Somnus Malus

Rating: R
Pairings: Lex/Lionel, Jonathan/Martha, Clark/?
Warning: Non-explicit Luthorcest.
Summary: Written for MistressAce for the Smallville Flash Fiction Challenge 2.0. The prompts were:
1. Martha/Jor-El - A mother's love never dies.
2. Lex/Lionel (post Covenant) - "You only get one chance and one chance only, Dad. What have you done with Clark Kent?"
...And since I didn't quite manage either one, I tried to put variations of both in.
Disclaimer: Not mine. If they were mine, there would be chocolate sauce in here somewhere.
Notes: Thanks to Tamalinn and Kel for betas! You made it not suck! Go team you! *cheers* And thank yous to Madelyn for doing this challenge, and helping me to not freak out when I saw my prompts *grin*; and to she and Simplisity for audiencing. (What can I say, the muses sucked and I needed reassurance.)

Clark wakes to silence. He listens carefully for the sounds of his mother in the kitchen making breakfast, of his father feeding the cows or the chickens; but there's only the ticking of his alarm clock, the humming of the refrigerator, and the house creaking softly in the wind.

He gets out of bed slowly and walks into his parents' bedroom, wondering if, unthinkable as it seems, they've slept in; but the bed is cold and empty, and he realizes that he would have heard them breathing, heard their hearts beating, if they'd still been in their bed. If they'd still been in the house, or on the farm. His steps speed up, and he walks down to the kitchen, looking for something that might explain their absence, but there's nothing to show why they're gone.

He jogs through the rest of the house, looking for a clue, but there's no note to say where they've gone, nor is anything out of place. If they left, he doesn't think they took anything with them. He worries about meteor mutants; this is Smallville, there's no telling what someone might do to them, but there's no sign of a struggle, and he doesn't think they would've gone quietly.

He speeds around the farm, looking for anything unusual, but it looks the same as it did the night before, when he finished his chores. His mom's car and the truck are both in the driveway.

He sits down on the front porch and tries to concentrate his freak hearing on his parents, on their voices or the sounds their bodies make; they were the first things he memorized with his new hearing, laying awake in bed at night. Eventually he picks up his mother's voice, and he runs towards her.

When he stops, he's in the caves, watching as his mother stands protectively in front of his father, frozen as he watches her crying and pleading with the rock face. He can't hear anyone answer, but she seems to hear Jor-El respond. Her face crumples, and tears fall from her eyes as she pleads for Jor-El to return her son.

He calls to her softly, his voice breaking. She doesn't respond. He clears his throat and tries again, more loudly, but there's still no response but her continued crying, her sobbing breaths making him ache to help her, to fix it. He goes to her and puts his hand on her arm, calling for her again, but she doesn't react to him. She seems to be focused on the voice from the cave, and whatever it's saying is obviously not what she wants to hear. She continues to plead softly for his return, falling to the ground through his hands and curling over his father.

Clark can't tell why his father is unconscious, but knows he's alright because he can hear the blood rushing through his father's veins, the sound of his heart beating. He doesn't think his mother's terror is for the man under her hands. He watches her stroke his father's face softly as she apologizes, and then she stands again and turns back towards the cave wall.

She lifts her head proudly, and Clark starts to panic. That's the expression she wears when she's going to do something rash. His panic escalates when she tells Jor-El that she would do anything for her son, and he calls her frantically, pulling at her arms and shoulders, trying desperately to get her attention. She doesn't turn, doesn't look at him, and when has his mom ever not known he was there? Why won't she turn and see that he's here and safe?

She nods and repeats that she would do anything for Clark, anything, and then a beam of light is shooting from the wall. It hits her in the chest and picks her up, getting brighter and brighter. He shields his eyes, and when he looks up, the cave is empty.

He's too shocked to move for a moment, and then he x-rays the cave, looking for any sign of where they've gone, but once again he's left with no clues to their whereabouts. He calls Jor-El, screaming for answers, but if he answers Clark can't hear it. He doesn't understand what's going on. He starts to run.

He runs to the castle, and stops to stare up at the front door. He walks in without knocking, and makes his way up to Lex's office to find him. Lex will know how to fix this.

But when he gets there, the doors are open, and Lex is arguing with his father with a desperation Clark has never heard before. He hesitates in the doorway, not sure whether he should interrupt. Lex looks manic, but there's no outlet for his energy, and Clark can see that he's vibrating in his need to act.

The sunlight streaming through the stained glass windows shades Lex in tones of red and purple, and Clark tries not to think how Lex is always left broken and bleeding on the inside around his father, and how it's only right that now the bruises are visible on the outside, too. He listens to father and son as if he's hearing them underwater, all the while watching the colours sharpen and fade on Lex's skin. It's only when he hears his own name that the words become clear and the vague threats make sense. He watches as Lex orders his father to tell him where Clark is.

He calls out to Lex, and when he gets no response he realizes that something is seriously wrong; Lex has never ignored him. Lex must not be able to hear him, either. He walks up to them and rests a hand on Lex's shoulder, but Lex continues to glare at Lionel with a terrifying glint to his eyes. He begs Lex to let it go, because he knows that Lionel will exploit Lex's desperation to find him. Lionel's voice flows like honey over him, as it at once insults Lex and promises answers if only Lex will do as he asks.

He wonders for a moment if Lionel has made him disappear, but he doesn't think so. Lionel can't see him either, can't feel Clark pull on his shoulder or tug on his hair. He can't hear Clark telling him to leave Lex alone. He just keeps smiling that shark's smile at Lex, lifts a hand to Lex's shoulder and strokes his neck with his thumb.

He worries that Lex doesn't pull away; he's never really had the opportunity to observe Lex and Lionel interacting privately, but he knows that the way Lionel is touching Lex is not the way a father should touch his son, and Lex's reaction makes him think that this isn't the first time. He worries more when Lex allows Lionel to grasp the back of his neck, his thumb now caressing Lex's jaw. Lex's only reaction is the shame in his eyes and the breaking of his voice as he demands that Lionel tell him what he's done to Clark.

He's hyperventilating; he feels like there must be Kryptonite hidden somewhere in the room, because he can't breathe, and he needs to sit down, and he needs for Lionel to stop touching Lex. He tries to push Lionel away, but Clark can't move him at all. All he can do is listen as Lionel reminds Lex that information is a commodity, and he can't get something for nothing.

He watches Lex flinch at the words, eyes looking lost as he tries to blank his expression. Lex sounds like a little boy as he asks Lionel what he wants, though Clark is pretty sure that Lex already knows by the way Lionel's hand is still stroking his neck and jaw. Lionel raises his other hand and rubs the thumb over Lex's mouth, pressing in lightly, before bringing it down and rubbing the front of his pants. Lex swallows and shudders, refusing to look into Lionel's eyes as he sinks slowly to his knees.

Clark chokes and backs away, running out of the room and tripping through the doors as he sees Lex lift his hands to his father's pants. He turns and runs, speeding back to the farm before falling to his knees in the dirt, vomiting and crying. He sits back on his heels as his sobs quiet, trying to get his breathing back under control. He walked into the empty farmhouse and washes his face, before making his way tiredly up to his bedroom. He lies down in his bed, burying his face in a pillow, and curls around it, trying to pretend that none of this is happening.

He doesn't notice it at first, the nausea, the pain, as it blends in with the way he's felt since he woke up; but it gets worse and he looks around his room trying to figure out what's going on. By the time he hears the sound of someone climbing the stairs, he can see the veins of his hands turning green, and it's hard to breathe. The footsteps reach the door to his room, but no one is there. He watches the air shimmer, glowing green, and he screams.

He wakes and sits up, panting for breath. His heart is racing, and he can hear the blood rushing in his ears. He's confused and disoriented until he feels the hand on his shoulder and realizes he's in their bed, in their new apartment. He rolls over to lay on a soft chest, head resting in the crook of neck and shoulder as he catches his breath. Hands run through his hair and over his back, gentling him, as soothing words are whispered in his ear. He wraps himself around the body under him, holding on tight and matching his breathing to rise and fall of the chest he rests on.

He falls asleep listening to the familiar heartbeat under his ear, and sleeps peacefully until morning.

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