Miscellaneous Fandoms Recs

Notes: Fandoms found here include: Alias, Batman, Battlestar Galactica, Chuck, Farscape, Joan of Arcadia, Justice League, Harry Potter, Heroes, Lost, Prison Break, Queer as Folk US, Spiderman and X-Men Movieverses, Stargate SG-1, Star Trek, Star Wars, The Devil Wears Prada and Veronica Mars (SGA, SV and SPN recs can be found linked on the multi-fiction recs page.)

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Endless Winter Mile by Brix. Sark/Sydney. 50949 words. Wonderfully disturbing and delicious. Read your fic warnings if such things matter to you!

Before it happened, Sydney was the kind of girl who would spend her warmer evenings jogging to take her mind off of work, off of case files and government responsibilities and inner-office intrigue; or to stop thinking about her mother (or her father, lately, all things considered). Before it happened, Sydney was the kind of girl who was content alone, who had found her place with the world, who had finally let go of the man she loved.

After it happened, Sydney wasn’t any of those things, because there were no books, or glasses, or case files.

After the sky fell, there was nothing.


Sin For Me by Jinni. Sarkney, PWP that literally leaves you wanting more. (Link unavailable.)


The Twelfth of Never by Yahtzee: Fantastic five AUs story, Jack/Irina.

Premise: If you accept that Rambaldi really did foresee Sydney's existence, then it stands to reason: No matter what else happened in the world, no matter what else they were doing in their lives, Jack and Irina had to conceive Sydney. The first long, plotty "Alias" story I ever wrote, "The Prophet's Right Hand," was about one other way it could all have happened, with Jack traveling to Russia to seduce and marry a KGB agent. This story is really a collection of five shorter stories, five other ways Sydney might've come to be. (And yes, I know that most people write the "Five Ways" stories with "ways" that are less than 10K words apiece. Not this time.)

(You don't need to read The Prophet's Right Hand to read this though. But you should anyway, after.)

If you know me at all, you know that I was like, bouncing off walls with this story giddily. This--sense of inevitability, this sense of destiny has always been immensely prevalent around Jack and Irina and eeeee, she's wrote him as a new *daddy* in 'Larisa' and I'm just dying, he's so, so beautiful and scared and just--go! Go immerse yourself in the wonderful Spydaddy love.

Henry and Natasha, one, two
His Best Friend's Wife, one, two
Larisa, one, two
Red, one, two
The Interrogation, one, two,


Weapons by kantayra - Sydney/Sark. Stories like this make me all the more ticked off at the show. All that wasted, glorious potential, used up on Vaughn. Destroy, Sydney, Destroy! *flicks lighters*




Batman, SV/Batman Recs: Found here.


Battlestar Galactica


Five Deaths (Laura Roslin) by Rheanna | R


Laura takes a minute to focus her thoughts, then presses the labeled button on the speakerphone that gives her a direct line to Galactica's CIC.

"Madam President."

"Good afternoon, Colonel Gaeta. I'd like you to patch me through to the planetside connection, please."

"Yes, sir."

There is a silence, a series of clicks, and then: "This is the private office of the Secretary General of the United Nations of Earth," says a female voice smoothly. At least, the first part is smooth, and there is only the smallest of hesitations before the last two words to indicate they are a recent addition. "Greetings, President Roslin. How may I assist you?"


If You're the Answer, What's the Question? by Zahra. Kara/various. Excellent, excellent Kara fic - this one really rang true for me. The scenes with Leoben totally had me choking. (In the good way! Sort of! You'll see what I mean.)


Pop Divas After The End of the World! by meyerlemon

I can't really put it any better than this:

Summary: That was the other thing about Britney: when she wasn't threatening to shoot you on sight, she was almost always really nice.

Um, I guess it's an AU version of "Resistance". With Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson, and not the *actual* people who showed up in the actual episode. Er. Yeah. Spoilers for "Resistance", I guess. Or, like, SANITY.


Something Pretty by Kate Andrews | NC-17


She said in a singsong voice, "Whatcha doin'?"

"Plotting your death."

"That's pretty gruesome fantasy material. I may have to report you to the shrink."

"Like you ever appear in my fantasies."

"Even murder fantasies?"

The hatch opened and in walked Sharon, dripping wet. "Tell me you have the conditioner."

"Tired of the frizzies?"

"I'm rationing, but - yeah."

"It's in my locker. And don't go in the bathroom. Captain Apollo is whacking off."

"In general, or for the thing?"

"Naw, just in general."

From behind the door, Lee shouted, "Captain Apollo is not whacking off."

"Of course you're not sir."


The Absolutely, Positively True (Sort Of) Fictional Adventures of Hot Pilots in Love - Part II, Part I is linked in this post by Widget.

I adore this story to a degree that is almost unholy. Kara/Lee, and Kara discovers the existence of a piece of fanfiction starring a couple characters that happen to bear a bit of a similarity to people she knows.

And they are named Vee and Mara, naturally. This is--just, wow, cannot stop grinning. *Adore* this.

Of course, Kara being Kara, she’d wanted to share the joy. Every few days, Lee enters his office only to find a copy of the newest chapter sitting on the desk, duly annotated by the story’s most avid and discerning reader, Kara herself.

The commentary is definitely worth the price of admission. Many a dogfight scene has been accompanied by an observation like No frakking way! You’d fry your afterburners pulling that move! or Cylons might be machines, but they’re not that inept! hastily scrawled in red ink in the margins.

This is my first BSG in a few months; my first Kara/Lee in like, eons and it is. So. So. Cute.



I'm Just a Soul Whose Intentions Are Good by Zahra - Chuck/Bryce! CHUCK/BRYCE LOW VOLUME PAIRING OF MY HEART. And lo, it was lovely.




You know, I used to read het before I started in SV. I now read 90% slash. This is one of two fandoms I read primarily het still. John and Aeryn? *heartthud* Also...I have a little thing for Scorpius--and well, anyone. Yes, mostly Crichton. Shh.


Alligator Alley by Regala Electra | PG-13 | Humor/Drama *Crossover with BtVS*


"Erin's a nice name," she says supportively, wanting to hear about the woman who's making his eyes dance in happiness.


"A-E-R-Y-N." He spells it quickly and explains off her confused look, "She's not from around here."


"European?" she guesses.


"Sebeacean." He looks at her strangely. "Have you been keeping up with the international news lately?"


"The whole mission to update IASA and unite the world for a unified space program? Not really. Sunnydale was sort of isolated. I, well, I was sort of Sunnydale-oriented. Never had the time to keep track of national and international news. I don't really know what's the what."


He looks puzzled but amused. "You have no idea who I am."


She gives him a challenging look, "You have no idea who I am."


I do believe in ghosts by Makiko | R | Drama


It feels so good to let go, and he breathes bactine-tinged air and for a moment the chair doesn't hurt anymore. His memories spill out like marbles, and he can't stop laughing.


Light Side of the Moon by M. | R | Drama


In the split breath of absolute darkness between the deception of a sun and the inception of a corolla, John disappears. Scorpius does not look for him in the dark, even if his hands itch to be on John always. He is afraid that the human will wither, flit away like a dream if he loses sight of him for a microt.


John would have faded and decayed had Scorpius not found him. Crumbled like a dried husk, skin cracked and peeled, improbable knowledge carried off into mud when the techs scrubbed the cell clean of his remains. Scorpius was not scheduled to inspect this secret installation for another monen. There would have been nothing left of John before the weeken was up. This must be fate.


Memento Mori by Kixxa | PG-13 | Drama


Scorpius takes a few steps forward and the alarmed soldiers lift their weapons with nervous alacrity. “I finally have what I want...” he says, caressing John with his eyes.


“We got places back on Earth for sick and twisted people like you. They get locked away so they can’t annoy people any more,” John spits back, trying to wash the stare from his mind.


Scorpius smiles slightly and takes a step towards the Human who watches him advance with blazing eyes.


Suddenly, a high pitched voice flutters into John’s consciousness and he jerks his head suddenly to the looming black shape of the marauder.


Warm in the Night, Cold as a Stone by astrogirl12. JOHN/SCORPIUS FIC! *RUNS AROUND IN CIRCLES* (Ah, John/Scorpius, the rarest of breeds in the fic wilds, even more so than Batman/Joker, which is...somehow even wronger.)


Harry Potter


I'm a H/D girl all the way, but PoA definitely awakened the R/S reading. Also, I guess I could start with saying I like Maya. I really, really, (no, really) like Maya. Anything here that's not H/D is labeled.


An Open Letter to the Person With Whom I've Been Engaging in Various Sordid Acts, Including but Not Limited to Mutual Masturbation, Terribly Sloppy Oral Sex and Also There Was the Time That We Attempted Actual Intercourse Only to Discover It Was Horribly Awkward by Breed | R | Humor | *D/R


4. The biscuits your mother baked for your birthday were hard and I threw them in the dustbin after eating one.  Rather than apologising, you complained that I'd stolen your birthday biscuits.  Do us all a favour and grow up.


A Slytherin in Gryffindor's Clothing by Mahaliem. Harry/Draco. OMG, this was absolutely *adorable*. I can't believe I haven't read this before. Draco crosses over into another world (uh, so to speak) wherein he's a Gryffindor and his BFFs are Granger and Weasley. The *horror*. And Potter's a bloody Slytherin!

Granger, however, was getting suspicious.

The girl knew something was going on, but couldn't quite figure it out. Lately, she'd taken to testing him, asking him what he would do in certain situations.

"Suppose you see a first-year crying. What would you do?" Hermione asked.

Draco squashed the automatic response of 'laugh and make note that whichever abuse I wrought worked splendidly' to reply instead with "Which house?"

"Does it matter?" She arched an eyebrow as she watched him closely.

Oops. "Of course not," he answered quickly. "But I would need to know where to take the sweet child after I picked it up and cradled it like a babe in my arms."

Both of Hermione's eyebrows shot up.


A Thousand Beautiful Things by Duinn Fionn | R | Drama


And in this dark, empty corridor, where he stood balanced between two worlds - here between the past and the unknown future - he could pretend that this kiss was the only thing that mattered. Here, he allowed himself to imagine he was no longer Draco Malfoy, with every bit of history that name dragged with it, but just a lonely soldier headed off to war. And here, he could almost believe that Potter was different, too.


They both pulled away as reality slowly reasserted itself. His heart pounding, his breath unsteady, he reluctantly dropped his hands and took a single step back. He'd acted with recklessness, with no reason he could name, and his head was whirling. He certainly hadn't expected to relish or to take pleasure in their kiss quite like that - but he had.


"What - what was that for?" Potter managed to stammer.


He smiled without any effort. "For trying. And maybe for luck."


Blowing Origami or Those Things that Really Suck by Zahra | PG-13


Punching Potter in the nose is very soothing to Draco’s nerves. Correction: having Goyle punch Potter in the nose is very soothing, because Draco’s not stupid enough to start a fight like that without someone to do the dirty work. And even though violence of this sort doesn’t solve Draco’s problem, it certainly makes him feel better in the short run.

Malfoys are always interested in instant gratification, plus, it serves Potter right for not appreciating all the time and effort Draco put into making that origami crane for him in third year.


Collection by Tarie--Ah, Old School Harry/Draco. HOT.

Dancing Queen by Maya| R | Humor


When the door opened Harry was confronted with the most bizarre thing he had ever seen.

Large roiling ripples broke the shiny surface. Lumps shimmied under the glossy blackness. Whenever there was movement, new rolls of flesh appeared as if the tide had changed and the moon was exerting gravitational pull on Dudley’s buttocks, encased in skintight black leather.

Harry swallowed and stared in horror.

“Gngh,” he said, and prayed he was dreaming.

He’d realised that losing his parents and facing death at school every year for the past five years had been stressful. He hadn’t realised that hallucinations were looming quite this close, or that they would be quite this traumatic.

“Hi Harry,” Dudley said amiably. “Like my new trousers?”


Emotion and Squishy Armchairs from Ceresi. Draco isn't the best judge of expressions. Adorable little story.

Draco managed to look away, staring down at his hands. "I'm going to break up with you," he said.

He saw Harry tense, saw him straighten in his squashy chair. At least he has a squashy chair, Draco thought resentfully, and then felt bad. Harry was about to have his heart broken, after all.


For Those With Anger Management Issues by Zahra. I think this just might be my first Ron/Draco. Zahra made it a nice and painless entry. Great sense of humor, and wonderful dialogue and tone. (For Malfoy! And *Ron!* Wow.)


Four Letter Words by Breed | NC-17 | Humor


It only takes two hours for most of the sixth year boys to find out that Draco Malfoy has a pornographic novel on him, and at lunch the Slytherin table is crowded with a cluster of boys from every house pestering him to let them see.  Malfoy is at his prime, here.  He sits back in his seat and feigns innocence, though it is clear that this is exactly what he wanted when he acquired the smut in the first place.

"Now, now, boys," he says, smoothing his hands over the table as though checking for wrinkles.  "You needn't crowd.  We can have a reading."

"Why can't you pass it around like a normal person?" Ernie Macmillan grumbles.

"I don't want you alone with my book," says Malfoy.


Friend Like Me by ladyvader. It came up recently that I never actually put this on my recs page, despite it being one of my favorite HP fics of all time. Crazily engrossing and fascinating and heartbreaking and okay, basically it's a Harry-is-sorted-into-Slytherin-fic which is...happymaking. Don't let the POV or some of the prose selections throw you off, trust me - this is gold.

Summary: Draco's rendition of the Love story that never was.


Harry Potter and the Eagle of Truthiness (Crossover)

"Allow me to present Professor Colbert," Dumbledore said. "Your new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher."

Hilarity x 17.


Invisible to See by FayJay | NC-17 | Drama/Romance


"What are you doing here?"


"I'm asking myself that very question. This place is a morgue."


Esme crossed her arms across her narrow chest and scowled. She seemed considerably less cowed than she ought to be.


"Does Professor Dumbledore know you're here?" she asked. Draco rolled his eyes.


"No, Esme. I broke in unnoticed, miraculously evaded all the alarms and wards and charms that the combined might of Dumbledore and all his cronies have built up around this place and happened to stumble across the right password to get through the door on my very first shot." She stared at him blankly. "Of course Dumbledore knows, you prat. I've seen the light, haven't I? The scales have fallen from my eyes, and all that clichéd rubbish. I'm taking a stand for truth, justice, bunny rabbits and baby Muggles. The prodigal returned. Bring out the fatted calf. Did you miss me?"


Left My Heart by Emmagrant01

Incredibly detailed AU that I fell hard for. I'm so, so glad I didn't find this when it was an unfinished WiP. Now I can just wait patiently for the sequel. *bites nails*


Lightning Has Just Struck My Brain by Mousapelli | R | Drama *H/N


There were a lot of things about Neville that weren't making sense to Harry.


Like why they had him use his father's wand all this time instead of getting him one of his own, when everybody knew you wouldn't do as well as with your own and clearly Neville needed all the help he could get.


Like how even with the new wand there wasn't fantastic improvement. There was a little bit, but nothing like the dramatic improvement that had happened when Ron had got his own wand instead of his brother's.


Loved Those of Great Ambition by Maya | R | Romance/Drama

Pansy concentrated on breathing through her nose, and when it became too hard she sat back.

Blaise blinked at her, his dark shuttered eyes a little vulnerable for once.

"Pansy," he said in a low voice. "I think I might like boys."

She kept hold of his hand for an incautious moment. "That's lucky," she whispered back with awkward affection. "You're awful at kissing girls."


Lustre by Calico and Julad | NC-17 | Drama

Potter's perpetual wince is firmly in place, even as his eyes sweep the classroom. Potter has an odd air about him most days, and today's no exception; he looks thin and well-travelled, and his eyes are a little glazed. There's been gossip floating around: he's sick and needs treatment, he got a part-time job to pay his school fees, he has a girlfriend at Beauxbatons, and floos there whenever he gets the chance. Draco doesn't like any of the reasons ventured, and prefers to ignore his classmates when they discuss the matter.

"Got a... note," Potter says vaguely, digging in his pocket as he approaches the desk, then freezes, a pace or two away, eyes locked on Draco's wrist. "Is that-- ohh."

His eyes glaze over even more, and he passes Snape a crumpled piece of paper without even looking at him. His mouth shapes a couple of strange words, though he doesn't make a sound. Draco swallows, unnerved. Potter's practically swooning.


Magic Words by Pru. Remus/Sirius. Great pacing, characterization and dialogue in a story that is alternately sweet and funny as all get out (poor, poor Remus) and a very good introduction into getting a feel for this pairing.


Momenti Diversi by Zarah. Featuring Harry in Italy and extremely possessive/hot/sexy/calculating Draco. So. Damn. Hot. (Link goes directly to website; just go to the HP section and scroll.)

The scent of fresh coffee welcomed Harry back into the cottage. He got dressed, then followed he scented path into the kitchen and found Malfoy seated at the table, both hands wrapped around a faintly steaming glass of latte macchiato. A second glass was waiting on the windowsill, its contents perfectly separated into the three typical layers: milk with a hint of espresso, bright beige; pure espresso, a rich brown; milk foam, white.

“I didn’t know you could do this,” Harry commented, claiming the glass on the windowsill.

“I like the process.” Malfoy was watching him over the rim of his own glass, bright eyes unreadable. “I’ve come to appreciate that espresso gets better if you respect that it needs time. It forces me to wait for the right moment rather than to push too far too soon, just to see where it will get me.”

Naked Quidditch Match by Anya | PG-13 | Humor (written in e-mail format)

Mates, we're going to lose the bet. Harry's gone AWOL. I overhead Dumbledore talking to McGonagall and they think he's just handed himself over to Voldemort rather than play the game starkers.


Never Mind The Bollocks, It's Draco/Harry (Shake Your Groove Thing) by Geoviki

*wraps arms around body and convulses happily* I can't even form words to try and rec this sucker. It's just funny and....so true, so true. Heck, even if you don't read HP, or you do and you just don't read H/D, it's definitely worth taking a look at. Insane trip of a story.

"You... you're a Veela," Harry exclaimed, deeply worried at the obvious direction this story was taking.

"Half-Veela, actually. And half-dragon. And half-ferret Animagus."

"That's three halves."

"Well, they don't teach maths at Hogwarts, so don't blame me. Anyway, you're very astute, Potter. Was it the fact that my milkshake brought all the boys to the yard?"

Oh! Oh, and--

It's a condom. We don't have to use it, but if we don't give a token nod to disease prevention and sexual responsibility at this critical point, the fangirls will post endless meta-rants about how we're misinforming readers who acquire their knowledge of sexual behavior from fan fiction."

"You're joking!"

"Sadly, no. Anyway, I hate mpreg. You'd end up whining about losing your boyish figure and suffering through horrible mood swings which you'd express through the sarcastic but somehow still endearing dialogue of a much older man. Just give me a sec to cast the all-encompassing Condomus Spell. Okay, done. We're covered."


Older, Wiser, Sadder by Shalott | G *HP/SS

The next month he had the belladonna and ariseth right, and Snape scowled at the cup. "You've done something wrong, and so egregiously that I would have to perform a detailed analysis to determine what," he said. "Save yourself a great deal of trouble and turn to activities that suit your talents. Lavatory cleaning comes to mind."

Harry mastered the first remarks that occurred to him. "If I get it right, you won't have to brew the Wolfsbane anymore."

Ouroboros by tkp. Post-DH fic. Or, why the epilogue was creepy.


Prelude 1/1  by Nifra. HP/Sandman crossover this time. Tom Riddle? Meet Dream. Especially strong and creeptastic finish.


Scrap Paper by Nattish. Awkward, adorable H/D. And the endingggg.


Short Stories by Amanuensis | R | Drama *H/L

Ten objects on a table.

Lucius does not quite hold his breath as the boy stares at them. It looks so very like the memory game of old. And oh, it is a memory game, but nothing like the one most are familiar with.

He does not dare to look at Voldemort as Potter touches the first item.


Snatch by didntyoupotter. H/D. Excellent Draco POV, really cool story. Great dialogue to boot!


Surface by Cupiscent

Draco carried the bruise for a week, deep and dark around his eye, taking its time to fade through grape-stain on his pale skin, into motley. It was a week when Potter flinched - visibly - every time he saw Draco's face.

Just--ow. Ow. Beautifully done, but 'ow' nonetheless. I actually felt a little--dirty that I found this so hot, but reading the comments on it, I wasn't alone in the sentiment.


Take It And Like It by Sara

"Argh," Harry said succinctly. He tried again. "What do you expect me to do here, Malfoy? Forget everything that's happened in the last five years? Entirely ignore the fact that your father wants me dead? And also, that you hate me and I hate you and that's the way things are?"

"It doesn't have to be," Malfoy said. "And even if it is, think of the shagging, Potter."


Ten Thousand Forfeit Heartbeats by Signe

I want you to take a look at this poem, and tell me that its not H/D. People generally haven't heard of Michael Kadela, and really, they *should*.

there are ten thousand forfeit heartbeats
I have placed aside
for safekeeping

just in case you change your mind
and if by that the sun were then to rise
with meaning
I might take them out
and sweetly suffer them
to sight
and breath
with you

by my forfeit hearts which beat I swear this true
that you
that you, you are a blood
that runs
so and swiftly through
my what and ever what
my ever
my what
my every my is you

there are palaces wherein there I have wept
where I have wondered of your lips
where I have crept upon the dirty floors of if
and licked the bruises of my knees there into peaches

into paradigms

I do not give one single shit
for anything less
than my happiest thought

a truer me to see me through
sees this:

your eyes are closed
and you love me

This is just a beautiful, beautiful story. For something this short, Signe pulls out all the stops.

The Familiar by Resonant. Harry/Snape. Harry gets turned into a frog and...go! This is yet another one of those well-known stories that I never managed to put on my recs page. I feel so inferior!


The Properties of Being Lost by Aja | NC-17


Draco behaves like someone with a crush.  He dresses his best on days he will see Potter.  He stares when he doesn’t mean to.  He plays out imaginary conversations wherein he is sparkling and witty, only to have them go horribly awry when he tries them out, thanks to Potter’s spectacular loathing and indifference.  He cannot blame Potter, since he loathes Potter as well, and since he knows Potter is taking all his attempts at talking to be veiled threats.  This is, in its way, a sort of comfort: at least Potter seems to judge Draco capable of making the threats, even if he doesn’t take them seriously.  Draco himself hears only the thin-voiced almost-pleadings that keep inexplicably coming out of his mouth instead.

The fact that Draco knows how pathetic he is being does not seem to keep him from being pathetic.


(Sequel: The Properties of Voyeurism)


The Recruitment of Harry Potter by Craig Berman, Gen

*wipes eyes* Aww, this is *sportsmanlike conduct* right here. A quidditch coach's letter directing his team to pull out all the stops, so long as Harry Potter comes to play for them. Not exactly meant to be fanfic, I don't think, but...you know. Close!

I'll be in charge of the Potter visit (except for entertainment—I'm looking for volunteers for that gig). We all know the sad story—dead parents, dead godfather, dead headmaster. He's in need of a father figure, and I'm willing to risk it. Yeah, a lot of people close to Potter wind up dead, but it's worth the danger for someone who's guaranteed to catch the snitch every time out. If it gets me a championship ring, I'll take all the Unforgivable Curses with a smile on my face.

The Scholomance Series by Shalott. All of the story links are at the top. To preface, I still have not read DH. Or, um, HBP. I have issues with things ending and this is a vulnerable year for me, okay? THAT SAID, I was very well aware of what was going on in HP fandom while DH was still coming out, and I was feeling really traumatized by it myself - HP is a fandom very near and dear to my heart, for various reasons that um, only make sense in my head.

...anyway. I'm very off track. The point is, this came out right at a moment where I really, really needed to read something powerful that fit in with how things should go in the books in my head, and I was wiggling in my seat in glee all through this. It was started years ago and frankly, I never expected it to finish, and then? Then it did. The Eleventh Doorkeeper is especially inspired.

The Window by Vinagrette

“Absolutely not, Draco. I’m getting out of here. I’m not stealing a window.”

“But Ha-rry!”

Before Harry was out the door, Draco had shot across the room and grabbed his arm. Harry was then pulled toward the window.

“Look,” Draco patted the cushioned ledge on which lay quite a few copies of some newspaper called ‘The Outlet.’ “You could sit right on this ledge and read your quidditch books. We could play chess on it!”

Although a lovely sounding idea, Harry wouldn’t admit it, and he shook his head. “No.”

Kneeling in front of Harry, Draco rested his chin on the knees in front of him, looking up with a pleading expression.

“It’s not going to work, Draco,” Harry said, not as forcefully as he would’ve liked.

“But we could...” Draco began, sliding his hands up Harry’s thighs.

I'm sure you know where that's going, yes?


Underwater Light by Maya | R | Drama/Humor - This is kind of the greatest story in the HP world. I think there's a kind of slow start in the first few chapters, but then the author totally finds her footing and it becomes Epically Amazing. Right around the part where Harry's talking to Narcissa and she says how much Draco had wanted to be his friend, only he doesn't quite get it/hear it. Gah. Crazily beautiful and again, EPIC.


“Potter, you completely incoherent sod, are you trying to be my friend?”

Harry exhaled sharply. “Yes.”

“Oh. Hmm.”

Malfoy was looking meditative again. Harry was unfamiliar with this expression of Malfoy’s. It replaced his habitual sneer with an abstracted gaze, and was almost pleasant.

He watched it for a while.

Eventually, Malfoy said: “What’s in it for me?”

This blunt and extremely Slytherin question threw Harry.

“Wh – what?”

“Well, if I’m your friend can I have the Gryffindor password so I can sneak up and leave dead animals in Weasley’s bed?”



Unfinished Business by Cupiscent | R | Drama


He sat in bed, covers round his waist, hair loose against his shoulders, and turned the letter over in his hands. The fires were already lit in the room, dispelling the chill. Last night, the morning to come had seemed to be just one more winter's morning in a neverending line of them. Now, suddenly, he was holding a letter from a man he hadn't seen in ten years, and everything about the day was strange.


He kept a dagger under his pillow; with a small smile, he used it to break the seal, split it right through the middle of that lightning bolt.


There were two papers in the letter. One was an invitation, gilt and official - "Lord Harry Potter beseeches the company of... etc, etc". Draco passed it over for the accompanying note, just half a page of handwriting he almost recognised from school. Time and use had given the hand firmness and confidence, but it still wavered here and there, and Draco found himself scanning the lines for those discrepancies without reading the words themselves.


He started again.



I stopped sending you these after a couple of years. I got tired of your refusals, however politely phrased. But it's been ten years now. I thought I'd try again. It would be good to see you.



View Askew from Bren Antrim -- Draco has, shall we call it, an interesting sense of self-preservation.

Thankfully, all the Dark Lord had gleaned from his heavy-handed grope through Draco’s thoughts was an overwhelming sense of an emotion that could be mistaken for awed dread.

As opposed to terrified dread.

It was a good thing Voldemort was an egomaniac of grandest proportions or Draco wouldn’t have survived the encounter.

Now, however, a week later, Draco was back at Hogwarts. Ensconced (hidden) in his bed (cowering behind the curtains) musing on his father’s parting words (mindlessly dwelling on the sentence of doom Lucius held over his head).


Your Every Wish by Maya | NC-17 | Drama

"I fell asleep in the library," he explained to Hermione later.

"You know," Ron said, "the library has just the same effect on me. Weird, isn't it?"

"Shut up," said Hermione, poking him in the side. "Draco wasn't there either," she added as an afterthought.

"Weird coincidence," Harry commented after a beat.

"Off with another girl," Hermione guessed, shaking her head. "That boy should be put in a cage."

Harry thought, I could put him in a cage and make him like it.



I sort of love everyone on this show in S1, but especially Peter, Nathan, Sylar and Mohinder. Recs will tend to be some combination of those characters.


A Newtonian Co-Dependence by Lenore. Peter/Nathan. 2121 words. Ambition rattles around in the Petrelli DNA, and Peter has none of the practicality that keeps the rest of his family safely moored to earthly endeavors.


And This Too Shall (Not) Pass by Zahra. Peter/Nathan, Heroes. Really enjoyed this, and then totally *loved* the ending. That was his issue, these were his demons, and so, he held his peace, because he could wait this out.


Break by Ladyvader. Gen, approaching Sylar/Mohinder. 1543 words. This woman wrote the one and only story that ever made me actually cry in HP fandom. (Okay, fine, not the only story, but the only *good* story that made me cry. Semantics!) I was naturally elated at seeing her name pop up over at [info]mylar_fic. In which Mohinder breaks a drugged Sylar out of the Company's clutches. I like Mohinder best when he's plotty and ruthless. And I like Sylar best when he's killing annoying people and heading home for Mohinder. This fic features both!


Buoy by barely_bean. Peter, Nathan, Gen. Protective!Nathan, with solid, good characterization. I'm always there.

Complications by isagel. Mohinder/Sylar

Among old pens, a few crumpled pieces of paper and a magazine in what he assumes is Hindi, he finds a pack of condoms and a bottle of lube. The label on the bottle has started to peel at the edges, as though it’s been rolling around in the bag for a long time, but the contents seem more or less unused. Loneliness and hope, he thinks, Mohinder in a way as pathetic as Gabriel Gray used to be, alone with his watches. It’s all right, though, for both of them, because that time is ending.

There is nothing pathetic about what they’re going to become.

Yeeees. We like.


Distractions by Squills. Sylar/Mohinder. I so enjoyed the Sylar POV in this.


Face In The Crowd by Saestina. Claire fic. Wow. This story was just...beautiful. Claire finds out she's not aging. She feels her father’s hands on her shoulders, guiding her up out of her chair and steering her back to their car, but she’s numb to the real world, seeing instead the death of a hundred thousand dreams play out before her eyes.


Five Games Sylar Never Played by Hope. Wherein there is Mylar, murder and children taking care of business. Freaking awesome. *resounding!*

Gravity by Cerebel - Sylar/Mohinder. WOW. Hands down, fantastic story. Link goes to the series tag; just scroll down. This is seriously some wildly fantastic sex and I am...hard to impress on the sex front. (*Fannishly*! Come on! We've read it all sometimes, it seems like.) This? This was *new*. And there was much guh-ing and happy squeaks in Madelyn-land.


More Than You Know by Nutkin. J2. 3602 words. J2 roadtrip fic. Between you, you have: four parents, three girlfriends, an almost-fiancée, a movie about a painter, a movie about a sandwich shop, $30K in a bank account, a case of Corona and a pack of Doublemint. That's what they start out at the beginning of the fic; what they have by the end of it is just a...smidgen different. What a gleeful story!


Nascent by Kate Andrews. Heroes, 22,000 words of Peter/Claire. Peter/Claire that I *believed*.


Solipsism by Handsomespeck. Sylar/Mohinder. 2989 words. Hmm. So that was totally evil. And interesting. And evil. Heed the warnings. (Or if you're like me with this pairing, embrace the warnings.)


Stolen Virtues of Lesser Men by them0rgue. Sylar/Mohinder. Five Years Gone Sylar POV.

He hates the beach, burns at even the slightest hint of sun, but these are the sacrifices we make for those we love.


Sword by Kadorienne. Hiro-centric.

Hiro looked at himself in the mirror, holding Charlie aloft. The katana was beautiful, but Ando was right. He didn't even look right, holding it. Anyone could have told he didn't know how to use it; it didn't belong in his hands. But Peter had said that when he visited from the future, he had a sword, so clearly he was going to learn. In fact, if he didn't, it might compromise the fabric of the space-time continuum. That wasn't the sort of thing a hero did lightly.

Besides, he was going to need it when he met that dinosaur.

Such cuteness.


The Love Song of Gabriel "Sylar" Gray by Zahra. Mohinder/Sylar. 1139 words. Oh, this is so my Sylar. There might be loud purring when one reads this story. At night, Mohinder calls Sylar's name, and he knows this because both Gabriel and Sylar are very much attuned to Mohinder's whereabouts: when he's sleeping, when he's eating, when he's excited or tired or jerking off in the shower and trying to muffle the noise.


Tomorrow Never Came by mneiai. Sylar/Mohinder, Heroes. Because I have a black, black heart, I really loved that last line. Oh Mohinder. You so are.


What You Wish For by Cerebel. Matt Parkman, Mohinder/Sylar, Heroes. Awesome Matt POV.

“I must say, sir,” he manages, “you’ve changed in the past few months.”

Nathan raises an eyebrow. “Is that good or bad?” he asks.

Matt pauses, for a beat. Bad, of course, is the first thought that comes to mind. An imposter, instead of the President, that’s bad.

…and yet, Matt hears the name ‘Linderman’ a lot less around the White House, these days. Best to be circumspect, in any case.

X Will Mark the Place Like a Parting of the Waves, AU, and I'm Not the Man They Think I Am At Home. Both excellent Peter/Nathan fics, and both by Zahra. Man. Nathan taking care of Peter and yes, he excels at that.


Joan of Arcadia

Goodnight, Moon by yahtzee63. I recced this a couple years back, but I got to talking about stories that shook me/upset me/got me emotional, that sort of thing, and this is one that I still maintain is just--really amazing and must be read by any and all. If you haven't come across it, absolutely, absolutely read this. You don't need to know Joan of Arcadia canon to read this; I didn't. It's...horrible to read. I don't like the way it resonates with me--sometimes, I think this hits too close to home because it just...seems like there's so much to fix and it's overwhelming at times. I hope that makes sense. But it's--it's work like that that leaves you a little humbled to be part of fandom and getting the exposure to these things.


Justice League


Batman. Superman. This show made me think of the Flash as a *sex object*. 


Duty by Merlin Missy. No one wants to pull patrol duty. Cute. It's *always* a Martian Holy Day. *snickering*


Reflections (its sequel, The Other Side) by Te | NC-17 | Drama

Wally swallows and Batman reaches out before he can think, stopped only by another one of those laughs. "I don't. I really don't want to know what you plan to do about the fact that I have. Bodily functions."

Drug you. Hold you. *Mine*. "I won't hurt you."

"God. God, this is so fucked *up*. What the hell do you *want*? It's not like I have the secret to... to taking over the world or whatever the hell you psychotic evil types want to do."

"That was Superman."

"You're not -- Christ, you're not *helping*. You --" And then Wally stops, bangs his head back against the pillow again and again.

Laughs. Long and loud and just a little helpless.

"I just get the feeling that... somebody needs to be watching Batman. *Our* Batman. Because I don't think anyone really knows just how screwed up you really are."

He chances a smile. "Superman does."


Stasis by Nifra. Post-"A Better World", Lois p.o.v. that's dead on.

He'll definitely ban the cigarettes then. Whatever - Lois has been planning to quit since she was sixteen anyway. He'll probably even send up the patch, so she doesn't have to go through 'too much discomfort'. He's just that courteous.


Three Vignettes for 'A Better World' by Kassia06

I enjoyed all three--she's got a good handle on the characters, but God. The first one needs more. I got to the end and it worked, it did, but I still want *more*.




OTP on this show--Jack/Sawyer. Or mostly, Jack/anyone. Big Jack fangirl here. Sawyer's a close second.


Adrenaline by elise_509. Lost, Jack/Juliet, NC-17. Okay. Jack and co. have only been on the island for less than three months. Only, it feels like three years. Go figure. I'm basically of the mind that if Sawyer's not going to get his act together already, the new pretty lady doctor is worthier of Jack than Kate these days. Also, I learned from this story that the pairing is called 'Jacket' in Lost fandom. I--I'll go with that.


Call It by uberaeryn. Jack/Sawyer. Aww, I'm a sucker for 'Sawyer Having Jack's Back' stories. Just--huh. Crazy, sexy fic that probably shouldn't read this well at all, yet somehow does.


Claire's War by yahtzee63. Multiple pairings, characters; it's this really cool, fantastic drabble series, all separately titled with Babylon 5 titles. It *works*. Just amazing pov work. Drabbles are freaking hard to get right, and it takes a real talent to punch in actual emotional content, and wow, this is maybe the best work in the format that I've seen as of yet.


Expectations by carolinecrane. Jack/Boone. Short but so sweet. (Link unavailable.)


Five Views of an Ending by andraste_oz. No pairing. Charlie-centric. This isn't a pretty story by any means. And as you go along, it just keeps getting stronger and stronger.


Hobbies by foxxclub. Jack/Sawyer. The snark! The adorable, hot snark! *bounces* The glasses!

"It's whatever you want, Potter." AWW.


Lightning Risked it All by slodwick. Jack/Boone. I just love the rapport the two of them have in this story. Beautiful descriptions, strong characterization and doctor-in-training Boone! What's not to love?

Like the New Normal by sinaddict. Shannon/Boone, Shannon/Sawyer. OMG. Shannon. OPI nail polish. This just--*incoherent squee noises*. That's all I've got.

Making Do by yahtzee63. Jack/Boone. This is the story that sold me into reading further in the Lost fandom. I didn't really care one way or the other if Boone lived or died until I read this. I think it's my favorite story in the fandom. I think the summary is fun. *g*: The story of an obviously straight man, his obviously gay boyfriend, and the law of supply and demand.


Moral Victory by thou_art_that. Sawyer/Boone. Boone wants his damn book back. Also, some sunscreen. *giggles* Damn, hot story.

On Being God by uberaeryn. Jack-centric, Jack/Sawyer. Really beautiful story with this oddly quiet, unrushed ending. Really enjoyed this one. (Link unavailable.)

Quid Pro Quo by foxxcub. Sawyer/Jack/Kate. In which Sawyer is Jack's bitch and all is so, so right in my world. Smutty. So, so smutty. We like.

The Devil Only Smiles by desire_of_mind. Kate/Sawyer/Jack. Oooh. Okay, I'm one of the few that actually...likes Kate. I'd apologize if I were actually sorry. Even so, this is a *fun* version.

She looks over, sunset framing her head like an ethereal, tropical halo—ridiculous in so many ways; ironic in a million and one. Her eye catches his—like something out of a storybook romance—and her face changes, subtly for him. She goes from dainty to tortured in an eyeblink, smiling one of those tragic, ripped-apart-at-the-seams smiles.

She’s a dangerous game, and he doesn’t know if he can play to win. His eyes are closing: her misery has become beautiful to him, and her lies expected, welcome, interesting.

Hmm. That one kind of...lingers.

Prison Break


Panopticon by 1001cranes, Prison Break, Michael/Mahone.

I've loved the addition of Mahone this year, and this story was a wonderful look at these two characters. It's just--wow, it's really hot.

My favorite section:

Mahone checks up on LJ and finds out the kid’s in gen. pop, sharing a cell with a guy named Mikhail, an ex-banker with a wife, five kids, and ties to the Russian mob. He does a little background and finds out Mikhail’s wife is Abruzzi’s cousin. LJ hasn’t been to the Infirmary for so much as a scratch. Scofield has every angle covered. Mahone doesn’t know how Abruzzi engineered the cell transfer, or what Scofield has that’s keeping Abruzzi on his toes, but this is the first time he gets the feeling Scofield might be someone he can’t catch.

I've been craving a story like this in this fandom ever since Mahone showed up at the cemetery with Michael still there, and don't even get me started on that elevator scene. *purring*


Untitled Prison Break Story by eleveninches. Michael/Mahone, written for meeeee. Featuring tattoos and bathroom sex and - yeah, I couldn't stop laughing for a couple minutes because I know this was a total sacrifice for her, writing porn, much less *porn in a bathroom* for a show she probably hurts herself laughing over. Read it and I think you will find that obsessive!Mahone and the freaking tattoo are really all you need to sell a story.


Queer as Folk


So I started out liking Michael quite a bit, but I grew to feel the Justin love. Brian is going to be a rival with Lex for my affections, I can feel this, but I suspect there is enough room in my heart to love both their jaded asses equally.


Brian Like Me by mlefay and eleveninches | NC-17


In some of the weirdest two days of Brian's life, both Vic and Justin stop speaking to him. Plants, animals, and objects visibly recoil when he comes close. Brian enjoys the silence as much as anyone with an angry boyfriend and a bleeding ulcer can.

Sometimes he wonders why he couldn't have gotten this power when it mattered. Maybe he could have stopped himself from some horribly scarring high school moments. Maybe he could have helped the people he loved, instead of strangers.


Busy Week on the Fridge by Julad | PG


Hmm. Don't want to quote from this. Just click.


International Brian Kinney Day by eleveninches | PG-13

"But if we did get married," Justin continued, in that voice that told Brian he had been thinking long and hard about this, "you could plan the entire thing. Every last detail, from the clothes to the food. It would be like... Brian Kinney Day."

Brian reconsidered.

Raw by burnitbackwards. Brian/Justin, NC-17. Brian and Justin decide to try sex bareback. (No, really.) And lo, it is awesome.

No More Ugly Naked Guy by darksylvia. QaF/Friends crossover. 1236 words. The second time they saw Hot Naked Guy, Phoebe was over, serenading Monica and Rachel with the song she'd just written, entitled "Ducks are Deadly" about the duck that had attacked her in the park.

Spiderman Movieverse


Harry/Peter, all the way. Except when it's not. In which case, I'll put up a little **. I have found *one* recs page that caters to this pairing. This makes me sad and in the mood to try and remedy.


At the Scene of the Crime by Sarah T. | NC-17


There was no one to see them, and you didn't need superpowers to anticipate Harry's slow, awkward punch, anyway, so Peter let himself evade it, catch Harry's arm, and sit them both back down, Harry's head dropping onto Peter's shoulder. Harry gave a great gasp for air and muttered, "Damnit, Peter, don't...you're the only real friend I have left..."


Black by Elektra Pendragon | NC-17 **Norman Osborn/Harry Osborn

Norman Osborn loved the colour black. Black, like Harry's eyes when he's hurting and vulnerable. Black, like the bruises Norman could never explain to his son. Black, like the house when Harry snuck back in, crawling back to family when the rest of the world abandoned him.

Norman barely heard the young man calling out to him, the Goblin's laughter was so loud in his ears.  Finally, the cries of "Dad?" broke through, barely audible, almost like a whisper in the storm. It was enough to give Norman the strength to leave the room and appear at the top of the stairs for his son.

Complicated by Glacis | NC-17

Peter shut the door behind him and walked further into the apartment, stopping a few feet from Harry. "I thought ... I thought maybe you'd be at your dad's house," he said quietly. "Doing business?" He had no idea what sort of things an heir had to do when his multi-billionaire father died, so he made it a question.

Harry shook his head. "Lawyers tomorrow. I told them I didn't want to discuss it until I was in a more rational frame of mind." He choked out a bitter laugh. "Like a pack of vultures up at the house. I ducked out the back and came here."

Peter looked around, wondering when they'd show up. Harry laughed again, a little less bleakly.

Just a Face on a Train by Katheryne. Don't be put off that it's on ff.net! It's a really solid, thoughtful piece that made my heart clench. POV of one of the people on the train that Spiderman rescued, neat scenario presented here.

One Year, One Month by Dien | NC-17 **

"Yeah. Listen-- It's Otto, right? Otto Octavius?"

He nods like a beast at bay.

Rosie attempts a smile, pushing her hair back behind her ear. "I was wondering... if you'd maybe like to go... on a date sometime."

He blinks behind the thick lenses, looking like a stupid cow. "I.... with you?"

"Yeah. With me."

Resolution by CCCarioca | PG-13 (Link unavailable.)


Peter brushes leaves away from the grave and puts down the red tulip he bought earlier, then tightens his jacket around himself. Sundays were never meant to be this ugly and cold, but as he looks at the cloudy grey sky, he's just glad there's no rain to make things worse. The chill November wind is bad enough.

It's been five months and he still comes here every week-end. Five months since he came home one day after class and heard sweet Ursula, washed-out ghost with gentle worried eyes, tell him about the accident.


Riptide by Veuki | NC-17


Sometimes, late at night when Harry stays over at Peter's house, Harry calls for his mother in his sleep. When this happens Peter always slides silently out of bed, touches his friend's shoulder, smoothes Harry's sweaty hair back from his cold forehead. He watches him sleep; watches over Harry, long after Harry has stopped whimpering and tossing and turning. Peter has never told Harry this.

Peter can't watch over Harry while he's awake, though. Instead, Peter looks back at his textbook and asks for the date of Queen Mary's inauguration; feels vaguely like a tourist snapping pictures of a car wreck, gaping at a chrome bumper wrapped around a telephone pole.


Sea Change by Shalott | R


"How could you?" Harry said. "I thought, I trusted--" He slid down to his knees like his legs wouldn't hold up any longer, whole body slumping, and put his head down on the pillows next to Peter and just cried.

"Harry," Peter said, turning his head towards him. Harry lifted his wet stained face and said, "I loved you," took Peter's face in both hands, and kissed him. Open-mouthed, hard, hungry.

"Huh," Peter said, dazed, when Harry let him go.

"What you did to me," Harry said. "God, I hate you so much." And put his hand between Peter's legs.


The Strange Bedfellows Series by Zahra | R


All Roads Lead to Rome
My Name is Inigo Montoya
The Bed You Made
It's Not Easy Being Green

Peter moves out after Harry goes through his room looking for Spider-Man's contact information. Harry's not sure if he's expecting to find it on a post-in or a matchbook or on the back of a head-shot made out to My Favorite Photographer, but Peter's not with him and MJ's not with him and his father is gone, and it's all that freak's fault. Harry doesn't mean to invade Peter's privacy, but it's like Peter's chosen Spider-Man over Harry, even though he killed Harry's father and that's just so fucked up and wrong. Harry could, would, give Peter anything he wants, and Peter won't help him with this one thing at all. It's so small, and Peter's supposed to be his best friend. Peter's supposed to be his --

The Wrath-Bearing Tree by Dien | NC-17 **


My wife is dead.

-eventualities. Unforeseeable. Unpreventable.... We couldn't have-- we couldn’t have-- I could not have... known. No.

I am tired, I need to res-- no, we haven't the time for that. The work must go on. The dream must go on. Only my flesh is tired, not my arms, and that is what matters. With them, I can keep working as long as I need to. As long as I want! No more insistent nattering of the body, no shaking of the hands if I have not eaten-- these hands never shake, never tremor. Perfect, my new limbs; and we work in a perfect synthesis, a perfect symbiosis. Needing nothing save ourselves.

My wife is--

We have to work! There's so much to calculate, to build; we've so much to correct and recalibrate. This time it will work, this time, oh this time nothing will go wrong.

We'll be so happy then.


Wanted: One Hero, At Any Cost by Zahra | PG-13


People don't write articles about his dad anymore, but sometimes they write stories about Harry. Most of the time though, they write about him -- Spider-Man -- because everybody's been fooled, even Peter.

But Harry is no one's fool.

Stargate SG-1


Chrysostom by tafkarfanfic. Daniel/Vala. No matter what she says, this is so not gen. Daniel! Sex by talking! God.

Close to Bone by Synedochic - Uh. Remember how Jack has a clone? I read this months ago, thought it awesome, but then last night, I came across it again, and it just hit me like a beam to the face and left me dry mouthed and awed at the *hotness* of that ending. Maybe I'm an evil person, but...yeah, that was *hot*. I can live with myself, somehow, somehow.

Sequels here: sequels, sequels!


Instafic by Synecdochic and Frostfire_17 - Jack/Daniel. Evil!Overlord Daniel. Do I have to say anything beyond that in order to rec this story? He...the boy makes for a really good Evil!Overlord. *vouches*


Reveille by astolat - Jack/Daniel. Characterizations all dead-on, telepathy, cliches, and great sex. What's not to love, I ask you?

you can buy her things now but she'll never be bought by minervacat. Daniel/Vala, NC-17. This was just so cute, and made me smile all the way through. The author totally captures their dynamic spot-on, and I think this is probably my favorite story with this pairing.


Star Trek


Another Country Beckons by Rae Trail. 18,000 words. Summary: A starship captain discovers that his subconscious mind has been busily courting while his conscious mind runs his ship.

"Fascinating. You are looking for a long-term partner, then?"

Kirk was moved by the devil then, to look up and smile flirtatiously. "Only if it's someone as handsome and clever as you, Mister Spock."

'Okay, that went over like a lead shuttlecraft', he thought, seeing the blank look on his First's face.


Evergreen by Jesmihr. 7,800 words. Summary: Kirk and Spock spend Christmas in the woods of Pennsylvania.

I love stories where there's some big moment where someone could be really hurt and it leads to Emotional Declarations. This one's got really great atmosphere.


His Darkest Hour by Jesmihr. 13,000 words. Summary: Spock must contend not only with his own feelings but also with those of a telepathic alien, who has designs on Kirk.

Protective!Spock in action. Um, I don't know when Spock *isn't* protective, but whatever. Good stuff.


In Check by K'Sal - Kirk/Spock.

"Blood sugar!" The words were accompanied by a blaze of clearly identifiable human triumph. "Low blood sugar! If I had eaten a pound of steak for dinner instead of three lettuce leaves and an ounce of chicken I'd have figured this out an hour ago!"

Just Be a Friend by Liz Ellington. 14,000 words. Summary: Eavesdropping can get you in trouble. He sighed and put the matter firmly out of his mind for the moment. He had to work with Spock today, after all. It wouldn't help him to be dwelling on what Spock had done with Ballard, or on his unexpected reaction to it.


Mimor VI by Jesmihr, Kirk/Spock, NC-17, non-con warnings. (Also note that there is a slightly not-work safe pic at the top of this. Rather, a picture that I would imagine questions would be asked about. *g*) Kirk goes off to rescue a kidnapped Spock. *wibbly* Total h/c fic, and thoroughly enjoyable.


On the Brink by Jenna Hilary Sinclair. 6,000 words. Summary: Kirk has taken that first big step: he's asked Spock if he would be interested in an intimate relationship. But Spock's not even sure that he can react to his captain in a sexual manner. He needs some time to think about it.

But there was still the question of physical compatibility. The kiss had not moved him.


Personal Effects by Jesmihr, Kirk/Spock, NC-17. Some aliens give Spock a robot. Kirk doesn't take it well.


Reality by Tiggy Malvern. It is *hard* to find good Picard/Q. I suffered greatly on the road to this fic. The depth of his fury at Q surprised him somewhat until he realised that it wasn't just the choice Q had given him that he raged against. It was Q himself. After all these months of absence, Q had returned to do *this* to him: to taunt him, to weaken him, to force him to make the decision that Q knew he didn't want. It was a deliberate manipulation and it felt strangely like betrayal.


I was up reading Star Trek again till...okay, really, really late, and Terminus by Judith Gran is the first story where I just--it made me really sad. Kirk/Spock, NC-17. I sat in my chair for a couple minutes and went and poured myself some juice, and put on some boppy music to dance around to at four in the morning, but I find that I'm still all: HEY. HEY. HEY, LADY today.

(Does anyone know if there were ever any sequels to that? Written by the author or another author or--anything? I mean, I can deal if there are not, but I'm all curious, because while that ending actually is...really good for the story, it leaves me unsettled and dry-mouthed.) Link unavailable.


Still Amok by Jat Sapphire. 9300 words. Summary: Spock told McCoy and Kirk that his pon farr was over, but is it? And its sequel: Coals of Fire. Summary: Set between "Amok Time" and "This Side of Paradise." What happened after the president's inauguration on Altair 6. 31,000 words. Note: There is a prequel to both of these, but it's pre-K/S so I haven't gotten around to it. You can find it on her main page.

Good plot, great K/S dynamic and characterization, fun stuff here.

The Last Straw by Liz Ellington. 14,900 words. Summary: Challenge: Spock will tolerate Kirk screwing around with women, but when it's another man ...

Now, that summary had me doing my Vulcan eyebrow thing, because I really, really hate cheating fics. (Um, unless the OTP is with other people and they cheat on the other people with the other half of the actual OTP. Then we're totally okay!) So this isn't established relationship, much to my relief.


The Word Withheld by J S Cavalcante. Kirk/Spock. In which Spock leaves out the third definition of t'hy'la and shenanigans ensue.

The World Turned Upside Down by Jenna Hilary Sinclair. 25,600 words. Summary: When Spock is seriously wounded, Kirk despairs of ever having a relationship with him.

Fifty-six. Fifty-seven. Fifty-eight. Fifty-nine.

The message he wanted to hear wasn’t going to come. Why did he always expect miracles?

This one's definitely one of my favorite stories in the fandom. There's a bit of a twist I hadn't seen coming.

Thy Brother by MissAnnThropic, Sarek, G. Kirk and Spock through Sarek's eyes. Kirk! Gets hurt! And Spock's got to get him to healers, thus giving Daddy-o an inside view. *g*


What I Am To You  by Cimorene111 - Kirk/Spock. Post ST:III fic; You seem perfectly calm as you say, "How long have we been lovers?" And I am certain I have heard you correctly, even as I struggle not to allow my astonishment to show on my face.

What You're Missing by Jat Sapphire. 400 words. Super short Kirk pov that somehow managed to still make me sniffly.


With Relish by Jesmihr. 5,100 words. Summary: Why they ought to put warning labels on jars of Kersakkian relish.

“Jim, please trust me.”

“Oh, god,” Jim protested. “That’s not fair, and you know it. Of course I trust you – I always have. I just…”

“I understand,” Spock said soothingly. “But I assure you: it is only the relish.” He took Kirk’s arm and was relieved when the human sighed in resignation and relinquished his claim to the wall.


Star Wars


Lost in Translation by helenish was adorable, yet, it bothered me for one reason: You see, I'm in the process of writing my [info]highwaymiles fic, and if I'd had *her* idea, I could have mindwiped John or Rodney into being a sex slave and done all the cute things she did in this story, and I'd have a *kick-ass story* on my hands, but no, no, she had to go and write it. I could have had:

"It's practically mistreatment, a slave like that."


"He needs it; it's one thing that you can't get it up, but do you really need to make him unhappy, too?"

Obi—Wan clenched and unclenched his fists, then pinned the man against the wall and said, levelly, "If you touch him again, I'll kill you."


The Devil Wears Prada


Nice Girls Don't by Somniesperus - Miranda/Andy, Devil Wears Prada. I am having such a blast reading her Prada stories. And Miranda coveting turned out to be just as hot as I somehow suspected it might be.

She Likes a Prizefight by Somniesperus. This is a 18,000 word Miranda/Andy that I never knew how much I wanted until....well, you know, now.


Uninvited by hayseed_42. Miranda/Andy. Miranda meets Andy's parents. The good times roll.


The O.C.


The Straw & the Camel by Zahra.

"So, um, really. You and me and the gay thing, what’s up?"


Two Cripples Dancing by Zahra. Hot. Real. Sweet. So hot. A few words to describe this one, but I think this will do it better justice:

If Ryan stopped, Seth was going to die. If Ryan didn’t stop, Seth was going to die.

Ryan’s free arm wrapped around Seth’s waist, pulling him closer, and urging Seth on. Seth didn’t need an encouragement. The heat from Ryan panting against his neck worked just fine, but Ryan telling him how good he felt, how hot he was, it was like real life porn, only about fifty billion times better. Seth made a choking noise as he came in Ryan’s fist, and he let his head drop onto Ryan’s shoulder before he extricated himself.

There's actually another section in there I really would have loved to quote from, but I don't want to spoil how the story unfolds for you. Read. Watch as you suspend your belief that they're just not ready for this.

In Zahra's story here...they *so* are.


X-Men Movieverse


I like Rogue. I like Wolverine. I like Xavier. I like Erik. That covers it, actually.

Second Story by astolat. Erik/Xavier. It's a sequel, she has the links to both the other stories at the top, so read those first. Just--so incredibly hot, a must-read even if you don't normally read this pairing.


Songs of a Wayfarer by Marguerite | R (written in e-mail format)


Dear Logan,

I'm not dead.

Remy arrived at the mansion a couple days after you sent the e-mail. Thanks for the heads-up - he's quite a handful. The silk gloves are beautiful, by the way.

Bobby and I broke up. Well, actually, he broke up with me. That's why I haven't written for a while. I figured you wouldn't want to hear all the teen angst and drama stuff. Anyway, he started seeing a girl. Not a mutant girl, just a plain girl named Amanda, and he's going to Yale in the fall. So is she. She's from a really good family.

Take care,
Want me to kill him for you?

Veronica Mars


Uh. This is the greatest show on t.v. in S1. I love everyone. Just--everyone.


5 Ways Lilly Kane Never Died by sadiekate. Veronica Mars. Very, very cool story.

An Echolls Family Christmas by scribblinlenore. Logan's a sympathetic character these days, and the most wonderful part of that is how natural and right it feels, how well they evolved it on the show. Lenore has a good Logan characterization in here that lends itself to that.

Chlorine (It's 3 AM, I Must Be Lonely) by cursescar. Logan/Duncan. Totally wrong Logan/Duncan. *pleased*

Family Rituals by scribblinlenore. Logan/...um, Aaron. The only story in this pairing that I've read, mostly because I trust Lenore not to break me by it being a horrible pairing *and* bad writing. Disturbing, obviously. But well-written and definitely worth the trauma to read. I never quite imagined I'd like that boy this much.

Nobody Wants to Uncover by mosca. Logan/Weevil. I looked long and hard for a viable story for this pairing, and I'd just about given up when I found this one. Great structure, great mood, and it's *Weevil* fic.


Pay To The Order Of by alocalband. Coda-ish for Kanes and Abel's. Logan writes checks. Pretty, soothing atmosphere, just a really lovely story. One of my favorites for this couple.


Sweeten the Pot by romanticalgirl. Logan/Veronica/Weevil. Smart, with snark, naturally.


The Evil You Know by romanticalgirl. Shifting Logan/Veronica p.o.v. that works very well. Also, this one hurts.

The Wallace Inquisition by jwynn. This story is a wonderful capture of Veronica and Wallace's friendship, complete with adorable dialogue:

“Why is Logan Echolls staring at you like he’s the fat kid and you’re the cake?”


Tinkerbelle and I by mswyrr. Veronica/Logan, a nice conversation between the two.

For a second, she was the scariest tiny blond girl in the world. Good Logan voice.


Veronica Mars is Smarter Than This by fox1013. Veronica/Logan. Great humor, dark humor, and this pairing is so rightly fucked up in good hands.

It was even harder when he finally showed up, looking like he hadn't slept in months, and he didn't even insult you. Just kind of glared and headed towards the stairs.

And the change was in Dad as much as it was you, in seeing that Logan was still Logan and even after a year of treating you like shit, he's still the guy who once got suspended for beating up a senior who leered at you and Lilly even though he was just a sophomore at the time.

Written on the Body by gardinha. More well written Logan/Veronica! Will wonders ever cease?




Transference by Viridian5, Gabriel/Ian. A shorter fic, and one of the only good Gabriel/Ian stories I've ever been able to find. These two have always held an enormous amount of...potential, and the author  captures that quite well. Their interaction is vivid here, and it definitely fits these characters.


Light Inescapable by Sare Liz and Jenn, Sara/Ian. A great look at Ian's role in Sara's lives. (No, not a typo.) A story that makes me feel wistful all over again for the sheer potential of these two and everything it almost was.

Saving Grace by Sare Liz. This is a truly interesting, fun twist using the "Choose Your Own Adventures" books as a format for the story. What happens when you pick A instead of B? Pick your own path to follow in the story and see where you and Sara end up. The author actually says it best in her summation: "...and as we all know from Witchblade, from our own lives, and from the Choose Your Own Adventure books, one decision can make a world of difference."

This story lives by this rule. (Link unavailable.)

Turn the Page by Mala, PG-13. It's short, quite short, actually. Yet the story fits well in that brief frame. It's the only look at Gabriel in those final moments that I've ever been able to find, and it works. There are some nice one-shot lines that will linger with you for a while.

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