I still see some people requesting some SGA links here and there, so I figured I might as well pull together a place to at least give people a general direction if they're looking for one.


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Links of Relevance:
Arduinna's SGA Handbook

Atlantis Personnel
Fandoms I Have Loved: Stargate Atlantis by thefourthvine
McKay/Sheppard Mailing List
Organized Challenge Listing for [info]sga_flashfic
Overview on [info]crack_van

Secondary and Minor Characters Guide

Stargate: Atlantis Authors A-Z by zincpiccalilli
Stargate: Atlantis Earth Personnel

Stargate: Atlantis Media

Stargate: Atlantis Slash Index
Stargate Fan Awards

Stargate Primer

The SGA Project: AKA Flavor of the Year
The Ultimate Aliens Made Them Do It List
The you *will* be assimilated thread over on thefourthvine's journal
Tons and tons of links on [info]newbieguide
Various SGA ships on [info]ship_manifesto
Weird Shit Sighted in SGA Fandom

Who's Who in S1 by wistfuljane
Wraithbait Archive | On LJ: wraithbait_feed

Links to Specific Character/Pairing "Archives"/Lists:
Elizabeth Weir and Ronon Dex Master Story List To have something added, comment on that post.

Elizabeth Weir and John Sheppard Primer
Kavanagh Story List
Links to Various Slash Pairing Communities on LJ

McDex Master List, see also Hth's recs
McKay/Sheppard Fan Site (with themed story links)
McShep Archive Challenges
Rachel Luttrell and Teyla Emmagan Website
Radek Zelenka Resource Site

Rodney McKay and Samantha Carter
Ronon Dex Fan Fic/Links Del Icio Page, to add something, go here.

Sam/McKay Index
Teyla/Bates Fanfic Index

The two communities on LJ I find most helpful, in other words, if you're looking for some excellent "what's happening in the fandom" sorts of things, go to these: [info]sga_newsletter and [info]sga_noticeboard.

[info]atlantis_news | [info]mckay_sheppard | [info]john_elizabeth | [info]sga_flashfic | [info]metalantis | [info]advent_atlantis | [info]gate_unleashed | [info]prime_not_prime | [info]atlantis_alive

Some people on LJ to check out: (in the sense that you go to their websites and poke around and hey, there's fic, or the sense that you poke around their LJ and hey, there's fic and/or meta.)


Note: This is obviously BY NO MEANS a list of anyone/everyone in SGA fandom. Many of these people are multi-fannish. These are just some names of people with journals people interested in SGA might find interesting, but nowhere near a comprehensive list. I suggest checking out *their* friends to find even more people.
























Interesting Posts: (Note: Linkage does not necessarily mean I agree with the posters; it just means that they're...interesting. *g*)
Meta Dump, compilation of meta topics in fandom
McKay/Sheppard Threesomes Master List
What Stories Are We Telling? by sherrold
Meta Lite: Te vs. Gen II, Est. Relationship-fic Theories by thete1
Service Academy Info Dump by smittywing
Some Thoughts on John Sheppard by marythefan
Major John Sheppard: US Army by thepouncer
Dr. Elizabeth Weir: Negotiator; Head of Atlantis by saeva
Arc Elements by lierdumoa
Guilt and Responsibility (How the Wraith Woke Up) by cjandre
A Stargate Primer for the Farscape Fan by katie_m

The Whos, Whats, Wherefores and Whys of SGA by linaerys

Contemplating the history of the Ancients by permetaform
Gay in the Military by

What Does John Want? by trinityofone

McKay/Sheppard Moments by thepouncer
Why I Love McKay/Sheppard by ceteramisto

Sex Scenes in Fanfic by theantimodel

Episode Reviews by smittywing


The DVDs:
Listing of all the commentaries on SGA S1 DVDs, by fashes

Fan Fiction Recs:
On my website. Also, I've been trying to put some of my favorites in My Del Icio bookmarks, syndicated here: talkoncorners2. Anything else more extensive (beyond quoting from the story) I end up reccing will wind up on talkoncorners.
Sheppard/McKay Themed Recs

SGA Slash on Demand

Master McShep Fanfic Recommendations List

Primer For Reading SGA Fanfic

McKay/Sheppard Recs and Links
ship_recs--Uh, word of warning. Don't start here if you don't have oh, a few hours to kill.
makesmewannadie's here (Oooh, we like her. So helpful she is.)
thefourthvine's here.
seperis' here.

cathexys' here.

sathinks' here.
oxoniensis' recs feed: oxoniensis_recs
isiscolo's here.
sdraven's here.
feygan's here.
wickedwords' here and rachael_recs.
wesleysgirl's here.
ashlle1's here.
eliade's here.
Sophie's here.
fashes' here.
amothea's here, her recs by genre.
theantimodel's here and searchable on her website.
kaesaria's here.
sweetvalleyslut's here.
aithine's here.

ave_eva's here.

katyabaturinsky's here.

random_fic_recs's here.

mountainonfire's here.

V. Witchy's here.

Katya's here.

arduinna's here.

mamoru22's here.

Rec a Hidden Gem on thecuttingboard

Gen and Het recs by lcsbanana

Top Ten (themed recs) on polyfandomrecs
[info]rec_room, [info]stargateficrec, [info]what_the_fic, [info]polyfandomrecs, recnroll, Crack Van Recs, Polyamorous Recommendations

List of DVD commentaries of fic, maintained by sdraevn











13 Challenge

Badfic Summary Challenge

B-Movie Challenge

Bulwer-Lytton Contest

Gilmore Girls Episode Title Challenge

Kink/Cliche Challenge

Reel SGA Master List

Urban Legend Challenge

Icon Makers:
Your best bet for the most current icons/screencaps is to just start scrolling through [info]sga_newsletter.

blimey_icons, oxoniensis, ihatefastcars, orchidicons, bingeling and kuwdora are a few of my favorites, but your best bet is to go to the "Fanart" section of [info]sga_newsletter or [info]atlantis_icons and just start checking people out.

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