistakes, Harry (HP)
2. The same thing. I'm not terribly prolific.

[info]dev_earl --
1. Please Remind Me (SPN)
2. The Art Of Lying (Around) (RPS, Jared/Jensen)

[info]digitalwave --
1. A Million Miles Away (SV)
2. A piece of fanfic, a Smallville AU called Songs From A lonely Heart

[info]diluvian --
1. Scavenger Hunt (SGA)
2. Not answered

[info]earthseed --
1. Breaking Rules (SV)
2. The Easy Lie (SV)

[info]elli --
1. Clex Soundtrack (SV)
2. Alien Environment (SGA)

[info]etben --
1. Previous Motives (SGA)
2. probably this: Settlement: Five Stories About a Shirt, More Or Less (SGA)

[info]fan_this --
1. Aftertaste (SGA)
2. [info]isaymckay

[info]ferdalump --
1. Portrait of Restraint (SV)
2. Red Hot Peaches (SV)

[info]ficbyzee --
1. The Compass That You Gave Me (DC)
2. Hard to say! Probably Five Things That Never Happened On The Internets (DC) or You Each time (DC)

[info]fox1013 --
1. Circle Jerk (Veronica Mars)
2. Probably Lovers and Dreamers (SV/Muppets). Or Five Muppets River Never Met (Firefly/Muppets)

[info]goss --
1. Lex Falling (SV art)
2. Probably SmallPark (SV)

[info]graycastle --
1. Punchlines (SGA)
2. Uh, like a million years ago I wrote cyberpunk au lotrips (First story: Binary) that got randomly famous? There's a whole series. By which I am slightly embarrassed now, but...they're all up on my fic journal ([info]thingswithwings), there.

[info]hazywizard --
1. One Way Or Another (SV vid)
2. Again, the Lexana vid. Lots of people seemed to feel the same way about Lexana at the time.

[info]hetrez --
1. Something Else (SGA)
2. Same, probably

[info]hyperfocused --
1. Apples, Oranges, Blood and Wine (SV)
2. Transmogrification (Calvin & Hobbes/SGA)

[info]iseult_variante --
1. the gods might offer gifts (SPN/American Gods)
2. The same, I would think, at least for those who know SPN.

[info]isiscolo --
1. Ladykiller (RPS, Callum Keith Rennie/Hugh Dillon)
2. Double Occupancy (SGA), which gets most hits and most feedback.

[info]juno --
1. Fitting Room (SV)
2. Locked entry

[info]kantayra --
1. A Matter of Great Scientific Importance (Veronica Mars)
2. Probably this *sigh*: Double Spiked (BtVS)

[info]kristiinthedark --
1. Keep It Close to Me (RPS, Callum Keith Rennie/Hugh Dillon)
2. The one that got the most comments: Fallen (SV WiP)

[info]ladyjanelly --
1. Look After Your Brother (Boondock Saints)
2. The Space He Invades (SPN/Dark Angel) A Supernatural/DarkAngel crossover that doesn't fuck either timeline

[info]ladyvyola --
1. Not answered
2. Revelations (Star Wars fan film) <--co-wrote, costumed, PA'd, yadda yadda yadda

1. Lex as Blade Runner (SV art)
2. Not answered

[info]like_cheap_wine --
1. Toyko a Go-Go (SV art)
2. Not answered

[info]linzeems --
1. either my Charlie and the Chocolate Factory "Pure Imagination" vid or my Lex/Lana "Wind Up Girl" vid. (Both vids are offline.)
2. my Lex/Lionel video "Pet."

[info]lovelokest --
1. Character Hell (Homicide)
2. Untitled ficlet (SGA)

[info]ltlj --
1. Walk Out of the World (SGA/Firefly)
2. Probably Retrograde (SGA)

[info]makesmewannadie --
1. Taniwha (Moby Dick)
2. Er, there's my [recs] tag!

[info]mcshepylove --
1. Ultimate Fic Archiver on del.icio.us
2. Not answered

[info]medie --
1. McKay's Symphony of Two In Ten (SGA)
2. That Way Lies Namibia... (NCIS) or the first one *G*

[info]mkitty3 --
1. Breathe (SPN vid)
2. Locked entry

[info]moosesal --
1. Shame (BtVS)
2. most famous anyway - Clipped Heart (BtVS)

[info]mos_self --
1. A Messenger, Nothing More (SGA)
2. Once A Father (SV)

[info]mskatej --
1. The Good Life (SV)
2. The Fire In Me (SV)

[info]murklins --
1. Multi-level sidebar tags. Most recently ported to Expressive. Not a traditional fannish project, but used by many fannish people to organize fannish things.
2. Same. Well, if they knew it was mine and they thought it was fannish. Otherwise, nothing. :)

[info]newkidfan --
1. The Birds (SGA art)
2. Dreams (SGA vid)

[info]notpoetry --
1. How to Tie a Bowtie (SGA)
2. Broomstacking (SGA)

[info]oxoniensis --
1. All the hurt geography I own (SPN)
2. Five Stages (SPN) Dean/Sam, NC-17

[info]pandoraiam --
1. Saving Grace (SPN)
2. Achilles Heel (Queer as Folk)

[info]pentapus --
1. Five Things Ronon's Tattoo Doesn't Mean (SGA)
2. Possibly: Untitled Genderfuck!John (SGA art)

[info]poisontaster --
1. Chains of Babylon (SPN)
2. Every Broken Thing/Heart 'verse (SPN)

[info]resonant8 --
1. Higher Education (Breakfast Club)
2. Transfigurations (HP)

[info]runpunkrun --
1. Verse Chorus Verse (due South)
2. Interstitial (SV)

[info]sageness --
1. Helping [info]china_shop run [info]out_of_con_txt this past summer
2. *wracks brain* I have NO idea...

[info]samdonne --
1. Your Cowboy Days Are Over (Mammas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys (SGA)
2. No Dominion (Farscape)

[info]serrico --
1. Not answered
2. Hmm...I'm gonna *guess* Qin Ge (Firefly)

[info]siegeofangels --
1. Puppies and Sunshine (SGA)
2. Currency (SGA)

[info]simon --
1. Untitled (Veronica Mars)
2. Same (it's the only fanfic of note I've ever written, haha)

[info]skuf --
1. [info]sv_ledger
2. Not answered

[info]slodwick --
1. The Maineland (Wandering Around Lost) (SGA)
2. Lots of people seem to like my "comic": Dex (SGA)

[info]smuffster --
1. Wallpaper (SGA art)
2. Never Shall Be Free (SGA graphic novel)

[info]stewardess --
1. Make Me An Offer (Rex Stout - Nero Wolfe)
2. Locked entry

[info]storydivagirl --
1. [info]win_non_con
2. The Post Devil's Trap Choose Your Own Adventure (SPN)

[info]suzvoy --
1. The Things I Cannot Change (Queer as Folk US)
2. The Writer (SGA vid)

[info]svilleficrecs --
1. I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor (Doctor Who)
2. Intra (Battlestar Galactica)

[info]slinkling --
1. I Shatter (SV)
2. Not answered

[info]svmadelyn --
1. The Relationship Between Speed and Form (SGA)
2. Not answered

[info]taffetablue --
1. A Supermarket in California (SGA)
2. Not answered

[info]tahariel --
1. Falling (HP)
2. ...I really have no idea. HP is the only fandom I've written more than one thing for - I mostly do original, though I'm getting more into doing challenges :)

[info]talitha78 --
1. Chicago (SV vid)
2. Don't Cha (SV vid)

[info]tamalinn --
1. Striptease (Queer as Folk US)
2. Untitled Sim Vid (Queer as Folk) ...yeah.

[info]tardis80 --
1. Last Night in Constantinople (SGA art)
2. Er, have no idea.

[info]tasabian --
1. Parallel Dreams (SV)
2. The Hinge Moment (SV)

[info]teot --
1. Naughty Schoolgirl (SV)
2. And Desire Shall Fail (SV)

[info]toft_froggy --
1. Second Skin (SGA)
2. String Theory, a Concerto for Violin in D Minor (SGA)

[info]treetracer --
1. Breaking Point (SV)
2. How Frogs and Cookies Ruined Clark’s Life (SV)

[info]triskellita --
1. I Don't Say It, I Imply It: Songs of Teyla Emmagan (SGA)
2. same thing

[info]txtequilanights --
1. Walk This World (SV)
2. Well, whenever people actually KNOW who I am, I get a "Oh you wrote the NotAHooker!Sammy fic! So, yeah. Show Me Where (I'll Taste You There) (SPN)

[info]velocitygrass --
1. Be Loved (SGA)
2. Not answered

[info]viennawaits --
1. The Lost Boys (Jack and Bobby)
2. Oils (HP)

[info]waverly --
1. Camp (Queer as Folk US)
2. QAF US final ep post-ep: Soon

[info]wickedwords --
1. Not answered
2. Stress (SGA vid)

[info]xnitelite --
1. In My Shattered Garden (SV)
2. Sojourner (The Sentinel)