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A few things to note:

1) I--I really like John Sheppard. I like basically everyone on this show, but the crush on John has reached proportions even I am managing to be slightly embarrassed about. Anyway--recs here are organized alphabetically from my syndicated recs feed, - 247 Recs as of 06.09.07. Everything goes up on the feed first, and added here when I feel like messing around with my website, so your best bet is to check there.

2) You'll see several repeat names on here, because a) a lot of these were instant recs on my journal, and I copied them over to this page, and b) we all have our favorite authors. I rec het, gen, and slash. Everything is pretty clearly marked, and if you're not sure, hey, just click on the link and check out the author's summary. Slash is separated into Sheppard/McKay and everything else grouped together.

3) *** denotes a story I am especially enamored of; a story that I consider an absolute *must* read in this fandom. The uh--crackpipe is explained HERE. Basically, a story warranted a crackpipe if it had unicorns or one of those *really inspired* plots. And to be honest, I didn't want to litter the page with crackpipes, so the ones that have them next to them are ones that I remember as being especially deserving. There are probably more, but with this fandom, I'd just suggest you....go with it.

4) I don't have the time I wish I had to write extensive recs, and you'll notice that I quote directly from the story in every rec. I prefer to have someone read passages actually from the story and see if anything calls rather than me do a rushed job of it. There might be passages that I actually like *better* than what appears here, but if I feel they'll somehow spoil the story for you I'm not putting them up.

5) I will blatantly admit that I like hearing from people who read my recs pages. I get giddier when people friend my recommendations blog on journal than when they friend *me*, sadly. (It's this weird thing with validation. Just go with it.) So if you want to offer input on how useful you're finding these pages, that'd be neat. I love hearing if there's anything I can do to improve them, or if you're liking how I've got it structured already.




Higher-than-normal crack level? | Title and Author

other sga recs
      A Bedtime Story by Tigs
Occasionally, he would fall asleep again in mid-sentence and the ink from his uncapped pen would seep into her sheets.



Always Full of Thirst by Alizarin | (Ronon POV, Sheppard/McKay/Ronon, Lost Boys)
He's always been a keen observer of human nature. It's how he survives.


      A Perfect Fit by Kate98 | Sheppard/Weir
She knew the excuse “I’m sorry, Colonel, I forgot to bring it” would only last so long.



Atlantis In Tatters by Ekaterinn | McKay POV (School Challenge)

This story totally made my eyes well up. This sucker hurts. And wow, what a great close.

Rodney keeps expecting John to just show up, lounging prettily on a couch in the atrium, flirting with the math chicks, hanging around outside the lab. But he doesn't.


      Atlantis Waits by Dzurlady (Documentation Challenge)
6/5/8,827: Initial status check


      Beneath the Roses by Julad | McKay/Zelenka
After that, it was nothing but technobabble, so John took off his vest and weapons, and got comfortable on the floor.


      Care Packages by Auburn and Eretria | SG-1/SGA
Jack checked the cargo manifest again. Just as he'd suspected, one name was missing.



Comment Fic by Spike | Zelenka, Dex
Radek had not meant to find company.


      Consequences by Joolz | Dex, McKay (Post-Trinity)
The expressive face fell into a scowl. “I actually prefer the silent treatment to accusations, so if that’s what you’re here for you can just go away.”


      De Profundis - Up From the Depths by Otter | McKay/Sheppard ish, McKay/Carter ish
He thinks about raising Zelenka on the radio and saying something like, Hey, Doctor Judas, I notice you absconded with my future wife. If you return her within the next ten minutes I promise I won't destroy you.


      Enigma by Melyanna | (Dex, Weir)
This, however, is art, and though the Wraith deprived him of civilization for so long, he can still see beauty before him.


  ***   Exposed by Tigerlady | Ronon/Elizabeth (Voyeurism)
But if she ever were to tell God's honest truth, her favorite place was definitely the communal shower off the gym.



Flying Blind by minnow1212 | Gen (Team)
"I'm Major John Sheppard from the city of Atlantis, and my team and I don't intend you any harm. In fact, I'm happy to chat with you and make friends, but how about you turn on the lights at least--"


      Hardest Hue by micehell | Pre-Slash
"By which you mean that taking all lefts is your only chance in hell of being able to find the way back without calling Teyla to come and find us."


      Hide & Seek by Tigs (Search and Seizure) | Gen (Zelenka POV)
What he does not expect to see is this: Rodney McKay diving behind the buffet table.


    Hill of Beans by Giddygeek | (Sex God! Rodney)
"Right, right, how could I forget that you're here to witness my utter humiliation? Terribly sorry for distracting you with thoughts of my impending death by, by, what is it they're doing down there, they sound like crickets--"


      Home From The Sea by Corinna | Ronon POV (Worst Case Scenario, UFO Abduction)
Ronon has too much experience with the Wraith's mind games to want to be part of anyone else's, even the Ancestors.



Home Truth by Ltlj | Gen (Epiphany)

I just love her characterizations; she's become one of my favorite authors around and I think I've read like, three things of hers. Go figure. *g* And it's *gen*. I think I'd possibly have to make sure I had an inhaler nearby if she ever went full out slash. Which, hey, I am very willing to do.



Hunting Parties by Victoria Custer | Sheppard/OMC (Mostly Sheppard POV)
If we lose him, if he's already dead, it could all fall apart.


This starts out with John being kidnapped and having horrible things done to him and almost done to him and you want to cradle him to your chest and whisper into his hair, it's okay! It's okay!



Infinity by Wintertime | Gen (McKay, Sheppard, Zelenka)

An infinite number of possibilities emerge from an infinite number of actions, and Rodney sees every last one of them.


Eeeeeeee! Quantum mirror fic! *geeks out* Creepy, sad, traumatic quantum mirror fic, joy!


      In Return by Tigs | Zelenka, McKay, Sheppard (Post-Trinity)
Radek has come to think of the Colonel as a numbers man dressed in military clothing.

i woke up before you in the total darkness by Minervacat | Ronon POV, gen

A little trust is not a bad thing for McKay - for Ronon - to have.

    John: Hero by Day, Death Eater by Night by Eleveninches | Sheppard, McKay
"Anyone, Rodney, got that?"

"Yes, yes, I'll sign away my first born, just tell me," he snapped.

John searched his face for a long moment, as if still uncertain, but then he said: "Okay. I'm a wizard."



Land Shark by Basingstoke | Gen

Things had devolved to the point where Zelenka was yelling in Czech and Rodney was yelling back in math and John had Saturday Night Live sketches running through his head.


This is just--so cute, so funny. John+Atlantis=OTP OTP OTP FOR THE AGES.



Luckenbach, Texas by Summerfling | (Multiple Character POVs)
But the most important thing Marie learns is that the necessity of holding on to one's spiritual beliefs isn't lessened even when one relocates to another galaxy: all personal feelings aside, the simple and inexplicable truth is that Dr. McKay produces more Hail Marys than anyone—anyone—has a right to.



Missing/Inaction by Crysothemis | Sheppard/Dex (Ronon POV)
When he'd first come to Atlantis, he'd kept looking around, expecting to see Sheppard's commander.


      Morale in the Workplace by Kest | Sheppard/Dex
"No. Look. Whenever any of us were taken on by a new...task master... if the old one had been killed or...was no longer worthy, we'd receive his mark."


      More Than Enough by Tielan | Bates, Teyla, Sheppard
There was no room for wildcards in the military.



More Things In Heaven and Earth by mousewitchy | Gen (Atlantis)
This time, when they'd cried out, it had been in joy; and she'd basked in it. And, to her delight, they'd decided not to settle the mainland, choosing instead to keep her as their home.



My Soul From Out That Shadow by Frostfire | (Wraith POV)
Major Sheppard taunts, and teases, and paces around and around and around his blue-lit world until he thinks he will batter himself against the field until he is unconscious. So close.


Companion: Predatory by Frostfire
You try not to think about it too hard. The prisoner’s an alien and he’s hungry. You’re all just food to him. Moving, talking, meals on legs.


  ***   Necessary Things by minnow1212 | Gen (McKay POV)
Granted, not having a wide selection of music wasn't the biggest problem in the world, or even the biggest problem in Rodney's life.



Nemesis by Moonmoth | (background slash)

Short fic, with a freaking awesome last punch.

That's what they all say, Dr. McKay. That's what they all say.



Nightmares by Annie | (Kid!Rodney)
"Not to burst your bubble, but you can barely protect yourself when you're an adult." John smiles and wills Rodney to look at him, to be reassured, to change his mind. "That's why I'm here."


Sequel-ish: Find Your Way by Reccea | Sheppard/McKay
In ten years Rodney has grown about a foot and a half (though he measures it in meters, thanks very much), three new doctorates, and a no-longer-provisional license.


      Predatory Analysis by Chopchica | Dex/Zelenka, Sheppard/McKay
Rodney had been right; Ronon Dex did look like he was starving. Radek watched curiously as he ate.



Recovery by Martha Wilson | Gen (Sequel to Retrograde, SG-1 Crossover)

The sequel is just as amazing as the original story; and it's reading stuff like this that is going to make me buy S9 of SG-1 eventually because Cameron is just that cool.


Refraction by Ltlj | Gen
John had chuckled, the mirror had rippled and invitingly extended a crystalline keypad, and McKay had walked in behind them and screamed like a girl. Or a girl with a deep voice yelling, "Oh my God, it's a Quantum Mirror! Get the fuck away from it!"



Relative Positions by Merry | Sheppard, McKay (Rising)
It was all he could say; every other word he knew was bottled up in his chest, which was rapidly expanding. Sheppard wanted him on his team. Sheppard wanted him to be on his team.


      Resupply Ship by minnow1212 | Gen
He feels his hands curl into fists, as if to keep himself from touching something he shouldn’t.



Retrograde by Ltlj | Gen (Stargate SG-1/Atlantis crossover, AU)

Oh my God. This story is *so cool*. It's--it's AU, freaking awesome dialogue, great characterizations (especially good looks at O'Neill and Bates) A WICKEDLY NEAT PLOT with fighting and cliffhangers that make me shiver here in giddy glee.

Jack knew he was being sidelined away from Sheppard, but he had to warn the Daedalus about the Wraith, which fricking ate people and that was really all he needed at this point in his career. And his knees hurt on these damn stairs.




Revelation Series by Bone | Sheppard/Dex

Sheppard fucks much the way he leads -- from the front and a little out of control.


Well, like I told her, she has basically single-handedly sold me on John/Ronon. (We've established how I'm basically not a huge OTP girl in SGA, right? How I'm all about John being happy even if stars are going nova and there is burning rain everywhere else, so long as John is happy, Madelyn is happy? We're starting to? Great!) These are just so *cool*, I love what she's doing with Ronon; I love what John himself gets out of the relationship.


You'll find that the Pudding series is on that page as well. Good times to be had all over the place at Bone's site.



Revisionist by Arduinna | McKay/Other (2k)
In the darkness behind his eyelids, his hands were touching with want as much as need.



Rodney's Last Message by Speranza
"Hey, do me a favor, will you? Don't check your email for a while. I, uh--" He licked his lips. "I got pretty worked up in there, and I might have said some things that I--"



Rodney's Scrapbook of Death by Moonloon | Gen (Documentation Challenge)
"Wait... you've had death threats?"


Sans Peur Et Sans Reproche by Frostfire | John POV, Dark Side Challenge

He bets himself that he can make Rodney like it, though. He can blow up solar systems for a living.


Sea Change by Lanthano | John POV

"It's time you were done with this, don't you think?" she asked. It wasn't a question.


Seedlings by Livia | Ronon/Elizabeth

Some people you want to be tied to more than others.

    SGA Characters into Animals! by Lcsbanana

Featuring Baby Turtle Rodney! (and more! so many more.)

"This is incredibly weird," John said, because it was.

McKay spent another few minutes arranging his pebbles. When he was finished, he pushed himself into the water with his little turtle legs and swam to the other end of the tank.

John leaned in closer and blinked. The pebbles were arranged into letters. The sentence was cramped but clear, and read: I HATE YOU ALL. "Huh," he said.

"Is that writing?" Ronon asked. He and Teyla were both squinting at it curiously.

"Oh," John said. "Yeah. It's writing. Apparently, he's still himself."

You know you want it.



Skirting the Issue and Skirting The Issue (Epilogue) by Bone | Sheppard/Dex (Missing Scene, Girl!John) Ronon shrugged. "I like you. I don't much care what you look like."


--Sequels to my "It Stops Being Funny at Skirts", linked in her posts.



Spirit of Adventure by Lenore | Elizabeth/John/Teyla (Threesome)

Elizabeth leans over him, smiling, and runs her nail down his chest. "How much are you up for, John?"


The Care and Feeding of a CO by Domenika Marzione | Lorne POV (Post-Conversion)
Here in Atlantis he was a St. Bernard or a pit bull, depending on the situation. Right now, however, it was bloodhound. Or maybe just Lassie.


      The Homecoming King by Plum | Weir/Lorne
At the age of eighteen, Thomas Lorne knew he'd found the perfect woman. From that point on, he's subconsciously compared every other woman to her.


      The Rising by Domenika Marzione | O'Neill POV (Rising novelization, crossover)

Rising, as told from O'Neill's pov. I'm a sucker for a) stories where Jack or John are interacting in any way, shape or form and b) John sitting in the chair. Some really great, fun details, and just a really enjoyable read. I'm going to have to pick up a store copy of the Rising novelization because I didn't realize just how much I yearned for more backstory, *any* backstory on the pilot until I read this. Well. I knew I yearned--but there's yearning and there's yearning....yes. Anyway. (And then I shall have to see if I should be vexed on Miss Porcupine's behalf if the other one is not as good as this. *g*)

"You have been thinking about it," Jack retorted. "You probably stayed up half the night thinking about it. And I'm really failing to see where you're finding a downside."


      The Secret Life of Scientists by Julad
"For this," Zelenka told him, when Rodney had related the horrific tale from beginning to end, "for this we need vodka."


  ***   To Catch a Thief by Bone | Dex, Sheppard, McKay (Worst Case Scenario, Tail a Thief)
"What's up?" Sheppard says, fiddling with something that hums softly and throws off warm light as soon as his hand touches it.



To Serve A Queen by Tielan | Dex/Weir (Harlequin)

Ronan counted out the twenty-five lashes in tones of gritted pain and never lost count.


I have a small confession to make. I--have somehow become a Ronon/Elizabeth shipper. (In addition to the Ronon/John shipping. I'm--I'm easy. You give me a good story, I'll go for the pairing here.) I don't know how that happened either, but--wait, yeah, I do. It's Tielan's fault for writing this cracky, cracky story based on Anne Bishop's Black Jewels trilogy. Ronon's the warrior purchased by Queen Elizabeth of Atlantis Territory. It's--fun! It's *entertaining*. I *bit my nails* reading it when it was a WiP, wondering ooooh, what the heck is going on with Teyla and Sora and OMG John and then I spend the rest of my time waiting for Elizabeth and Ronon to just have sex already.

I love stories like that. Don't you love stories like that?


      Uncomplicated by Nel Ani | Sheppard/Dex
"Kicking isn't really what I'm interested in doing to you," Ronon said honestly.



Untitled Comment Snippet by Cecilia Regent | (Sheppard, McKay, The Lost Boys)
But then Rodney said “we have to go, come on, let’s - wait, wait up, you can’t, can you?


      Untitled Lorne-Sheppard Ficlet by Tigs
Fixed on the other end of that stare, Lorne felt a sliver of ice burrow itself into the base of his spine.


      Veracity by Little Red | Sheppard/Weir
He always smiles at her when he comes back through the 'gate, even if he's screaming and Ronon is all but carrying him.


      Walls by Bone | Dex POV (G)
Sheppard calls the City "sweetheart" when he thinks no one is listening.



Your Cowboy Days Are Over (Mammas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys) by M. | Sheppard POV, Sheppard OFC

He wants to concentrate on the mission. What he has, what he needs, what he's got to do.


      Zelenka's Still by Auburn | (Humor)
"General O'Neill never said anything about mad Czech scientists blowing up stills," he said conversationally.




  ***   #435, The Atlantis Local Stitch'n'Bitch Chapter by Pru | Sheppard/McKay
Hah, Rodney thought meanly, I bet whoever Sheppard likes doesn't have his scarf.


  ***   20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Merry | Sheppard/McKay
The underside of Atlantis, in the two hours they'd been exploring it, had revealed itself to be what they'd seen in the first half hour, times five miles. Pipes and suckerfish. And every now and then, just for variety, more pipes and suckerfish.



80 Proof by Lyra Sena | Sheppard/McKay (Sheppard POV, AU)
He was wearing an egregious floral print Hawaiian shirt and blue jeans (good Christ, blue jeans), a panama hat set crookedly over his sweat soaked hair.


Sequel: Pier 8 by Lyra Sena | Sheppard/McKay
“So I think your sunscreen works,” John said conversationally.



A Beautiful Lifetime Event by Shalott | Sheppard/McKay
John stared in horror: the thing was growing.


Mpreg, only not; this story made me fall in love with John Sheppard before I actually knew who he was.


      A Better Fate by Chelle | Sheppard/McKay
John was looking at him like Rodney was the most amazing thing he'd ever seen, which was strange because Rodney was pretty sure it was the other way around.


  ***   About a Lamp by Torch | Sheppard/McKay
On the twelfth day, Rodney woke up and lay staring for a while at the lamp on his bedside table.


      A Brief Moment by Chelle and The Grrrl | Sheppard/McKay (Doing Laundry)
Demanding to see his underwear is exactly the kind of thing of John would do, because under the handsome exterior John is weird.


      A Different Perspective by Violetsmiles | Sheppard/McKay
Something dark and hot and wildly complete and different from anything else Rodney has ever known.



Advantage by Resonant | Sheppard/McKay
So Sheppard left, but after half an hour he drifted back in to hand Rodney an antacid tablet. Rodney sighed. "Look. Tell me what you need to be doing and I'll order you to do it."


      Aftershocks by Shalott | Sheppard/McKay | (Storm/The Eye)
On the other side of the translucent glass, Rodney slipped down the wall and hit the floor, with a little choked gasp that made John shudder all over and put his head under the water.


    Aliens Made Them Eat It by Cupidsbow | Sheppard/McKay (Food and Buildings)
"Please," said Rodney, his knuckles white on his napkin, "Please swallow now. I can't take it anymore."



A Long Gold Sliding Into Dawn by Synecdochic | Sheppard/McKay
He drifts for a minute, for an hour, and only wakes up enough to process it, not enough to remember it, when Rodney kisses him lightly and says "you can't have post-traumatic stress when the trauma never really goes away" with a curious sense of regret.

Newer author to SGA, haven't read her other stories (story? Whatever), but am anticipating sitting down with those later. She has a highly interesting take on John's fucked in the head state and this is one of those stories that really beats you in the head with the: Dear SGA, Please give us some John backstory, hey, sometime before this series *ends*.



And Sometimes You Get Toasters by giddygeek
Ford watched Rodney stomp through the gate. "Well," he said, "he is kinda making progress. This time he didn't rant long enough for anyone to take a potshot at him."



Another Word for Optimism by Celli | Sheppard/McKay
It was a sad testament to Rodney's distraction that it took him whole three rounds of optimism and lack thereof before he made the connection. But mid-briefing, hit him.



A Not-So-Modest-Proposal by Reccea | Sheppard/McKay
Plus, while he'd never actually admit to it, flying the puddlejumper was really kind of better than sex.


Seriously wonderful writing, a great, great read, right here. Sometimes chat conversations properly convey what a story can make you feel:


svmadelyn: it is okay, I am reading this story.
svmadelyn: it is making me coo at high pitched levels.
svmadelyn: *is pleased*
seperis: YES COO!
svmadelyn: this is so seriously freaking adorable.
svmadelyn: I'm doing a running dialogue in my head
svmadelyn: ohmygodhe'sinhiswilliknewit.
seperis: I love this story
svmadelyn: oh my god there's a part two
svmadelyn: there is a god
svmadelyn: he has not forsaken me
svmadelyn: I don't want this to end eeeeeeeee.
seperis: ME EITHER
svmadelyn: i am making myself read this so, so slowly
svmadelyn: John. In only track pants. On their date.
svmadelyn: *makes the happy noises*
seperis: I want to marry this story.
seperis: have its babies.


  *** Series Arizona by Jenn | Sheppard/McKay (Assassin!John)
Bastards. "Okay, I can pay you twice what you're getting for this."



Apoapsis by scribblesinsand | Sheppard/McKay
Also, Rodney's brand of flirting seemed to be the geek's version of the old caveman routine -- if I bludgeon you with my brain, can I have my way with you?



A Stirring Tale of Manly Fortitude by Kormantic | Sheppard/McKay
John took a step closer and brushed a dry kiss on the spot Rodney had just touched.


Quite simply, John kisses Rodney's bruises better. And we go guh.


      Background Noise by Miss Pamela | Sheppard/McKay
Tomorrow, the world will change. The greatest adventure in human history, Elizabeth said. Humans colonizing other planets. Other galaxies.


      Becoming by Lamardeuse | Sheppard/McKay (Instinct)
The truly sick thing was that he hadn’t pictured Sheppard naked and gasping against the tile, but sitting at a too-small desk in the middle of a crowded auditorium, diligently solving differential equations on an undergraduate calculus exam.



Be Cool by Hth (Search and Seizure) | Sheppard/McKay
Then, like the emissary from the underworld that he clearly was, Sheppard turned sideways in his chair and held the freshly rolled joint out toward Rodney.



Bell Curve, or, Ladies Night at the Boom Boom Room by Pru | Sheppard/McKay

"Ladies and Gentlemen--adjust your pants and pull out your loose bills!"


Benched by Speranza | Sheppard/McKay

"All right," John said finally, clapping his hands together briskly to get their attention; he'd learned that brisk handclapping was a good four-fifths of the whole leadership thing.


      Best Ever by Neery | Sheppard/McKay
John lost track of how much time had passed almost right away, but it seemed like Rodney spent an eternity teasing him, nibbling and stroking and licking.


      Beyond Oneiromancy: A Rationalist's Guide To Understanding Your Dreams by Spike | Sheppard/McKay (Grace Under Pressure)
Rodney has a hard time remembering, on his trip up to the surface, that he is not at any given moment slipping under the water to die.



Blindsided by Resonant | Sheppard/McKay
If the dandelions were going to make McKay temporarily blind, at least they could have had the decency to make John temporarily deaf.


      Breaking Up Is Hard To Do by Amireal | Sheppard/McKay
So, Sheppard is really getting tired of being held at spear point for his own good, let alone in a dark cave at the edge of a village run by sadistic native elders.


      Call by Julad | Sheppard/McKay
And then John had actually stooped so low as to go 'bwark-bwark-bwark' at him, which had led Rodney directly to his current predicament.


      Cartography by Touch by Pru, this was us the night before she finished and was signing off:

svmadelyn: think on that.
svmadelyn: *waveeees*
rageprufrock: *DIES*
rageprufrock: oh my GOD
rageprufrock: the lowered stardards
rageprufrock: the LOWERED STANDARDS
svmadelyn: I KNOW.
svmadelyn: DAMN YOU.

So yes, this is a story in which John is raped, but--it's more about how he deals with it in a very introspective way. This is a story about *John*, and the people around him, that secondary group of people that steps up when the people you rely on most are the ones you can't talk to or be around, and Pru drew out those relationships really beautifully in this story. John slowly comes to this amazing appreciation for women and who they are and what they can do and it's things we all think about every day, and it's so normal that we don't realize that we're actually doing it or have done it, or have been that strong. He comes to have this appreciation for himself and what he can do and how strong he is in ways he never could have thought about before this happened. Does that make sense? I hope so.

If her vague warning on what the story was about threw a few of you off, I'd like to say--it shouldn't. I think she dealt with the aftermath with deep respect and quiet love, and it's a story I highly recommend.
      Certainty by Chelle | Sheppard/McKay
The second time John kisses him, Rodney doesn't freeze. He gives in the instant John's lips touch his.


      Cherry by Rivier | Sheppard/McKay (Holiday)
It's not the Christmas part. It's just that he really, really likes roast duck.


      Close Encounters by Amireal | Sheppard/McKay
Rodney's head snaps up. "We're not talking about this. Ever."


All Brand New by Jenn

Rodney thinks that the entire Pegasus galaxy is after John's ass, which is usually funny and kind of weirdly cute, because this relationship thing is completely unexplored territory.


      Close Enough by Fabularasa | Sheppard/McKay
Yes, yes, it’s scientifically documented that goldfish have the shortest memory span of any vertebrate, is the joke there, which falls a little flat since I have to explain it to you.


      Controverted by Shalott | Sheppard/McKay (Sanctuary, The Siege)
"How the hell do you just say things like that?" he demanded. "I just -- How can you -- "



Coping Mechanisms by Amireal | Sheppard/McKay
John kept a mental tally of the hours and minutes he visited, the number of times in a day. Sometime on day three he had a small panic attack when he realized the numbers were too high.


      Counterpoint by Nestra | Sheppard/McKay (Harlequin)
"The thing is," Rodney said, head down, "I'm starting to wonder if I just didn't have the right inspiration."


      Cred by Resonant | Sheppard/McKay
"You always do this to me," Rodney said, his mouth going even more crooked. "Just when I've decided you are exactly what you appear to be."


  ***   Crush by Soraya | Sheppard/McKay
But Ford just seemed to shrink in on himself, and he sat back down, shoulders slumped as he did his best to blend in with the furniture, leaving John out there alone to cope with a silence that had grown to epic proportions.


Note: Seriously, hang in there for this one. This has--an odd start, but it goes to a place where it is *worth it*.


      Day Break by giddygeek | Sheppard/McKay (Groundhog Day, SGA style)
Worst case scenario, he spent a couple hours sorting things into piles of stuff that turned on, stuff that might turn on for Sheppard, and stuff that might blow up if turned on by anyone.


      Dear John and Other Theses by Reccea | Sheppard/McKay
John doesn't get letters quite like that. He once got a list of 100 reasons wars are asinine.


      Defining dissolution by Regann | Sheppard/McKay
Like thousands of other words she knew, Elizabeth was sure of what the word "widow" meant.


      Dissonance by Trinityofone | Sheppard/McKay
“Oh, I hardly think that I’m the one who needs to be lectured on saying stupid things,” he hissed.


      Don't Tell by Jenn | Sheppard/McKay
"As I said, I've been thinking," Rodney continues, with a glare that reminds John that this is his only source of regular sex speaking. Only. Source. Of. Regular. Sex. So pay attention.


      Dramatis Personae by Nel Ani | Sheppard/McKay
“I, um,” Rodney said, eyes running down John’s body and up to his face again. “Is that…eyeliner?” His voice sounded strangled.


      Edges by Pru | Sheppard/McKay
In one way or another Rodney has always known he was going to lose John.


      Eight Ways John and Rodney Gave Themselves Away by Trinityofone | Sheppard/McKay
McKay’s visits become less frequent after that. Not because Sheppard’s keeping him away, Kate thinks. Because he’s keeping him.



either.or by Isilya | Sheppard/McKay/OFC

He could feel McKay watching him but he kept his eyes firmly on the girl.


      Empirical Evidence by Nestra | Sheppard/McKay
"You think this is funny? You *left* me. On a planet crawling with Wraith."



Empty (Te Deum) by Jenn | Sheppard/McKay

John's stretched out in bed, boxers and t-shirt, weirdly modest for a man alone in his room, but then again, he's never alone, not really.


Entanglement Theory by Jenn | Sheppard/McKay

Spoilery for The Return Part I, and so *adorable*, I melt. Featuring a very afraid John and Rodney--oh God, they're getting *respect*, and *things done for them*, and it's all just so wrong and traumatizing for their little heads.


    Series Environmental Controls by Kalimyre | Sheppard/McKay (Series)
“The engineers are working on it, and I was trying to help, but one of Carson’s lackeys caught me and threatened to have me escorted to the infirmary and sedated if I didn’t find someone to bunk with.”


      Essentials by Kageygirl | Sheppard/McKay
Rodney was all unguarded delight and wild hope unexpectedly rewarded. John felt the back of his neck getting hot, and he wanted to duck away from all that open emotion, but he just couldn't stop looking at Rodney.


      Euler's Jewel by Basingstoke | Sheppard/McKay (Math! Porn)
"Okay," Ford said, moving past "stunned" to "my CO is a crazy man and I do not want to see his porn." It was a complicated expression, but not an uncommon one in John's experience.


      Ex Gratia - Done as a Favor by Otter | Carter/McKay/Sheppard
"Oh, they're fine," Sheppard said, with a look on his face that said his standard of 'fine' was considerably lower than most people's. "You look like you've had a hell of a day."


      Exigencies by Rivier | Sheppard, McKay (OC POV)
She can feel the happiness rolling off him, now he has his whiny friend back and their little escape plan is succeeding.


    Existence As Interesting As Possible by Wax Jism | Sheppard/McKay
He would still think of them as deer, though, he decided. Dragons, okay. He drew the line at unicorns.


      Expectations by Elandria Lore | Sheppard/McKay
But Rodney was never that flustered with him and John had to get used to long rambling monologues without the bonus of making out at the end.



Euler's Jewel by Basingstoke | Sheppard/McKay
"Because it's perfect," John said. "One! Zero! e! i! π! You can do anything with that. That's the foundation of math. It's--it's like *truth*.

Math porn! Math porn!

I'll go be a melty puddle of goo on my bedroom floor right now, thank you. *flicks lighter quietly in Basingstoke's honor*


  ***   Experiment by Resonant | Sheppard/McKay
"I said, yes," Rodney says. "I do in fact lie around thinking about things to do to you."


      Face Value by minnow1212 | Sheppard/McKay
Sheppard was suddenly the most stunning thing Rodney had ever seen; his body had started clamoring at him, yes, him, for me, for me, for me.



Feeding Frenzy by Shalott | ...lots of "pairings". (Shark Challenge)
"Uh, something—I think something's wrong," except he wasn't sure he did, really, because right now he was feeling better than he could ever remember feeling in his entire life, except for the goddamn edgy crawling sensation.


Shalott has some impeccable timing--she always seems to post when I'm in the middle of something weird or traumatizing. The day I read this, it was just me half falling asleep writing a paper that's already two weeks late. John really, truly is the little black dress of this fandom, is all I'm going to say here. Also, yay for orgies! Everyone should have an orgy Ancient device!


  ***   Finding the Fine Print by Giddygeek | Sheppard/McKay
John stares at him. "You didn't mention the blahblahblah before," he says, and McKay waves his hands without looking in John's direction.



Find Your Way by Reccea | Sheppard/McKay (Sequel-ish to 'Nightmares')
In ten years Rodney has grown about a foot and a half (though he measures it in meters, thanks very much), three new doctorates, and a no-longer-provisional license.


Pre-equel-ish: Nightmares by Annie

! ***  

Freedom's Just Another Word For Nothing Left to Lose by Synedochic | Sheppard/McKay

SGC finally stops calling him by December.


Given a Choice, It Would Always Be Sunday by Chel | Sheppard/McKay (Lost Boys)

As Kurt Vonnegut would say: So it goes.


This story has one of the neatest structures I've seen in a good while. Just--this is a really cool, solid read. Vonnegut! Yay!

      Good For What Ails You by Giddygeek | Sheppard/McKay
"I have something that may help Dr. McKay," she said. "An old Athosian recipe. It helped a great many of our people during the growing seasons. Perhaps it might relieve some of his discomfort as well."


      Glossolalia by Regann | Sheppard/McKay
Something like a laugh escaped from Rodney's throat and it was the first truly intelligible sound he'd made in days.



Grass Tatters by Giddygeek | Sheppard/McKay
There wasn't any music and Sheppard's lap dances weren't all that great.

Oh come on. Like you aren't going to read with that line.


      Great Expectations by Teand | Sheppard/McKay
"Major? Do I have to define what 'get to it' means?"


      Gusto by Shell | Sheppard/McKay (Food, Buildings Challenge)
"Yes, yes, of course you are," he said, exasperated. "We all know how cool Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard is, with his surfboard and his Johnny Cash poster and his hair."



Hands-On Science by Nindulgence | Sheppard, McKay (School Challenge, AU)

See John and Rodney meet in Canada at a science center years and years ago in high school. See John impress Rodney with his utterly brilliant, hot little self. See PEN PALS FOREVAAAA born. This story is Just. So. Cute. And I harbor a not-so-secret (well, now anyway), yearning for *more*.

"Oh please, I've never seen anyone look so uncomfortable as when Max started to ask you what you wanted to be when you grew up."

      Hero of the Prairie by Neery | Sheppard/McKay (Harlequin, Western)
Rodney ignored him. This was his one chance to get out of that damn marriage, and damn if he was going to let it go.
  *** He's Having Her Baby! by Pru | Sheppard/McKay
"It's just that Rodney got some harebrained idea that Chaya knocked me up and he's been acting like a lunatic ever since."

Sequel: He's Having His Baby! by Pru | Sheppard/McKay
Babies had better be totally fucking awesome, John thinks dismally, because not even sex is worth this shit.

So the first one, John's not really pregnant. The second one he is. If you're someone who just does not see the mpreg appeal, if these stories don't change your mind, absolutely nothing, nothing will. I couldn't say enough good things about these.


Hindsight by Pru | Sheppard/McKay
There's a note in the box that John doesn't find until after lunch, and it says, "Now are you that kind of girl?" and John nearly fucks up an interrogation trying not to laugh.


This (AU) story is just so engrossing. One of my favorite things she has ever, ever written. Hearts float, birds sing, you babble incoherently at the ending, this has it all. It makes my cheeks hurt, I smile that much. (Um. There are Bad Things happening in this story with a case John investigates but--but--as a John and Rodney story? Wow.)

Sequel: More Than

      How Much For the Little Girl? by Jenn | Sheppard/McKay (Worst Case Scenario, Con Artist)
Unaccountably, John tries to push him *away*. "Rodney, listen. There's something you should know before we get to the deflowering thing, okay?"
      How Not To Make A Light Bulb by Blinkiesays | Sheppard/McKay
"Well, try not to need me too badly," John said, without thinking, and Rodney looked at him like he'd been sucker-punched.


    Human Vacillation by Trinityofone | Sheppard/McKay
He could relate.


Okay, I'll confess, this story took me a bit to get into, despite it having Lorne turning into a woman. I just--hmm. I was sort of, huh, the point, what's the *point*, and up until the 3/4 mark, I was a tiny bit listless with it, but at the same time, I kept feeling like something should happen, but I wasn't certain if it....actually would. And then I got to the point where something DID HAPPEN and I totally screamed a little. Silently. Because I--okay, fine, it was slightly audible but I LOVE THIS STORY.

...does that even make sense? Go with it.

      Icing on the Cake by Zoe Rayne | Sheppard/McKay
He tried to object, really he did. He even tried briefly to push Sheppard away, because he knew it wasn't fair to take advantage of someone who obviously couldn't help himself.
      In decision by Torch | Sheppard/McKay
No one was hurt.
  ***   Impossibilium by Canadian Snoopy | Sheppard/McKay
In fact, he pretty much forgot about the mission until six months later, when John was standing in Rodney's room, trying not to hate Elizabeth for giving him the job of packing it up.
      Instructional by Jenn | Sheppard/McKay
Rodney's smile is sharp and pleased. "If I wanted them dead, even you wouldn't figure out how I did it. No. This is educational. And besides, the rash will clear. In a few days."

Intersections by Kaneko | Sheppard/McKay
He finishes the sandwich and makes another. A last meal, he thinks. His last meal with Rodney, or his last meal on Earth.


Pre-Atlantis fic. Very cool. I feel redundant reccing basically all of these as--well, most everyone's read them if they're even remotely interested in this fandom. But if you haven't....uh. Yeah. Hop to it.


Irritated Sentient Furniture | Sheppard/McKay (Table POV)

I am a finely calibrated instrument! I could calculate your mass within a zeptolark! I've won awards, many many --


      Isolation by Kharessa | Sheppard/McKay (The Lost Boys, Non-Con)
You’re the only thing that makes me feel like I am one of them. Rodney didn’t say it, but John heard it nevertheless.

It Comes in Waves by Anna S. | (Amnesia ficlet, Rodney)

It's actually pretty rare that I want to see more of a story--I usually am content with whatever there is. And I am, I so am with this story but--it's one of those where I kind of want to go, hey, Eliade, I have this whole extra kidney that's doing like, *nothing*, and it's so all yours if you would just....

ANYWAY. Beautiful amnesia ficlet and I just want to clutch Rodney to me and tell him, it's really going to be okay! You're so fixable! You are! Unless you aren't! But either way, you're so awesome! Loved this madly.

He always stopped as soon as he noticed Rodney, smiled and collected him with slow nonthreatening movements, a quiet voice, small words.

      Just Like Christmas by Cesperanza | Sheppard/McKay
"I can't sleep," Sheppard said, and that was kind of ridiculous, since he'd just been asleep, or at least his every-which-way hairstyle seemed to indicate so.
      Lacunae by Frostfire | Sheppard/McKay (Pre-Slash)
Twenty minutes of watching Rodney work, and he’s been sucked into a bubble where time slows down and focus is narrowed to parts and wires and tiny little manipulations that reveal their secrets.
      Legion the Things I Would Give to Oblivion by Auburn
Rodney physically pulled John’s body out of the command chair twenty-seven hours later, screaming at him, screaming at Beckett to do something, doing chest compressions on John the entire time, while John tried to remember having a finite body ...
      Let it Snow by Nestra | Sheppard/McKay (Worst Case Scenario)
"I meant you should think about something else, Rodney."



Like Running Through Water by Jenn | Sheppard/McKay


This story makes me happy. It's *beautiful*, and it's...seduction fic, in a way. A courtship so completely John and Rodney style and I love her characterizations of both in here a great deal, but especially Rodney. *makes gibberish noises*

You came, and you sat down, and in five minutes, you'd told us more than we'd learned in years, and now you think you can walk the fuck *out*? I don't *think* so, Major.

      Limits by CJ Andre | Sheppard/McKay (Inanimate Object porn)
"Shhhhh, " John whispers a breath over Rodney's cheeks. "You're doing great."
      Math Camp by Mel | Sheppard/McKay (Harlequin, Math Camp)
"What, did you think I meant ballet lessons? Yes Math Camp! I was there, you were there and you kissed me!"
      Matter of Fact by Silviakundera | Sheppard/McKay
Soft like-embarrassment-but-not hot burning at the top of his cheeks, shoulders curved forward, neck aching from it, and somewhere in there a broken pencil.
      Mercy by Shalott | Sheppard/McKay (Fisting)
The Katiaians had the limited decency to give them some time alone, after, in a smaller private room, and Rodney cleaned him off and then lay down with him and just held him.

Midwinter by Jenn | Sheppard/McKay

Somehow she managed to get me to the point where I didn't think John would even show up or something. Maybe it was just the fact that it was two a.m. and I was a little wibbly. Either way, it was scary. I had this dream a week ago where she and I were talking about her Clark and Lex dancing at the prom story and then suddenly she was writing John and Rodney dancing. The universe works in beautiful ways that I do not like to question sometimes. John through Rodney's eyes hot and wonderful here.

Inches and bare space that lengthens, paused uncertainty for four long beats, then locked eyes as they circle each other, then a brush of fingertips that signals how this starts.

Mojo by Purna | Sheppard/McKay

"Of course, it's about that. And the irrigation system on the mission before that. Are you sensing a pattern here? I couldn't fix them. Two in a row. I've lost my mojo."

  ***   Moka by Martha | Sheppard, McKay
Elizabeth tried again. "It's not a difficult question. Do the Night People worship the Wraith?"
      Mutually Assured Destruction by Shrift | Sheppard, McKay (Worst-Case Scenario, Landmines)
"Yes, well, mark this date on your calendar, Sheppard, because it's the first time I've ever thought that Mutually Assured Destruction seemed like a good idea."


      Nine Things John Has Loved and Lost by Nifra Idril | Sheppard/McKay (John-centric)
“So, you’ve learned your lesson?” Rodney asks him, plucking at John’s sodden jacket.
      No Myth by Skoosiepants | Sheppard/McKay (Fairy Tale)
True Love’s Kiss was going to be really hard to manage.
  ***   No Refunds or Exchanges by Shalott | Sheppard/McKay (Harlequin)
Rodney looked down at the marriage license: thick crackly paper embossed with the Canadian seal, Rodney Adair McKay and John William Sheppard already typed in, just waiting for signatures and witness names and the date.
      Not Friends by Helleboredoll | Sheppard/McKay
And based on this new, if somewhat limited experience with having a buddy, when John followed him to his quarters after their return from Lagrangian Point and helped Rodney out of his gear and then out of his clothes and into bed, ....
  ***   Oblivious by Shalott | Sheppard/McKay
Standing outside John's door, Rodney took a deep breath. They were both rational adults. They could deal with this maturely.
  ***   Of Two Hours by Tigs | Sheppard/McKay (Zelenka POV)
Some mornings, though, when the circumstances of the previous evening are correct, Radek knows that he can plot and make careful plans.

Panthalassa by Sapote | Sheppard/McKay

Atlantis, Lantea, eight years after the war ends -

    Passion du Corsair by Miss Pamela | Sheppard/McKay (Harlequin, Gentleman!Pirate!John)
If pressed (by the right barmaid), John would admit that he was, perhaps, a gentleman pirate.


      Phantom Limb by CGB | Sheppard/McKay
Deep down John knows this. And he knows a good leader would volunteer to go first. He was a good leader on Atlantis. Now he’s superfluous.


      Piecemeal by Brighid | Gen (Search and Seizure)
"One more mission, Rodney," John said finally. "You get one more, and then you and I are going to talk this thing out."



Pillow Talk by Toft Froggy | Sheppard/McKay

So, McKay was a talker. Like that was a surprise.


Shiny new author with a really nice John voice.

      Pop Psychology by Tigerlady | Sheppard/McKay (Flash Fic Challenge)
Rodney grabbed his hand. "No, it's good. I'm just caught in the can't believe this is happening moment."
      Precession by Kageygirl | (McKay POV, Sheppard)
"Disturbing," that is, because Rodney suspects that he may be the moving body captured and brought to heel by Sheppard's gravity.
  ***   Proof by Devildoll | Sheppard/McKay
"You can't be that old," she replied, rolling her eyes a way that was eerily reminiscent of Rodney.

Proof By Reduction by Notpoetry | Sheppard/McKay-ish


This story is cool because I think you can read it one of two ways. Also, I'm a sucker for Post-Trinity fic. I liked what a livejournaler said in her comment about this story, so we'll go with this: It's a synecdoche for their relationship.

      Pudding, And Other Rare Commodities by Skoosiepants | Sheppard/McKay
“Okay,” John said slowly, nodding his head. “I’m—we’re,” he motioned between them with his spoon, “going to pretend that you didn’t just proposition me over a tasty dessert—”

Quarks, Quantum Chromodynamics and Other Unproven Theories by Amireal | Sheppard/McKay (Time Travel)

Rodney glared, shoulders hunched around him. "No, Radek, that's not it." His hands spread out into the air. "I can't explain it, something just feels… off." He finished helplessly.


So if you've known me for any length of time, you probably know that I--I like the time travel stories. If by "like" you mean, staying up till four in the morning to wibble and shriek and grin and glow happily over this sort of story. I'm so easy, but I prefer to think of it as one of my endearing qualities. The really odd thing is that I *forgot* this was going to be a time travel story and then when it all kind of unfolded it was doubly happymaking.

      Quest by Wax Jism | Sheppard/McKay
"I guess we're going to Molt," Sheppard said.


      Quiet by Resonant | Sheppard/McKay
Rodney's almost painfully hard already, just from knowing that the rest of the city could hear, that he's still on an open frequency.


  ***   Ramus by The Moonmoth | Sheppard/McKay
By the time he's reached out to turn on the bedside lamp the faces have faded, the names retreating on his tongue, and eventually, when his heart has stopped pounding, he goes back to sleep.
      Resolution by Resonant | Sheppard/McKay
On the other hand, there was already a camera in Sheppard's quarters when they got here, so it's possible he's underestimating the kinkiness of the Ancients.


Clarity by Speranza | Sheppard/McKay
How the hell could there be a camera in Rodney's computer screen?

Composition by Shalott | Sheppard/McKay

"Oh—" Rodney says, panting, "oh, you were watching me," and he's pulling John up.

      Running Blind by Cherry Ice | Sheppard/McKay (Harlequin)
"I don’t know if this escaped your attention, but you were just hit by a car," John says dryly. Runs his hands over the other man's limbs, checking for breaks. "Can you move your toes?"
      Running Up That Hill by Claire | Sheppard/McKay
He wants to not see the look in Liz's eyes when he realises John isn't there, all despair and hopelessness, like it's already over, like they've already lost.

Sacrifice by Zahra | Sheppard/McKay. Entry for Oxoniensis' Porn Battle and it's utterly fantastic.

      Second Chances by Zoe Rayne | Sheppard/McKay (Harlequin, Rising)
He was pretty sure that was a proposition, but he was also pretty sure it'd be crazy to follow a guy he'd just met into an airplane bathroom for the express purpose of having sex.
      Sense Memory by Stillane | Sheppard/McKay (Post-Trinity)
McKay had always seemed somehow outside of the rules, and to discover he is not is unsettling.
    Serpentine Curves by Signe | Sheppard/McKay (Flash Fiction Challenge)
No Colonel behind him. And no self. No body. Nothing.
      Share and Share Alike by Annie | Sheppard/McKay
Rodney waited a few minutes, letting himself settle back into that familiar rhythm of long walks: right, left, right, sweat, trudge, hate the world. It was a simple pattern once you got it right.
  ***   Small Primes and Square Roots by Livia | Sheppard/McKay (Dad!Rodney)
"Holy shit," Rodney said, suddenly *really* looking at Sheppard. At Sheppard's pointed chin, his narrow but expressive eyes--features that Rodney saw on his adopted daughter's face every day.
      Snow Patrol by Scrunchy | Gen (Worst Case Scenario, Avalanche)
"Did I not say 'avalanche' in my big list of things that could go horribly wrong?"
      Something Else by Hetre | Sheppard/McKay (Worst-Case Scenario)
He doesn't understand at first, all he can think is, Not drowned, we're not drowned. But then his brain does a little flip, and he's looking out a window.
      Something to Remind You by CJ | Sheppard/McKay
"I can't come," he gasped.
  *** Something Wicked by Trinityofone | Sheppard/McKay (School Challenge)

I read this at three a.m. And then I had to walk around with my back to solid objects because I kept feeling like something was watching me. And then I went to bed and clutched at my body pillow and tried to think happy thoughts and proceeded to have some weird nightmare about a circus collapsing in on itself.

*cackles* Yeah, have fun with that one.

Then, with a gentle suddenness: the city inhaled; silence. The city exhaled: music.

      Strange Attractors by Zoe Rayne | Sheppard/McKay
Of all the things he'd wanted but been sure he'd never get, John Sheppard was at the top of the list.


      Star In the Dust by Regann | Sheppard/McKay-ish (Post Trinity)
John wanted to blame Rodney for his headaches and he did, in a sort of indirect and loopy way but he had to admit that Rodney had seemed to have been steering as clear of John as John was of him.



Students of Hope by Scrunchy | Sheppard/McKay

Aww. Settle in with some tea or cocoa and prepare to have your heart warmed by Rodney coming to dinner, under totally Rodney-ish pretenses, when really, John's been writing him letters and everything and--well, *returns to the aww-ing*.


  ***   Such Is The Way To The Stars by Otter | Sheppard/McKay
Oh, this is such an adorable, great story. You know, when something starts out with this:

When Rodney sat down -- a little too calmly, considering he'd entered the room at a sprint -- he said, "I've been here for the last twenty minutes. In case anyone asks."

John raised an eyebrow and put down his sandwich. It didn't actually taste much like turkey, anyway. "McKay?" he said, and he managed to insert a few layers of inquiry and reprimand into the word with no additional syllables.

Rodney waved one hand dismissively, and used the other to steal one of John's crackers. "Relax," he said. "It's nothing. Well, nothing they'll be able to prove, anyway."

You start thinking, hey, this is going to be *fun*. And with this story, you would be so very, very right.
      Symbolic by Painisdead | Sheppard/McKay (Cliche fic)
"You're lucky, you know," Rodney grumbled, toeing off his boots with more vehemence than seemed strictly necessary. "Comatose and snoring doesn't usually rate a second round with me."



Tango by Shalott | Sheppard/McKay (Undermistletoe Challenge)

In which John gives very good incentive for Rodney to do!smart!things: sexual favors. Oh, wow, was this lovely.

"You always pull off miracles after you get laid, and this would be a really good time for one!" John said. "Hurry up, we don't have time for you to have afterglow."

      Terra Firma by scribblesinsand | Sheppard/McKay
Rodney pulls the plug on the phone, puts a sign on the door that says: I will kill you if you wake me up. Death, dismemberment, blowing up your puddlejumper. I mean it, Major!! and ignores the world until late afternoon.
      The Accidental Husband by Zoe Rayne | Sheppard/McKay
Except that while he might have wished—fervently, even, some days—that Sheppard swung that way, he didn't think he was masochistic enough to dream up a macho alien prince of a husband for him.
      The Before And After by Stella | Sheppard/McKay
Rodney was covered in a shroud of silence as he sat on the bed beside John's sheet-covered hip. Even though his mouth didn't move, his eyes spoke volumes.


      The Case of the Smiling Scientists by Tigs | Sheppard/McKay
So, on day six, he recruited help: Teyla, Ronon, Lorne.


      The Chart by Annie | Sheppard/McKay
He shouldn't have to face down *charts*.


    The Fall of Rodney McKay by Spaggel | Sheppard/McKay (Crack!Ficlet)
And then there was the following Sheppard around. Following Sheppard around.


NEW     The Forest People by Jenn. 8541 words. Mmmmm freaky. But also, hot. He can still hear the beat of drums, matching the hard beat of his heart, and catching his breath, Rodney keeps running.

The Greatest Rescue Mission in the Pegasus Galaxy by Mausi | Sheppard/McKay

John, you asshole, you better be up right behind me. If you die while rescuing puppies, I will never, ever forgive you.


      The Hollow Men by Trinityofone | Sheppard/McKay (Amnesty/Bloody Challenge)
“I know it can’t be like it was,” Rodney said. “But will you at least look at me? Talk to me?”


  ***   The Hostage Major by Frostfire | Sheppard/McKay (Harlequin)
And I decided that the military really didn’t deserve to have me, so I went and made billions of dollars instead, and now I do my own research, and screw them.
  ***   The Last Walk Home by Auburnnothenna | Sheppard/McKay
He let his foot up on the gas, not wanting to sling Rodney around, and that saved them, because he was looking away and Rodney's eyes were closed when the sky burned white.

The Maineland (Wandering Around Lost) by Slodwick | Sheppard/McKay (Time Travel)

And that had been that: so long, Day Off.


*giggles* Slod perfectly captures the spirit of Harlequin Week on undermistletoe with this time travel story. It's adorably funny, complete with John trying to revoke Rodney's geek cred and of course, a golf ball time travel...thingy. *is vague so as not to spoil* Also, John is in a kilt and--....hello? ....where did you go?

      The Other Half of the Equation by Lamardeuse | Sheppard/McKay
But when it came to his newly hatched bravery, he didn’t care about being the best, only about being good enough. About being worthy of the rest of them.


      The Physicist Bride by Zulu | Sheppard/McKay (PG, Harlequin)
Since John had the annoying habit of breaking in at the very last possible moment to rescue him, then, logically, he had to speed the production as much as possible, so that the 'very last possible moment' arrived sooner rather than later.



There's a Trick With a Knife I'm Learning to Do by Lacey McBain | Sheppard/McKay

John knows reason is a seven inch scar that took twenty-six stitches to close.


The Scientific Method by Cupidsbow | Sheppard/McKay (Undermistletoe Challenge)

In which John causes much of the science staff to have an orgasm by pushing an Ancient device. And then there are replicators and sparkly dialogue and much funness.

"Off!" said Rodney, sweat beading on his forehead, eyes wide and glassy. "Off! Off now!"


The Spare by Wickedwords | Sheppard/McKay

This is a really lovely read and just wonderfully romantic. I had a lot of fun reading this story. Harlequin fic, which just works so, so well for this fandom.


When she pressed her back against the ridged back of her chair, her fingers white against the armrests, Elizabeth said, "It is your duty to the empire to marry Rodney McKay."

      The Taste of Apples by Auburn | Sheppard/McKay
Animal instinct made her fight it. She was a warrior. She didn't surrender… But it called, a siren’s harmony that held John and Rodney's voices already. She was tired, tired of being alone, of standing against.

Sequel: Sacrifical Drift


The Universe Is Not Enough by Trinityofone | Sheppard/McKay (Post Secret Challenge, Spy!Rodney)
Freed from that anxiety, his mind backtracked. “Wait, Canada’s got an evil plan? Involving Atlantis?” He managed to bite back the additional query of, And what do you mean, cheap sex?

Much hearty laughter to be had here.


The U.S.S. Indianapolis by Trinityofone | Sheppard/McKay (Shark Challenge)

*raises eyebrows* Okay, so this one is a little different. I've never actually...seen Jaws, but either way, this so worked for me. This is one of those ones that builds to that quietly perfect ending that makes my chest tighten a little bit in writer envy and just smile because you know, damn.

And what’s that? Sheppard asks, stepping closer, getting in Rodney’s personal space. But Rodney’s spent too long being afraid for him to be afraid of.

    The Wheel, Atlantis, Wars, And So On by Cesperanza | Sheppard/McKay

Okay, you know what? One of these days, I am not going to choke without even a liquid in my mouth with first lines like these. Alas, that day is not today, but come *on*:

"Okay, whoops," John said, just after Rodney turned into a dolphin.

What do you even say to that man? *wipes eyes*


Thicker Than Water by Julad | Sheppard/McKay
He put down the burger, tilted his head to the side, and said, "Huh. We're back on Earth."


John, Rodney, and two weeks of leave on Earth. Another one of those "meet the family" fics but--one of the good ones. Nicely touching and with a great sense of humor.


Things To Do in Denver When You're Dead by Cesperanza | Sheppard/McKay

This lunatic is my best friend on this planet, he thinks, and instantly amends, or any other, and maybe that should worry him, but in fact, he finds it staggeringly reassuring, and closes his eyes again.

  ***   Things You Never Did by Godofwine | Sheppard, McKay
You came to Atlantis on the nineteenth of November, same year. You were coming home, but you didn't know it then.
      Thirst by Resonant | Sheppard/McKay
And, right, that was a person you really wanted to get involved with, someone who refused to need anything.
  *** Time in a Bottle by Shalott | Sheppard/McKay
John could already tell this was going to be his favorite infirmary stay ever.
      Token I: Mythical by Zoe Rayne | Pre-Sheppard/McKay (Unicorns!)
Rodney caved. "Yes, Major. It certainly appears to be a unicorn from where I'm standing."
      To Know You're Alive by Callmerizzo | Sheppard/McKay (Siege III)
Leaning back in his seat, he turns the quarter around in his fingers, and lets himself wonder.


      Touch by Shalott | Sheppard/McKay
He put up with it for a long time; except then Rodney blew up five-sixths of a solar system and almost himself and John along with it, and afterwards John seriously wasn't in the mood.



Transcendental by Shalott | Sheppard/McKay
"Rodney, this is serious. You're the ranking civilian, but that doesn't mean you're ready to just jump in and take over."


The first time I read this I didn't know what the heck was going on or who these people were but I was still just so gripped and curious and scrolling down to find out *whatwashappeningOMG*

  ***   Traps (Human-Sized Mouse Ones) by Layton Colt | Sheppard/McKay

AHAHAHA. Rodney's jealous of Kavanagh. *sing-songy voice* Loved this.

"What? You think I haven't caught on? You think I haven't figured it out yet! Oh, I'm not stupid, Kavanagh." Rodney pointed at him, not for any particular reason.

"Not stupid, no," Kavanagh agreed. "Insane, however…"

"You're trying to steal my place! You won't succeed, though, oh no. I'm going to watch football!" he shouted. "Yes, I love football."

Rodney marched from the room, mumbling about football and passions, and Kavanagh glanced over at Zelenka with wide eyes. "What was that?" he asked.


Under the Skin by Danvers | Sheppard/McKay
Is it a hero thing? Maybe that's why I don't get it; the whole not complaining thing.


Nakedness, a pen, and Concerned!Rodney and it's all very lovely.

      Unhealthy Attachment by Amireal | Sheppard/McKay (Harlequin)
"So you're obviously not a nurse." John had the feeling the answer would probably give him a headache, but the grumpy man was a like a scab begging to be poked. Momentary relief, followed by hours of pain.
      Vapor by Eretria | Sheppard/McKay (Sauna)
If breaking taboos gets them a free spa day, he should advise Elizabeth to do it, too.
      Very, Very Improbable by Lacey McBain | Sheppard/McKay (Grace Under Pressure)
You thought you wanted chocolate cake, but you haven’t had pie in a long time, and then you realize that maybe you wanted the pie all along.
  ***   Visiting Hours by Lilysaid | Sheppard/McKay
Now, a week later, he’s preparing for his first visit, and the jumper bay is full of well-wishers and worried gawkers.
      Visual Phallusy by Zoe Rayne | Sheppard/McKay (Quantum Realities)
Still, Rodney continued to watch the scene unfolding on the viewscreen, for the first time understanding why someone would slow down and stare at a car accident.


      Warning by Resonant | Sheppard/McKay
"You might be surprised how little of my attitude is based on confidence that I can make John Sheppard come," Rodney said breathlessly. "Or was up until now."

We All Arrive By Different Streets by The Grrrl | Sheppard/McKay
It was scary how used to it he could get, how he could get used to it and come to expect it.


Wealth by Trinityofone | Sheppard/McKay (Voyeurism, multiple POVs)
Nobody asks and nobody tells because if they did, they would have to stop. All of them.


We Have Lingered by Trinityofone |Sheppard/McKay (Grace Under Pressure)

He sinks back into the co-pilot’s seat, wondering if it will ever feel natural again. The jumper breaks the surface of the waves.


She keeps writing these vastly lovely things. Post 'Grace Under Pressure' story.

      What Sheppard Thinks by Nemoinis | Sheppard/McKay (Sheppard POV)
Sure, they ate together and spent their free time together and had sex until they couldn't walk, but that didn't mean anything.
  ***   What You Might Call Obvious by Giddygeek | Sheppard/McKay (The Hive)
"That's 87 orgasms for every time I almost died," John said. "You'd give up 87 orgasms just because--oh my God, you've got me thinking about it. Get out, McKay."
      When the Subject is a Fraction by Punk | Sheppard/McKay (Duet)
But now, now, after decades of glorious flawlessness, his brain was suspect, contaminated by Cadman and her stupid feminine whatever it was that made her think it was okay to go around kissing people in his body.
      Within Reach by Zeelee | Sheppard/McKay
As Major Lorne tells it, John had stayed behind to buy them time and defuse the bomb—it had been Ancient, and thus of *course* he’d assumed that it would do whatever he told it to.
      Wounded by ToraK | Sheppard/McKay (Search and Seizure, Storm/The Eye)
Major Sheppard's shadow crosses Rodney’s bedroom, but stops before he steps into the slip of moonlight illuminating the patch of carpet just beyond Rodney's bed.



Your Inevitable Unhappy Ending by Helenish | Sheppard/McKay
"You just wanted to be with me that badly," he said, finally.

I was prepared to like this story when Ronon hit his head on a locker, but then the rest was great too. Pleasing. Very pleasing.