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some of my favorite places online, with brief, arbitrary descriptions

- nonprofit org by fans for fans that's just getting off the ground. Coming soon, the most awesome archive that ever was!

- vox populli, free site hosting for fen and very slash friendly. I hosted my site with her for years and she was utterly fantastic.

- the site of Punk, writer of some of my favoritest ever SV fanfic.

- Pru lives here, writer of glorious SGA and SV and....well, a whole bunch of other stuff.

- Slodwick's site, excellent writing and art. Some of my favorite art in SV fandom. *g*

- Celli and Jayne Leitch. Celli brings the adorable and Jayne brings bad things happening to Lana. Both = made of win.

- Smallville Slash Archive and Level Three Archive, chock full of SV goodness.

- home of Jenn, Lyra Sena, Nifra - all three fantastic writers and women. Highlights include Jenn's Somewhere universe in SV, Like Running Through Water in SGA, Lyra's 80 Proof in SGA and Nifra's A Warlike Prince in SV. Jenn also maintains fantastic SV and SGA recs pages.

- most appropriate name on the internets. Recs in pretty much any fandom out there and a lot of them are actually good!

- Oxoniensis' fiction site.

- Same awesome lady, different genre! Also caps for several shows.

- Full of recs, discussions, ask the authors, you name it, you'll find it. Excellent resource. spnroundtable exists for SPN fans as well.

- Self explanatory. Also: Why isn't there more Scorpius/John in this crazy world of ours?

- See Nestra and Shrift rec. See Nestra and Shrift rec a *lot*.

- Scribblinlenore's site, full of amazing, prolific writing. (SV and SGA heavy, yay!)

- The hilarious Tamalinn's website with SV fic and QaF vids.

- Mkitty's site, full of excellent, excellent vids. Particular favorite: Closer, in SV.

- We love Zahra for bringing her talents to a freaking lot of fandoms. Excellent Spiderman and SV work.

Sylar/Mohinder community on LiveJournal.

People/Places who don't have snazzy links graphics, but that I like anyway:

Astolat - excellent fanfic and vids. Her entire body of SV and SGA work is particularly delightful. Currently into SPN, yay!

Between the Stars - Vi's house, with SV, SGA and SPN goodness.

Cesperanza - writer of some of my favorite SGA stories, hands down.

Derivative Fiction - She's one of those people who is so brilliant you feel like you should put sunglasses on or something. She was only in SGA for a brief time, but it was memorable.

Disenchanted Kingdom - Rivka, writer of some of my favorite SV stories.

Drops of Moonlight - Isagel, whose SV and Heroes writing I especially enjoy.

Elli - Creator of awesome graphics and resources.

Emelerin's Stories - The coolest Irish chick that I've never met; be sure to read "The Proposition."

Esohpe - Fantastic SPN and SPN RPS writer.

Esorlehcar - Maintains a fantastic SPN recs site and has wonderful SPN stories herself.

Goss - Fantastic SV and HP artist.

in medias Res - Awesome HP and SGA work.

Insiteful - Suzvoy's amazingly prolific site.

Killabeez - Excellent Star Trek and Supernatural recs and fiction.

Kirk/Spock Recs - Livejournal source of the TOS goodness.

Koimistress - Brilliant writer of SV fic; I would start offering sacrifices to deities were she ever to finish Gilgamesh. (Seriously, name the sacrifice!)

Linzeestyle - Beautiful artwork to be found on this site.

Livia's Library - Excellent writer. Her volume of SV work is my personal favorite. Don't miss 'Manifest Destiny', 'Punch-Drunk Love', and 'Twenty-one'.

Ltlj - So much excellent SGA fanfic, and writer of the Retrograde universe, which is sort of the best thing since someone put cherries on sundaes.

Mahaliem - I absolutely love, love, love her SV fic. She has a great sense of humor that permeates her stories. (Except the one.)

Makesmewannadie - Incredibly prolific reccer in a multitude of fandoms. Fic and recs can be found in tags.

Odysseys and Ecstasy - The late, beloved Thamiris' website. She was perhaps best known for her love of porn, and it radiates through her mesmerizing stories.

Serial Drama - Becca and Mallory's Soap Opera blog that makes reading about the soaps better than actually watching them these days. Or, basically why I should just go to California and offer to turn Days into the no. 1 show in soaps in one year, or bust. (Or to NY for GH. Because my poor, poor GH.)

Simply Kiki Simplement - Artist with excellent SV manips.

Sisabet - *Love* her. Fantastic vids in SV and Angel and other fandoms.

That Boy Ain't Right - Eleveninches' website, full of hilarious stories and wildly cracked out premises that just shouldn't really work. She defies Nature.

Thefourthvine - Her recs are of legend.

Toomuchplor - One of my favorite SV and SGA writers.

Yahtzee - Yahtzee, whose Alias fic pleases me greatly.

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