A few things to note:


1) Assume everything is slash. If it's not, I tried to remember to tell you, or I made sure they mentioned it right away in the notes.  If it's incest, or something rather off the generally beaten path, I'll mention it directly. Additionally, I'm a hardcore OTP girl here, so somewhere around 98% here are Clark/Lex (Clex) recs. As for sorts of fics you might find--well, I love the Rift, I love the angst fics, I love the domestic and denial fics, and I worship the lengthy epics--so I rec it all.


2) You'll see several repeat names on here, because a) a lot of these were instant recs on my journal, and I copied them over to this page, and b) we all have our favorite authors.


3) *** denotes a story I am especially enamored of; a story that I consider an absolute *must* read in this fandom. In other words: personal favorites that I think have universal appeal. Some are angsty, some are humorous, almost all are AU or future-fic. I use no other classification system other than the cute little asterisks.


4) I don't tend to frame my recs around a technical or structural point--my goal here is to entice *you* to read them, thus, I'm going for either a tiny, interesting summary, or I'll try and show the feelings the story evoked in me:  i.e., this story made me so happy! I cried! I hated that Lex/Clark/Random Character was an idiot but Author A made it totally believable! And so on. Oh, and I am redundant and use words like 'awesome' and 'hot' on more than one occasion. I don't have the time I wish I had to write extensive recs, and you'll notice that I tend to quote directly from the story often. I prefer to have someone read passages actually from the story and see if anything calls rather than me do a rushed job of it. There might be passages that I actually like *better* than what appears here, but if I feel they'll somehow spoil the story for you I'm not putting them up.


5) It strikes me that if the SSA ever goes down; this fandom is screwed. In short, SSA, you are *never* allowed to go down. Or I'll be reduced to trading "favors" to people who have these stories saved somewhere, man.

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    A Box Called Time by Sage: Really strong beginning that pulls you in with interesting characterizations of Clark, Lex and Lois. Plus, the image of Clark hovering over Lex sleeping in the nude is haunting.




  Academic by Rivka T. Clark/Lex. Angry floor sex.

The air between their bodies was warm, humid, the way they'd always created their own weather, storm-heavy.

*sighs* Yeah. That's good stuff.


  *** Adaptability by Pru: Pru writes fantastic Smallville humor--she just comes up with these ideas you'd be downright terrified of sometimes, and makes them work, and they're all the better for the sheer energy and pizzazz she brings to the table. She likes to pretend this story doesn't exist, and kind of clams up at the word "assbaby", but....

You'll laugh. You'll laugh. You'll cringe. You'll put Lex up for sainthood and still want to cuddle Clark *all the time*.


Hunched over his desk, Lex made a list, writing out each of Clark's supposed symptoms of pregnancy in purple Pilot Precise pen:


Lex stared at the list for a moment before adding:

Prettier than he is smart.

And then the ending is rather reminiscent of one of those monster movie endings, where they have the dramatic theme music, and the dun-dun-dun. Just--this story is *adorable*, it has an utterly distinctive Clark characterization, a sadly put-upon Lex, and it's absolutely laugh out loud funny. She apologizes at the end, but she's not really sorry. And you won't be either if you read. This has great, snappy, fun dialogue, and an adorable plot idea. A definite must, must-read.


  *** A Handful of Dust by Jenn: The first story I ever read in this fandom.

Yeah, I don't know how I didn't stay curled in that fetal ball position either, but this story is the coolest thing. I kept having to get up, dance around to crazy pop music for a bit, sit down, read a few more pages and get up again. It took forever to read, but it was the greatest rush. How this fandom does not have more apocalypse fic is beyond me, but maybe we should blame Jenn for that. It's hard to outdo branding, you know?

(Coda-ish: Calm in the House)


    Alien!Clark by qwertyuiop: Um. I. There's *vague hand motions*. Scary. Hilarious. Really, really neat and I'm not going to spoil you on any of these scenarios. Except, harem. Mmmharem. I should perhaps repeat the 'scary' part.



A Life More Ordinary by Jenn: Lex, Clark, roommates in Metropolis. Clark decides to move out, and Lex is just the tiniest bit thrown. It's that time-honored tradition where two people are in love with one another and neither of them fully realizes it.

And the pastrami line made my heart ache.




  A Little Spell of Death by Jayne Leitch. Finally, someone tackled Marguerite's backstory, and Jayne did an amazing job of it.

My more conservative studies soon became the sole provocation of discontent; aside from the Latin tutorials--simply a matter of intellectual accomplishment in their social context, but of crucial importance to me in the practise of witchcraft--I found my domestic lessons wholly useless. Why spend time pursuing the art of the finest needlepoint when I could be perfecting the Animus spell I had found scrawled on a bit of parchment Mrs Evans used as a placeholder in her Bible?

*shivering* This story is *fun*. (And...kinda twisted and evil. But weirdly *fun*.)




  All the Queen's Horses by Elandrialore: Clark/Oliver (Lex). *Finally.* The world needs more Oliver fic.



All the Trappings of Love by Pru | Future-Fic/Humor | PG-13

"I actually...owe all of Metropolis an apology," I say quickly.

These guys look like they're out for blood. I can hear the whispers, all of them. Superman forced himself on Luthor? Sweet God! Someone out there is writing down the words "attempted rape," I can feel it.

And oh shit, I'm going to chicken out on the last part.

"And...I've got to go...fight something," I finish awkwardly and fly away.

Right through the ceiling.

Chloe's going to kill me. She wrote a great speech.


    Along Came a Spider by Thamiris: I don't know how she can make something so hilarious, pleasurable to read and hot as heck simultaneously. I love that I can hear how they'd say the words in my head as I go along. It's a little like play-acting, and I love it when writers set that up so easily for me.


    A Man's Got to Know His Limitations by LastScorpion: Shifting p.o.v's with a really nice Lois. I like it when Lex and Clark compliment one another's strengths, and the author captures this well.



A Nice, Friendly Game by Koi: The summary says: Quarantine at Lex's house, with bondage.

I like how you're not even reading this page any longer. ....if you somehow are? Lex finds out Clark's a worthy opponent, even without reading Machiavelli. Super fun fic.



And Dark Our Celebration Was by Hth: Hmm. Okay, goes something like this:

You: *lalalalala* *reads*


You: *pounds chest* Ow. Ow, start beating again heart! Owwwwwww!






And Desire Shall Fail by Hrd: Overlord!Clark, concubine Lex, a classic premise. What I like about this story is that the author really hits her stride about midway, and from there on out, it's a fantastic ride. Very well done.



An Englishman in Smallville by Rivka T: Hilarious interactions during this BtVS and SV crossover.



An Ordinary Day by Elizabeth | Future-Fic | PG-13

You're a hard one to catch, Clark. Difficult to pin down, one might say. But now you're here. And you won't be leaving, will you? (Though of course I applaud you for trying.)

I have a story to tell.

There we go. I suspect I finally have your attention. How long has it taken, to get you here like this? To have you really listening to me? (Clark, you have no idea.)

And now we're off and running because you look away, so angry. Like you can see anything anyway. I had the blindfold and gag made special just for you. It's not easy finding tailors who will work with Kryptonite, you know.


  *** Anticlimax by Velvetglove: Lex and Clark are kind of--twisted in this, but it's so realistic. Lex has ideas about Clark, and they seem to just get in the way.


  *** Aphrodesia by Lenore | First-Time/Non-Con | NC-17

"Clark, stop. Stop! Please."

It is the please that gets his attention. Not because Lex never says it. He does. To the servants and when he orders coffee at the Talon and even to Clark's Mom when he asks for white tulips or artichokes for one of his parties. But he never says it the way other people do, as if it's a magic word, as if he might not get what he wants if he doesn't use it.

Only now that's exactly how he sounds. And that's-- that's just profoundly wrong. Because Clark understands what it means. Lex is scared. And that's colder than anything else ever could be.

"Oh, God."



A Picture of Home by Wendi | Humor/Drama | R

"Clark?" The word was drawn out, amused and it immediately brought an answering smile to his lips.


"There's a very determined mouse staring at me." Lex tilted his head, returning the stare as if this were a business rival and not Clark's reluctant roommate. "I think he expects me to fix the radiator."

Clark choked, swallowing too much chicken, half chewed, and pounded a fist against his chest as he barked laughter between coughs. "No, no. He doesn't care about the cold. He's hungry. Lex, you smell like *food*."


    Apres le Deluge by The Spike

Lex is cleansed. The Spike has this amazing ability to pack *so* much into very brief pieces. Neat read.


    A Rational Addiction by Thamiris: It's been three months of near-tragedies, like the world's gearing up for the apocalypse. A bomb in a chemical plant, highjackers on a jet, a collapsed bridge....

Lex has become a calamity junkie, scouring the papers, devouring world news on a wall of tvs in his study, adding up each catastrophe. A hundred is the magic number although once it was ninety-two, another time a hundred and eleven. Just to be safe, he starts to prepare now at ninety, leaving meetings that run late, skipping business dinners and parties, kicking all staff from his condo by sunset.


    Aria by Rose Emily: The author puts her musical education to excellent use in this piece. Can you believe she'd just started reading slash a week before she wrote this?


    Arise, You Sleeper (I Am Your Dream) by Nifra Idril: Ten dreams/nightmares Clark has had. Damn good.


    Asset Management by Lenore: In which Lex shows just how *good* a friend he truly is.



As the Night the Day by Dana and Alax: RentBoy!Clark fic, and a blast to read. Great sex, good characterization, and you can't put it down once you've started.


    Attack of the Alien Frogs by Adam: A happy little fairy tale, now complete with sequel.


    At the Fifteenth Annual Evil Mastermind Convention by Basingstoke:  Lex nodded. "Dad doesn't have a nemesis. We were workshopping it earlier. He says he's going to antagonize a farmer out by one of our plants."

"A farmer? A farmer as your dad's sworn enemy?" Scott laughed. "I'm sorry, dude, but that's pretty lame."

"Oh, believe me, I know." Lex rolled his eyes. "If we were talking a mutant farmer with super powers, that would be less lame, but this is just a guy who grows corn. Organic corn! Dad says he has grass-roots support that makes him more of a threat but I think he's full of it."

A good explanation of why Lex Luthor was sent to Smallville to be found here, folks.


*** A Warlike Prince by Nifra Idril: Fascinating take on Obsessive!Lex. By the end you'll be feeling pity for Clark. Perhaps. Or--well, mostly, I'm just petting Lex a lot and biting my lip and thinking, well, oh dear. Absolutely gorgeous writing in this; probably my favorite story of hers. Thus far, anyway.

And, at twenty-three, Lex knows that he’s about to begin fighting on another front, as well – he’s already begun his half of the arms race. He’s not naïve; there have been skirmishes and there has been friendly fire, but he and Clark have reached a truce so uneasy, so fragile that it will clearly shatter. There will be war, no matter what they would have happen instead. Lex will be ready, though Clark was born with his arsenal in place.
    Backlit by Nifra Idril: You feel like you're right in the loft with them and Nifra's descriptions are so sigh-inducing that you just never want to stop watching.

And suddenly, neither one of them is pretending any of the things they usually pretend – that they’re friends, or that they’ve never caught the other staring. That they don’t want whatever this thing between them could become, if they only let it.
    Bare the Cross by CJ: CJ goes where Smallville didn't during Pilot. This story took a while to grow on me and I'm not especially certain why, but--a solidly written, highly interesting and unique read.


    Becoming Visible by Sarah T: Remember Amy? I didn't really, until I read this. Quiet, quick piece but with a powerful impact.


    Before the Songs Were Made by Emelerin: Falling in love can be scary. Messy, sometimes. Falling in love with Lex Luthor? Those things and more, so much more. And hot. Don't forget the hotness.


    Behind Open Doors by Bexless: Lex is pandering to a key demographic. I'm a sucker for any Lex!as PublicOfficial Or Lex! Campaigning! fic. So Lex goes on MTV's Cribs.


    Best Intentions by Joyfulgirl41: The next installment in her Immortal Series--HL/SV crossover fic. Darn it! I've started watching reruns of Highlander again and it's all her fault with these stories!


    Betting on the Truth by Mahaliem: Lex puts Clark in a cage and tells him, "My fantasy is about to come true." ...very fun story.


    Billy Swanson by Lenore: It was Helen's voice, and that was like cold water in the face. Clark fidgeted in his chair. Lex seemed to close up like a fan.

Right there--that description. *points* The whole story is like that, just beautiful.


    Biological Imperative by Velvetglove: Something weird is going on with Clark's cock. I'm especially in love with the ending. *satisfied sigh*


  *** Black Pond by Viridian5 | Humor| PG

The boy sits perfectly at ease with his rod in hand. No, not that rod. The other rod. Nearly glowing with a vitality not even youth can bestow, he lounges at the edge of the pond dressed in denim, flannel, and cotton. His thick, dark hair gleams in the sunlight, and even if we were to look closer at his large, doe eyes, we wouldn't be able to tell if they were blue, green, or gray.

If anyone were to look for a model of the unspoiled Kansas farmboy, this boy, Clark Kent, would surely be chosen as the one who easily outshone every other candidate. Innocence, goodness, all but radiate from him, attracting some and confusing many.


    Blindfold by Spyhop: So. Very. Lovely, and I want her Clark and Lex to be Canon very badly.





Bloodletting by Shalott. Lex/Lois/Clark?. (Question mark not a typo, no.) Very hot, very intense, and you're all, it's so short.


    Boxed by Thamiris: Thamiris retells Metamorphosis--and it's really neat how she does it, using threads here and there, and you're lamenting for the twentieth time (that day): It's wrong that SV isn't on Showtime and that it didn't really happen. Highly visual story--what with Clark being tied up to a stone angel and Lex sucking him off and everything.


    Brand New Normal by Punk: Reminiscent of first season Clark/Lex interaction. Sweet as all heck and extremely funny.


    Break by Rivka T: "I broke your desk." Clark's tone was wondering. Not at all what Lex had expected, which just went to show that expectation was Lex's greatest mistake where Clark was concerned.

*chokes* Obsession fic of the highest caliber--an entertaining, thoughtful read with an incredible amount of absolutely amazing lines.


    Breaking Up Is Hard To Do by Mahaliem: "You're breaking up with me?" Clark yelled.

Lex scowled and hushed him while looking around the coffee shop at the other patrons, who were doing their best to pretend they hadn't heard. "I was hoping that doing this in a public place would keep you from making a scene. Evidently not."

Clark tossed his napkin down on his empty pie plate. "I can't believe this is happening."

"Come on, Clark. You know the magic has gone out of our relationship. The last time you destroyed one of my doomsday devices you didn't even bother to hang around to threaten me. You just took off."

I so needed this laugh the day I read it, as I was sick at home, miserable and pathetic and trying to read porn and getting dizzy enough that I had to go lie down. Then I kept wanting to find out what happened in the story so I get up from bed and read a few more paragraphs. It was a vicious cycle.


    Burning Photographs by Zahra: The author brings the hurt in this one:

‘He’ used to be ‘they’.

Lex used to make Clark part of ‘they.’


    Card One: The Fool by Mistressace: Clark and Lex "pretending" to be gay; one of the longest and best written in that particular vein. Lex, jealous, and Lex, eager to please Clark--both fun attributes.


    Ceremony of Innocence by Rivka T: I just--liked this. Plenty of things going on in the story to keep you interested and curious.


    C'est La Vie by Rhiannon: This one cracked me up. There was something about all those dividers in between parts that just killed me. *shakes head* Poor, poor Clark. It's fics like these that make me want to hold the boy. A hilarious, over-the-top-in-the-very-best-way ride of a story.


Cherry Blossom Conduit by Rhiannon: Lana gets that it's not about her, and it's one of the things I like most about this story. Lots of intense Clark and Lex moments. You know, while they're both fucking...her. So. Damn. Good.

Sequel: Inland


Chocolatl by CJ:  Very fun story.

Goddamn Clark and his secret powers anyway. Whatever they were. So what? The boy could see through table tops now?

"Lex, it's a glass-topped desk. Not the best place to hide."

Lex propped himself up against the leg of the desk and pulled the bowl of whipped chocolate into his lap. "I'm not hiding."



Chupa Chup by Te: Lex is drunk, it should be illegal for Clark to be this cute, and Te gives us porn. All good things.


    Clark's Ten Plans by Philtre: Clark's got these grand plans to seduce Lex and is generally adorable doing so. Total feel-good fic.


    Compromises and Other Positions by Celli: She answers *three* challenges with one story. A great combination of humor, heat and the third one is such a great culmination--this is another story that I'd love to see developed even further, but works nicely as it already is


  *** Conflicts of Interest by Pru: I have sat and audienced most, if not all of this, but sitting down and reading the whole thing is a wonderful experience. I was a fourth of the way in when I started cooing audibly, I think. I am in *love* with this child. This is the story of Conner, Clark and Lex's son, and he is every *inch* their son in this story. It's adorable, and heart-wrenching, and suspenseful all rolled up in one brilliant, amazing, fun read. You'll just--this just makes me insanely HAPPY. The "I just want to go up and give people scary big hugs" kind of happy as fic this good is wont to do.

An absolute must read, and not because I held the "metaphorical knife to her metaphorical throat" or whatever nonsense she says that I made her write this. The conversations between me and her listing all the times she tried to prostitute that boy off might lessen us in your eyes, but we're okay with that. Sequels: Visiting Hours and Arc (in progress)



Conjoined Twin (Separation Anxiety remix) by Rivka T: Remix of Velvetglove's 'Siamese Twin', and it is CLONE FIC, which is already pretty much a guarantee I'll have fun with it. Creepy and a pretty legitimate explanation for S4 canon insanity.


    Convergence by Rushlight: Finally, reading Star Trek novels paid off dividends, because I actually knew where the heck this was going. Multiple dimensions! And it all actually makes brilliant sense!


    Crimson by A. Campbell: Very slick RedK fic.


    Crucible by Destina: That shift in the second section will kill you.




  Dealing With the Unexpected by Jenn: Clark/Lex for [info]undermistletoe.  ASSBABIES. Adorable goodness and love! *Trust me.*

Being knocked up by Lex Luthor is *awesome*.


  *** Demarcation by Livia: This is just a great story to read. Clark and Lex never had a big falling out--Lex just left Smallville. Here's what happens years later when they meet up once again. Livia weaves a beautiful story.


    Descent by Thamiris: Hooks you right from the get-go.


    Desire by Sarah: This one is a The O.C. and Smallville crossover, the first story I've read with a Lex/Seth pairing. It's all kinds of hot...This is how they should do it in the O.C., bitch. I'm sorry. Couldn't resist.


    Destiny by Dolimir: Lex is obsessed with meteor mutants and in this story the author explains why. Make sure you have your reservations for Egypt handy.


    Devastation by Chelle: The ending to this one really *got* to me. Could be considered a sequel of sorts to her "Enough".


    Don't Ask, Don't Tell by Sleeps With Coyotes: Fic from Gabe's p.o.v.! That alone should get you curious. And the fact that it's spot-on Gabe should help.


    Educational Film by Amy: This story killed me. This...the...those poor, poor boys! My God! This is beyond cruel, it's...*cries*....No drinks by the computer, please; it's for your own good.


Eidolon helvum by Velvetglove: Bruce Wayne tends to make an appearance in an inordinate number of Smallville stories, but this story is a rarity as it is one uses him especially effectively. I kind of--hated him. It was great. For a while there, you think it's going to stay Clark/Bruce, and skip Lex altogether. Which it might. I'm not telling you.

(Prequels: Scions, Born Slippy, Hibernacula)


Eleven Letter Words by Helena Handbasket: This is that legendary series known for having the best math sequence of all time.

(The other four installments are all linked in the last one: Quietus Interruptus)


End of Innocence by Edie: So. Very. Hot. And there's even Lexana in here. Wow.




Fake Palindromes by Teot - Clark/Lex

Chock full of sex, sex, more sex and oh, yes, blackmail and bets. Pleasing!




  Faking It by Suzvoy. Cliché Fic, Clark asks his dear best friend Lex to pretend to be gay and go out on a date with him to save him from a girl! Poor woobie. This of course leads to dramatic!things! happening.



Fall Into by Lyra Sena: This story has beautifully balanced descriptions without it becoming bogged down in the prose. You can lose yourself in the story so easily. It's just--I'm going to be redundant and say that it's *beautiful*, and it's everything you'd ever want a first kiss story to be.

Lex straightens the collar of Clark’s shirt, tugs the robe around his shoulders, smoothing the fabric. It’s coarse, and the cheap polyester scratches at the tips of his fingers. He looks over Clark’s shoulder and he can see tiny particles of dust falling through the sun-filtered air, and for a moment, he wishes he could, too.

Fall like that. Just let go and drift with no meaning, or choosing.

Like a dream that only ends when Lex wakes up contented – the kind of dream he rarely has. The one where lines blur and shapes collapse, the one that only makes sense in cover of night, before morning brings reality.

The one that tastes like sugar haze.

*points* Can't you just feelbreathetaste this?


    Fidelity by Livia: Her Lois is sparkly fun, her dialogue is adorable and the idea behind it is executed really nicely. I've always enjoyed this story.


  *** First Impressions by Garryowen | Alternate Universe/Romance | NC-17: Welcome to Pride and Prejudice, SV style.

"What about you, Lex?" Lana flipped her hair over her shoulder. "What do you like in a woman?"

Lex seemed to grow uncomfortable under the girls' scrutiny. He sat up and ran his finger over the rim of his coffee cup.

"The qualities I value in a person..." He glanced at Clark. "...are intelligence, compassion, and honesty."

Clark stared at the floor, conscious of the fact that he was neither intelligent nor honest. Though one might term him compassionate. If one was feeling generous.

"Beauty doesn't matter to you then?" Clark found himself saying.

"It's certainly a plus. But I don't believe beauty lies at the heart of attraction."

"That doesn't make any sense, Lex," Lana complained. She sat back in a huff, crossing her arms over her breasts. "Attraction is all about beauty."



First Times by Spyhop: Drool-inducing porn.


    Five Lies Your Mother Never Told You by Caro: A Five Things fic and--have I ever mentioned how much I *love* this challenge? Some great, glorious fics have been produced out of it and you can add another one to that count.


    Five Things That Already Happened In Other Fic by Te: Just a roller coaster ride of goodness and I wasn't ready for any of the scenarios to end. The trunk one was wonderfully hot, the last one was incredibly creepy and twist-y and I fell in love all over again with Boarding!School Lex with Bruce Wayne.




  Five Things That Never Happened to Lex Luthor by Rivka T: Five things. Evilness afoot. Y'know the drill. Last one is. So. Wrong. *loves it fiercely*





For Better or Worse by Mahaliem. Superman and Lex get married fic!


    Forum by Andariel: Clark lost a bet with Pete, and has to write a letter to Penthouse, and Lex is super nice and helps Clark out with the whole thing. By helping him understand a few things about being a woman. Hooooot.


    Four Hours, Last Summer by Hope: Hilarious, but I offer a warning: Once you read this you may have the song “A Girl from Ipanema” making the rounds in your brain for a tiny bit, but the sacrifice is well, well worth the read.



Frantic (Or, The Day There Was No Porkchops by Jenn. Enemies really shouldn't do....anything like this at all. Playful, banter-filled, hilarious romp of a story.


Freeway by Sarah Rosie: The only thing wrong with this story is that dear God, it's too short. I love this universe, I love AU's period but this one is simply gorgeous and makes you just...wonder. And marvel at the fact that two simple words could change *everything*. (No link available. If anyone comes across this, drop me an e-mail?)


Freshman Orientation by Punk: Featuring Clark in college and hilarious dialogue.



From Faithless Skin and Freefalling by Vylit. Wonderful, intriguing story--prompt was this: Lex/Chloe/Superman (or Clark), futurefic where Chloe and Lex are a couple and sexually dominate Superman or Clark through the use of Kryptonite, any other kinks as author desires.


Futura by Hope: Cool, sleek AU. No spoilers, just go on in.


*** Genesis by Rivka T | Future-Fic | NC-17

"Good afternoon," I said. "You wouldn't happen to know today's date, would you?"

The one to the left of the leader smirked. "Depends. What's it worth to you?"

"My eternal gratitude?" I shrugged, smiling one of Clark Kent's unprepossessing smiles.

"You got any money?" the one in the lead asked, growing weary of pleasantries.

My smile disappeared as I realized that, in fact, what I had would look less like legal tender than Monopoly money. But then, these guys were the answer to my problems.



Genesis by Sarah T.: Incredible Post-Visitor fic. Helen's p.o.v. and it's perfect.



Getting the Picture by Lenore: Fun, and sweet with a tricky! Lex and a confused and befuddled Clark.


  *** Golden Rule by Rivka T | Drama | NC-17: Amazingly logical and brilliant; with an extremely powerful Clark characterization. And she *nails* that ending like nothing else.

"I'm afraid you have me at a disadvantage," Lex said, softly enough that it almost hid the vulnerability. "You'll have to tell me what you like."

"Easy," Clark said and bent to kiss the bridge of Lex's nose. "I like you."

"Flattering, but not entirely helpful," Lex said with a trace of lemon in his tone.

"Lex," Clark said with perfect, misleading honesty, "you've never done anything to me in bed that I didn't enjoy."

Amazingly logical and brilliant; with an extremely powerful Clark characterization. And she *nails* that ending like nothing else.



Good Vibrations: The Toy Story by Joyfulgirl41 and Stone Princess: Mmm. Clark and Lex and Lex's purple vibrator.



Got a Room by Spyhop: Oh, gosh the soap line.



Greater than the Sum by Emelerin: A lovely Post-Rift fic. It's her first story, and a great one to kick off what will hopefully be many more.



Hail to the Chief by Lenore: President!Lex fic. He's doing things and putting himself at risk, and of course Clark can't have that. And then you find out the reason why all this is happening in the first place and you sigh and coo and love Lenore.



Heart Attack at 23 by Rhiannonhero: It should be patently obvious by now that I love well-written cliché fic.



Heart of Darkness by Garryowen: This story asks: What if Clark's ship landed on a deserted island instead of Kansas? Hugely romantic, fascinating settings, great narration.


    Heresy by Roses: Clark's cloned, and while Lex gets that no one can exactly take the place of Clark, the clones give him a run for his money. Suckiest summary *ever*, but there are *clones*. Just go!



Hideaway by Rivka T: Rivka's on a roll--beautiful story, gorgeous scenery, strong, strong writing, and just so romantic. Clark and Lex take a vacation together. On a beach. Oh, they're still enemies, but Lex agrees to take a vacation because Clark's cracking up with the whole Superman gig. There may or may not be beach sex. I shall not spoil it for you.



Huitlacoche by Velvetglove: (Remix of Beth's "Better Than Creamed Corn"): As you grew older, people wanted to confide in you. In fact, they insisted. You weren't part of the popular crowd, but you got along with most of your classmates. Problems with your little sister were mostly to do with her annoying hero worship and the way she'd sit outside your bedroom door, just waiting for you to come out or invite her in. People told you that you were a good listener, that it was a valuable trait. You weren't always listening though. People just talked at you, whether you wanted to hear them or not.




Ice by Meredith Lynne It might be cold in the setting of this story but it certainly makes me feel warm. There is some gorgeous prose, great first time sex and a look at what makes Clark and Lex tick in addition to all of that. A wonderful read all around.



I (forget) by Elizabeth: Lionel/Lex, written in this almost--detached voice. Clinical, but never cold.



Immortality by Grail: Well. Take "And Dark Our Celebration Was"' rec, multiply that by approximately 35.98 million, and hey, you've got this. Amazing, cool, fascinating story. (But there should be a support group for this story. *cough*)



Invasion of the Body Snatcher by Stone Princess: Missing scene from 'Transference.' What--you know you were all thinking it. No--not Martha/Lionel. Lex/Lionel. *beams*



Inversion by Lenore: Okay--so I know I had some questions about this story--basically, okay, how did they get here kind of questions, but I decided I didn't really care. It's neat and I liked it. If he were raised by your parents and you were raised by Lionel, you wouldn't grow up to be different people? Trust me, you'd be rich and miserable, and he'd be wearing flannel. --Lucas, Prodigal


    It's Now or Never by Lenore: I couldn't help but feel a little glow of pleasure when I saw this story pop up on flist that night, because I'm enjoying the delusion that perhaps my fervent wishes helped put this desire into the universe, where Lenore could not help but sense it, even if she did not know it was coming from me *eg*. I wrote that tiny little Unsafe coda, and hungered for more Clark/Lex/Alicia, and ooohhhh does Lenore ever deliver. They will rule the world and look so damn pretty doing it. *cheers wildly*



I Was A Kryptonian's Sex Slave by Te: A story you can always come home to.



Jailbird by Aelita: Funny as heck with a wonderful Lex, and Clark in drag. What more could you ask for? Oh, and just beautiful lines, like this:

Lex doesn't seem to mind, his breathing frantic, as he keeps whispering in Clark's ear, senseless things about beauty and obsession and madness; soft seductive murmurs of being wasted following the lights of the dead, lying stars and deserts full of empty souls.

I think that's one of my all-time favorite lines anywhere.


    Just Pie by Livia: Mild-mannered student by day, super pimp daddy by night. Priceless, smile-inducing story right here.
  *** Kryptobiology by Meret | Humor | R: One of the funniest stories in fandom. A great, great read with some pretty priceless imagery.

Clark jerked upright in his bed, looking around for what had woken him. Had he been floating again?


Who was that? Turning his head back and forth, he scanned the room, but even using his x-ray vision revealed nothing. "Who said that?" he said, becoming increasingly creeped out.

"I did."

He saw movement under his sheets and whipped the covers off.

"Let me out of here. We need to talk."

No. It couldn't be. Hastily he pulled down his pajama bottoms. He watched aghast as his cock sprang up, the head bent toward him as if it was looking at him.



Last Night a DJ Saved My Life by Zahra: Kal's a DJ. Fresh, different story.



La Vie devant Soi by Melo: It sounds like a moan in the middle of the night, like a car crashing against a bridge, like two destinies finally set up right.



Lay Me Down by Chicklet: Another sweet fic with a good mood to it and fun, fun lines like this:

"So you're storing up energy for tonight?" Lex drapes his pants across the valet and turns to climb into bed. It's like sleeping next to a living, breathing solar-energy panel. A solar-energy panel who saves the world on a regular basis. Take that, Greenpeace.



Leave No Scar by Nifra Idril: All I'm going to say on this one is that Nifra needs to write more of Lois Lane. A lot more.



Le Dormeur du Val by Pun: So this story should give you hope for a few reasons. One of which would be that she started writing this in Season Two and kept at it through the years. I vaguely recall seeing comments in her journal saying "You need to finish Sleepy Clark!" "Punny! Finish that story! It's sooooogoooood."

And those people were *so* right. I was holding my breath through the whole middle section of this, it was just that beautiful. Then I was getting pissed off right along with Lex, and I found myself vaguely wanting Clark to don some kind of black superhero costume and just freak all of Metropolis out and juggle a bomb or something.

A wonderful, wonderful read.



Lex Luthor Stars In: "The Thing That Ate Smallville!" by Ingrid M.: In which Clark talks to sentient jell-o. Kind of. It reminds me of that great Simpsons episode where Lisa accidentally creates a little world in a dish. Good times.



Libera Me by Lexalot: This story had an excellent period feel to it--a great, romantic setting. Fun ending.


    Lilah's Coffin by Eleveninches: Put a bunch of football players in a haunted shack, performing a superstitious goat-sacrificing ritual. Add in a vampire type that Clark raises from the dead who happens to have a little crush on the town's hot, shiny billionaire in the mansion, and you have a real gem of a fic. (Dude. This sounds like badfic, but honestly, it's just really, really genius S1 fic.) And Lex had thought Smallville would be So. Fucking. Boring.

He didn't know much about livestock, but he was pretty certain cows didn't fly. He was also sure running over teenagers usually killed them, so perhaps the laws of science didn't function normally in Smallville.

The cow let out a weak "moo," and promptly rolled off the crushed metal. As Lex stared at the remains of his car he remembered why he hated this town.

He dialed the only phone number he knew in Smallville.


"A cow just crushed my car," he said blandly.

This is the funniest story. Ever. I know. You're saying--Madelyn, you've already *said* that about at least two other stories here. And I was right both those times too. We won't say any of this is mutually exclusive. Shh.



Live Wire by Bren Antrim: Clark likes tasers. Go figure. It makes sense, actually.



Local Call by Grail: In which Clark is an evil phone whore. And phone sex, obviously.



Looking Glass by Jenn: Clark and Lex grow up raised by Lionel...and Martha. Slightly warped family dynamics going on in here, but that only makes it more delicious for me.



Love is Blind by Karen Colohan: The author takes Clark's blindness from 'Whisper' and runs with it. Very nice.



Love for Sale by Lenore: Hugely long, hugely detailed, hugely enjoyable hooker!Clark and the billionaire who grows to love him. The ending is absolutely brilliant and still makes me glow.



Love You More Than Lint by Rose Emily: It's funny, adorable and a great light-hearted read.

"You should talk about it," she said, fixing him with a glare.

Chloe had never mentioned having an English cousin, but the resemblance at that moment was uncanny.

"I beg your pardon?" he feinted, pulling out his silent earphones and going for the 'I'm slightly dim' look.



Macellum by Sylvia | AU | R:

One of my favorite AU's of all time. Inversion fic--Clark is Lex's brother; and *wow*, how much would I give for a sequel to this? I think a lot. Sylvia teased mercilessly with this story and then Livia messed with my head more with Altville. It turns out that I have a huge love for inversion fics like this and "Macellum" will cause you to have one too.

I'm also being selfish with this rec--the story is beautifully open ended and I very much want for more people to write to her and tell her how incredible the story was and just beg for a sequel.

Smallville might be Lian's Macellum, but it was Lex's Gaul. Come back with your shield or on it - and if you do come back victorious, make sure to bring your army, because the Emperor does not like competition.

If he wanted to see Rome again, a Caesar in Gaul needed allies. At this point in time, theoretically at least, Lex was available for an alliance, even a long-term one. If Lian played his cards right. If Lex was at all interested...

Of course he would be interested. He'd have to be an utter fool not to be. Lian would make a very serviceable army, after all.

The silence stretched. Lian wondered why he'd never before noticed how slim and... well, slinky Lex's hips were.

Damn it, this was not helping.



Make Yourself Welcome by Spyhop: Adorable Drunk!Clark.


  *** Manifest Destiny by Livia | Future-Fic  | R 

This story sucked me into being like--a participatory type person on LJ. So y'all can blame Livia for that. She's utterly brilliant, and there are so many scenes in this story that kill me. I used to use this as a highly effective reward system for doing my papers. Every such-and-such an amount of time/words, I'd get to refresh Livia's journal to see if a new section was up. One time my computer died and all I could load were chat windows, and I called up a friend of mine to get on AIM, copy the whole chapter for me and send it through the window.  *That's* how *good* this story is. To this day, I still get shivers picturing him in that tight black suit...*trails off*

It's crack in its purest form.

But Brainiac hadn't infiltrated the Watchtower in order to gain access to the JLA.


It had wanted access to their files. And it had found what it needed: a human in a position of power over other humans, with access to technology and communications equipment. A human who was physiologically far above normal, but not publicly known to be so. An unnaturally resilient body, resistant to illness and quick to repair itself physically in case of injury. It was all documented in the JLA's files, with a special addendum added by Kal-El for the eyes of selected comrades only.

Kryptonite mutation.

It was almost ironic, that Brainiac should have created its own escape route, all those years ago. Had Brainiac not been a bodiless intelligence... it might possibly have smiled.



Marble by Julad: Clark and Lex are *smart*. So *smart*. This story captures the sorts of things they could do if they were on the same wavelength.



Marry Into The Family by Julad: I think I was confused the first time I read this, because I remember going back and re-reading it and laughing so much more the second go-around. It's told through flashbacks that repeat, and it's quirk-ish, but good fun. It begins with this:

Lex sips at his spoon and thinks, it's amazing how chicken and corn soup can change a person. He's born again, baptized with aromatic amber, seeing the world with gleaming clarity and a hint of coriander.

"It's not a tactic," he says mildly, "and I don't care whether or not it you believe it. As my employer, you need to be notified of these matters, so consider yourself informed."

Clark is staring in disbelief, spoon halfway to his open mouth. Lionel stands over him, soup untouched, going purple in the face. Lex feels a tingling sensation he suspects might be happiness.

"Marry?" Lionel shouts, voice rising an outraged octave as it traverses each word. "That's the most absurd thing you've ever bothered to try on me. Alexander Joseph Luthor? Marry? A Kansas schoolboy?"

"Lex!" Clark shouts, jumping to his feet as well. "Were you planning to ask me about this?"



Maybe Baby by Jas Masson: Lex temporarily reverts back to his childhood. Cuteness ensues. Or, as Clark would put it: Little fluffy bunnies playing with puppies weren't this cute. And Protective!Clark. All very happy-making.



Meanwhile, back in Metropolis... by Punk | Drama/Future-Fic | NC-17

"Fucking Republicans. That tool Wu is supporting the measure 49 tax cut. He says now that we have Superman, crime is at an all-time low and we no longer need such a large police force."

You feel a sudden stab of guilt. Your most recent anti-crime spree is only going to encourage that kind of thinking.

"Who does he think he's going to call to report all those death threats he undoubtedly gets? Like Superman has time for him." Her fingers zip over the keyboard. "I doubt they have this problem in Gotham. Hey, check this out. Batman rescued a busload of orphans from The Joker and Harley Quinn last night."

"Orphans," you mutter. That freaky showoff.


    Memento Mori by Jayne Leitch: Lana's creepy. We get it. We really, really get it in this story.


*small voice* Mommy?



Merrily on High by Emelerin: Wow. Clark is such a *dork*, and this is something precious and swoon-worthy.



Mizuage by Rhiannonhero: Wrong. Seriously hot. But...did I mention the wrong? And yet...still so very hot. Just go read, you'll see my quandary.



Mother Hen by Alax: Lex is sick, and Clark looks after him. So cute. Sit down with a cup of cocoa and a blanket and some rain/snow outside and soak it in.



Nereus Who Tells No Lies by The Spike: With a Lex that will never stop thinking, beautiful imagery and this line: "I never learn, he tells the universe.", why are you still reading this?

Are you back now? See, ^^^that? Is the atmosphere I was originally going for in my Island!Lex story. I don't think that is possible anymore with how my story has morphed, but if I could have written the incarnation of Lex that is going to come out of the waters of "Nereus", I would be a proud woman indeed.



No Angel Came by Rivka T: Spoilers for "Spell". A really well done look at Lex during the piano scene. You're there in every moment. And if you download the song playing in that? (Schubert - Impromptu in E-Flat, Op. 90, No. 2, played by Vladimir Horowitz), it *blows your damn mind*.


  *** No Darker Than Yours by Rivka T: WOW. I am *in love* with this story. Halfway through the story, here's a little preview of what you can expect:

*clears throat*

Oooh, that’s hot. Hey. Wait. That’s the wrong pairi--*narrows eyes*--but!
Bruce! Eeeeeee, he knows!
Lex *warned* you, buddy.
But—but—Lex—and—what? Wait. No, what?
NOOOOOOOO! I don’t *believe* you, Rivka! *cries*
And then *stifled voice* and there, so you see how that happened, OMFG!

This is just an incredibly cool detailed piece with deft juggling of three separate points of view.





No Matter What He Tells You, He's Not a Dolphin by Mahaliem

*squeaks* Of course Clark falls for the plumber line.




  No More Worlds by Mahaliem. Clark/Lex. I really wasn't sure what she was going to do with this story, and I wound up being half-right. An interesting ride.



Nonstop to Nowhere by Kat Reitz and Tzigane: I'm a sucker for Clark and Lex growing up brothers fic. *vague hand motions* I don't know why that is, exactly, but it's not at though I'm alone. It's the fault of authors like these for making it so *interesting*.



Not to Be by Joyfulgirl41: This story answers two challenges (the Highlander Title Challenge and Five Things Challenge). It's wonderfully well with cool twists weaved throughout, especially in the first one.



Of Epistles and Epiphanies by Nifra Idril | Future-Fic/AU | NC-17 


I’ll say it again, just for good measure: I miss you. Let me be clear that I don’t miss the lying or the hypocrisy. I do, however, miss your company. Your friendship, I suppose.



Oh, What a World by Tiffany Rawlins: Very well written and hot. I--suck at reccing things with good porn. I mean--it's well written and it's hot and you should just stop reading whatever the hell I'm saying and go read the porn, damn you


  *** Omiai by Rose Emily: Twists and turns abound, along with some great sex scenes and wonderful Lex and Clark characterizations. Just a stellar read all around. This story truly cemented this girl as an A-list author for me. Give yourself a few hours though when you sit down and read this. You won't be able to put it away.

(Sequel: The Sink That Ate Christmas)



On a Clear Day You Can See The Corn by Tamalinn: This is a rewrite of Sleeping Beauty, which happens to be one of my two favorite fairy tales. Liz paints a fantastic setting.

Also, I think Peteyweather might just be the best fairy tale name ever.

Back at the farmhouse, the fairies proceeded to arm Prince Lex with enchanted weapons.

"You're going to meet Joreficent," Chloe said, "So it's important that you have the means to defeat him." With that, she handed Prince Lex the Sword of Truth.

"Joreficent will attack you. You need to be able to protect yourself," Lana added, and handed him the Shield of Justice.

Peteyweather piped in, "You'll need to look cool." He tied a bolt of red fabric around Prince Lex's neck. "So this is the cape of the American Way."


That always seemed so out of place when Clark thought it. “Jump Lex’s bones.” It was something Pete would say…if Clark ever told him about the whole “I want Lex so badly I can taste it and it tastes like unrequited love and sexual frustration,” thing.




On a Sunday Afternoon by Nifra Idril: The frustration had, by this point, become pretty easy to handle. Clark had two years of experience, after all. More, if you counted the year and a half before he decided to acknowledge the fact that he did, in fact, want to jump his best friend’s bones.


Only Human by Jenn: Clark kidnapped and hung from the ceiling. Lex, with a whip. This fic makes me happy in just a multitude of ways.


Over Coffee: Lex and Martha in a kitchen. Makes me smile.



Paradigm Shift by Sally Bradstreet: In which there is a BtVS crossover.


Passionate Productions by Lenore: Fun and hot with a kinda clueless Clark and a little bit of a manipulative Lex. Just the way I like 'em. She'd talked about it like it was nothing, just another way to make money, no different from washing cars or answering phones. Now that Clark was actually at Passionate Productions, in the owner's private office, applying to be some rich person's celluloid wet dream, marking little checkboxes whether he would or would not be willing to perform felching (whatever that was), he had to seriously wonder about Monique.

"Okay, kid. Let's see what we've got here." The owner of Passionate Productions--Mikey Bilasco, but everybody calls me Mick--took Clark's paperwork and looked it over, his lips pursed.

"Oral sex, yes. Bondage and submission, yes. Topping, yes. Bottoming, no," the man read aloud, making Clark want to disappear under the desk. "Not the most adventurous applicant I've ever seen, but enough to work with. So go ahead and get your clothes off, and let's have a look at you."

Past Grief by Te | Future-Fic/AU | NC-17  | (Te's Past Grief Commentary) One of the first stories I ever read in this fandom, and I think the fact that I read all the traumatizing fic first helped my staying power. At a certain point you get to that pinnacle of: Oh, just--*bring* it, Smallville. You can't do jack shit anymore.


And then you hit something like "Bound", but eh. You win some, you lose some. Fantastic, mind-blowing story that stayed with me.


He remembers that it was Lex who'd said it first: "You're alone."

He remembers that it wasn't enough of a question.

A statement of fact, accompanied by the most fascinating look of horrified wonder. Lex's hands had cupped one of his own, and Clark remembers their warmth and surprising hardness.

He was always surprised by Lex's hardness back then. It just hadn't fit with the rest, even when it seemed like it should.

He doesn't quite remember what Lex had said, because so much of his hearing had been focused on the steady, maddening beeps and hisses of all the equipment surrounding his mother.

His mother.



Personal Call by Shellah: It's exactly what it sounds like.



Petals of Love by Artemis: Featuring naked Clark on the Luthor estate, giving paganism a good try. And so damn hot. When Lex says "Invite me in" and keeps repeating it--so. hot.



Philalexandreia by Arysteia: This story was written for TimIan's Tower-On Drabble Challenge, and I read it when it first came out from that page and loved it. Anyone can write a drabble—it’s 100 words, you can usually make *something* work, but it takes someone with a real gift to make those 100 words pack a punch and make you give a damn about something that is so concise by definition. And to take ten groups of 100 words and string them together so that they actually flow and make sense and don’t leave you feeling unfulfilled is an amazing thing.

It’s even more difficult when you’re writing a story with a pairing people are unused to reading, and you have to build their rapport with readers sometimes only being aware of the parallels from the show peripherally. The author succeeded very well with this as Philalexandreia’s ten drabbles segue perfectly into one another. She shows the strong relationship, the inherent bond between these two men. This is perfectly exemplified here, in the seventh drabble which happens to be the one I personally thought was the strongest:

The women have barely retired when the pledges start. Crude. Bawdy. Time-honoured.

The king’s new bride is younger than his son, and beautiful.

Alexander is pale, uncomfortable, but he’s at his father’s side. This is a day for family.

One voice sounds over the clamour.

“To a new heir. A true heir.”

Alexander’s shaking, but Philip looks away. Hephaistion hates him more in that moment than ever, but he pities him too. The king looks old, and he’s completely misread the situation. Alexander’s presence was an olive branch, the last that will be offered.

The time for family is over.

I love the rhythm of that whole section, and you can picture it all so vividly--I can so see the expressions on their faces throughout, so that was impressive.


    Photographic Evidence by Soraya:

Aside from some rumours of a wild teenage past, President Luthor is surprisingly clean. He's a philanthropist, an environmentalist, a devoted husband, and by all accounts the perfect son-in-law.

I'm positive the man is hiding something.



Picnic at Hanging Basket by Emelerin: Superhearing. Corkscrews. Asparagus. Maddy. What more do you need to know?



Playing Banjo In Sgt. Zygote's Ragtime Band by Aklani: Mpreg. But chock-full of so many great moments that I didn't care that this was most likely (can't remember at this point) first mpreg I ever read. Hilarious Clark characterization.


    Playing the Odds by Dolimir: *Fun* story.

“One spin only. Red, we have dinner. Black, I leave you alone.”

“And the aught spots?”

The boy grinned wolfishly as he sidled closer, pressing his groin against the side of Lex’s leg. “Single aught, I’m yours to do with as you please.”

“And double?” Lex whispered.

“You’re mine.”



Poor Richard by Tamalinn: The sequel to "Mountains and Molehills" (and as she says in the preface to her post, you should read that one first) and it tells of a particularly painful day for Lex. Over half a year in the making, but the wait is worth it. Put yourself in a S2 frame of mind (I know, I know, you probably don't want to but really, it works even better.)

Lex grinned. "So, Clark," he dropped his voice to a lower register. "What are you wearing right now?"

There was a long pause. Perhaps initiating phone sex with the person who'd ditched you after you attempted to suck him off wasn't the greatest idea.

Lex was about to apologize, when he heard, "What are you talking about, Lex? I'm wearing the same thing as I was when I came over this afternoon."

If Lex hadn't been holding the phone with one hand and his cock with the other he would've slapped his forehead. "Clark, work with me. You know, I didn't get off today. I'd like to."

*grins* You know you want to read that. *pets Lex*



Possess it Merely by Dana and Alax: This isn't a feel-good happy story, let's start with that. I think this is a great story to see all the flaws in both Lex and Clark's character, to see how damn dysfunctional they could be together. It's unsettling.


    Predestiny by Suz: Lex will kill himself with a bomb he built five hundred and forty three years ago.

...yeah, it's one of *those*. Twisty fun.




  Predictions by Mistressace. Her contribution to the Kink/Cliche challenge. There's one line in here that especially just got to me, but the story as a whole is fantastic too of course. Still. That one line, mmm, sells it.



Primary by Velvetglove: Future-fic--Lex is about to get married for the fourth time, but Clark's little sister might have something to say about that. Wonderfully detailed story, angsty, happy future-fic, with a Clark that really, really works for me.



Principles Of by Prufrock: Pru! Wrote SV! And I had been at the computer for about ten straight hours that day and going nearly bug-eyed, so she comes along and tells me, hey, I wrote SV! And I tell her, no, I'm not reading it, my eyes hurt, I cannot *see* and you tease me with stories. She tells me, no, I'm going to finish this one up and post it! And I'm happy because it's Pru and she's writing in *SV* again, but this tight story hits you with hard truths.

Lex always taught Clark lessons, about ancient history, about crumbling cities and ruins, Babylon and Alexandria, the heights of glory and the depths of disaster, of ships sinking into blue water off unfamiliar coasts, and the dying words of warriors. Clark never thought it was ominous before, but Clark had always been bad with metaphor. (Link unavailable.)


  *** Promise by Ruby | Drama | PG Long read, excellent detail work, well-written characterizations. Protective Clark, generally wonderful Lex.

"I did it," Clark declared holding his diploma and bouncing up and down in front of his friend.

"Yeah, you did," Lex agreed smiling at the aborted hug he could tell Clark wanted to give him.

Lex let out a long-suffering sigh that clearly said he was going to do something he should be sainted for. "Congratulations and..."

"And?" Clark prompted.

"Wanna hug?" he asked opening his arms.

Not giving Lex time to change his mind Clark stepped into carefully guarded personal-space and wrapped him in a hug that was sure to leave bruises. Laughing and not feeling as uncomfortable as he thought he would Lex found himself patting Clark's back and sternly telling him it wasn't nice to crush the billionaire.

Obviously not taking him seriously because of the snickering Clark let go but not before he gave one last squeeze that had Lex coughing. Lex was ready to break into a stream of curses about possible assault charges when Lana and Chloe ran up with matching smiles.

"Cool. Rich guy giving out hugs," Chloe announced launching herself at Lex.

Sequel to Promise: Not Yet



Property Of by Hope: Lex has a thing for Clark's t-shirts. Very sweet.


  *** Prophet of Eden by Destina | Drama | NC-17 It's a time travel story (pay attention to the dates--pay attention to the whole thing because this one will make you work for it) and it's done superbly well. It's creepy and brilliant and you won't want to miss it. So many temptations for Lex, how can he possibly do this right? So--this is (and brace yourself for a patented 'nutshell' review by yours truly here) what happens when Lex goes back to the past to try and change things for the better, and it all doesn't go quite the way he anticipated.

"I'd say that's an old logic problem - you know, everything I say is the truth, everything I say is a lie - whatever. And I'd say I'm too tired to figure out what you're trying to tell me."

"It's complicated."

"Use small words."

Now Lex did laugh, and Clark laughed too, because he liked hearing Lex laugh.

"Fine." The laughing tone disappeared, and something much colder seeped in. "I'm a lying bastard, Clark, and pretty soon, I'm going to start trying to seduce you. Probably tomorrow, probably after you have a fight with your father. And the worst part is, after I've had you for a while, I'm going to forget all about how much I love you, and I'm going to start playing with your mind."


  *** Psychobabble by Prufrock | Future-Fic/Drama | PG-13

Clark smiled nervously. "What's so funny?"

"Stealing farmboys, Clark?" Lex prodded. "That's illegal in so many ways that you're far, far too young to be told about."

Clark frowned, really tired of being too young to get Lex's jokes. "I'm seventeen, Lex. And I'm sure whatever you're abducting this farmboy to do, it won't be anywhere near as illegal as..." He trailed off.

There was a long, terrible pause.

Between careening down the Kansas freeway, cows and corn on both sides of them, Lex's laughter, and Clark in the driver's side feeling mortified, it was becoming apparent that Clark was missing something big.

So he thought over what he'd said.

Right. So.



Punch Drunk Love or the Third Mrs. Luthor by Livia: This was completely adorable and fun. And totally reminiscent of a particular episode of "Friends" which I loved. Go read. You'll see. *laughs*




  Q.E.D. by Punk: Clark/Lex. Adorable fun.

"I don't care who you're dating as long as it isn't Luthor himself, you're writing...you're shaking your head? You're dating Lex Luthor?"

Clark shrugged with a "what are you gonna do?" look. It wasn't exactly lying if people came to that conclusion all on their own. So what if he nudged them along. It'd stand up in a court of law. Shrugging didn't count.


Rainbow Sign by Rivka T: Clark in college, and a story that turns into much more than you were expecting as you roll along.


    Redemption by Joyfulgirl41: I first read this story when I was rather new to the fandom (it's Joyful's first fic!) and one thing that helped get cemented in my head from this story is how Lois Lane is so generally liked in this fandom. I'm happy about that--I love the character, and I'm pleased people don't make her into some evil witch just so our OTP of Clex can be happy forever. (Even though they should be and not even Lois can mess with that so there. *g*) Great characterization, nice long story that you can just lose yourself in for a couple of hours.

Restrained by Zahra: The title tells you a little about the kink involved, but it doesn't lend itself to just how freaking *hot* this story is.




  Revenge by Shalott, Clex:

I giggled oh, so very gleefully on reading this, and thought to myself, hey, *I* could be that White House aide with the suits and the fast thinking. God, what a hot, fun, great read. I might have also gone around muttering (in my internal voice, internal voice!) yeah, you'd better *fucking believe* you're going to swallow, and wore a dopey grin all day.



Runaway Trains at 3 a.m. by Christina K. Crossover with BtVS' Dawn; Clark and Dawn meet at a train station. They are surprisingly cute together. And likeable. Who the heck knew? Um--apparently Christina.



Sacrifices of a Hero by Philtre: Superman has to rescue Lex and that is SO FRUSTRATING. Naturally, porn ensues.



Safe by Elizabeth: It's Supergirl fic! With Clex angst! (Link unavailable.)



Salvage by Prufrock: So entirely heartbreakingly fitting with the way the direction this show has somehow persisted in going Season Two. A must-read.



Same Thing We Do Every Night by Kat Reitz and Tzigane: Lex is the Alien Overlord's concubine. Good fun.


  *** Saturn Return by Velvetglove | Future-Fic/Humor | NC-17

Clark's face crumpled and he pulled his hand out of Lex's pants. "Lex? What's going on? You've been in a weird mood all day."

"No, I haven't." Lex crossed his arms over his chest and pouted. He wasn't as good at it as Clark, though, which was another thing that he could put in the column headed 'Clark's Fault.'

"You have. You totally have." Clark used his superior pouting skills. "First that phone call, and then you've been grumpy since you got home--"

"Grumpy? I'm not a dwarf, Clark." Lex glared; he was good at glaring.



Say Something Worth Breath by Lyra Sena: It all just falls apart so slowly and it feels like you've been reading it for a longer time than you will be. It takes you through the gamut right along with Lex and Clark. This is lame, but Lyra picked out one of the best pseudonyms in fandom--it's graceful and lyrical, just like her prose.



Shack #6: Superman and the Canadian Shack by Shalott: So good, but so short. *sighs*


  *** Skin Deep by Rivka T | Humor | NC-17

Okay, he was dreaming. He had to be dreaming, because there was no way, just no way, that he'd grown breasts overnight.

Although his head hurt a lot for a dream, and this was Smallville. Closing his eyes and sending a short prayer to the God of Kryptonians, he raised the sheet to peer underneath.

And swooned.

Somehow, overnight, he'd - come on, he could think it - he'd turned into a girl. With breasts.

In Lex's bed, naked.

Clark clasped the sheets more tightly to his chest - ack! - and tried to remember the previous evening.



Single White Evil Genius by Ingrid: Wonderful, hilarious post-Visitor fic.


    Siren Song by Rushlight: Um. Whoo. Wish I were better at saying, hey, that's hot; you should read it thing, but I'm not, so I'll just say--damn. Possessive Lex, first time fic:

It was intoxicating, knowing that no one had ever touched Clark here before. Lex was the first.

"Have you ever had sex with another guy before?" Lex asked him, bending in to lick at Clark's ear. And of course he knew the answer to that, but he wanted to hear it anyway.


    Slipping in Between by Jenn: (Remix of Rivka's Golden Rule) Obsession makes for pretty fic.

"Your shoes are in the hall." Lex steps away, forcing his fingers from Clark's warm body. Breathe. "Be back for dinner."

"I will be." A kiss, simple and quick, almost casual, but so much meant in it. The ease, the simplicity, the normality. Lex thinks of a thousand times he fantasized about Clark in his youth, sex and heat and driving need, but it never came here, never came to this place where a soft brush of lips meant everything. It meant 'I know you.' It meant 'I'll be back'. And above all, it meant 'I love you".



Slumber by Signe: Oh, I just loved this story. Beautiful atmosphere, suave, seductive writing, and it made me have happy!thoughts about the damn caves, which is something of a rarity. Go Signe! Clark has never felt so tired and simultaneously full of life. Like he could sleep for a year or run around the world in eighty seconds. Wants to sleep with Lex, watch Lex sleep again, or doze off while Lex watches him. Wants to show Lex the world and listen while Lex explains it.



Snow, Poets, Rum and Love by Mako: Oh, the snowmanity. The snowmanity indeed. S1 Feel-good fic.



Something I Don't Already Know by Livia: A paraphrasing of Livia’s own summary works best on this one: "Danger is Lois Lane’s middle name."


  *** Somewhere I Have Never Traveled  by Jenn | Drama/Future-Fic | NC-17: Possibly my favorite universe in the fandom. I didn't read it when she was posting it as a WiP, and sometimes I still say, hey, thanks God, for that one because I don't know that I could've taken the suspense. This one blew my mind, and there is a *sequel*. And a *prequel* and other stories *in-between*. *dazed* Somewhere is 400K of some incredibly *fantastic* writing. Clark decides he's going to become human, but wouldn't you just know that his timing leaves a lot to be desired? Lois is terrific, Lex is --well, he's *Lex*, which is the highest compliment you can pay an author, isn't it? It's hot, it's thrilling--Somewhere pulls you in and refuses to let you go in 191 pages. And then you get to read the sequels. And the prequel.

"I wanted you when I met you," Lex whispers. "I wanted you when you were my friend, when you were my enemy, when I hated you, and when I fought you. Nothing's ever changed between us but our battlefields. You know that."

"You think because I'm human--" Can he accept this? Maybe he already has. Somehow, when he hadn't even known he was doing it.

"The war's over, isn't it?" Both hands on his knees, spreading his legs effortlessly. Clark thinks he should pull away. He can't quite make himself do it. "You can write your articles about me and you can argue with me and you can fight with me and anything else you want to do, and maybe you'll even change my mind, but you'll be here and you'll be mine when you do it."

(Other stories in this universe: Rising, Gladly Beyond, Still Life, Take You There. All can be found in the link above.)



Spin the Bottle by Henry Jones Jr.: Lex decides some things are worth it. Short and sweet.



Square One by Zahra: An absolute must-read post-Shattered story that's going to blow you away and make you cry throughout. This is one of those 'smack you with a two by four' stories.



Staking Claim by Shellah: Just write some good Possessive! Lex and I'm *there*.



Standing in the Common Spaces by Jenn: Great characterization--Jenn makes Peter Parker come alive as a photographer and all of the characters are believable in this story. It doesn't follow linear time, but this is handled deftly. This has an excellent, integrating plot and a pairing that I'd never thought of before reading this. Time was taken with the minute details in this story, and it shines through in every page.



Stress Relief by Morgan R.: Clark just can't concentrate and he can hardly be blamed, what with Lex on a table sans clothing. The ending didn't work out so well for me, but I'm spoiled. I was anticipating porn.




  Still Two Fools by Kantayra

Hilarious crack-fic in which Mercy and Clark forge an unholy alliance in order to prevent Lex from marrying his...ninth homicidal wife.

“He…” A slight tremble sounded in Mercy’s voice, and if that wasn’t a sign the world was ending, Clark didn’t know what was. “He…gave me the day off.”



Subterranean by Hope: I'm not saying anything about it, I want you to go in for a cold read--just a really cool story right here.



Sunburn by Penelope Z: Disturbing story, but in the best way.



Surrender by Lenore: Lex has a plan chock full of a 'teenage-girl sense of melodrama', some denatured Kryptonite and Clark on a bed.


    Switch: A Comedy of Terrors by Rivka T: Lex in Clark's body. Clark in Lex's body. When you get to this part:

"Wow," Clark said at last. "I guess that ball must have been defective."

Lex's brain would have to have been defective to buy that one, and Clark's expression showed that he knew it. Really, that ranked well below `adrenalin' and `metal fatigue' and even `I don't know.'

...you know the laughter isn't going to stop. Good times.





Terminal by Nifra. Lucas and Batman and how do people keep coming up with these twisty pairings that I just feel stupid for not even thinking about beforehand? This one is solidly written, great premise and in my mind is just begging for a sequel. A *porny* sequel, to be clear on that one.



Thank You, Ma'am by Laura Shapiro: I'm reccing a Chlana story. That's how good this is. Well-written, in-character Chlana is a rarity. Go see what it could be.


  *** That Old Schizophrenic Jealousy by Lenore | First-Time/Future-Fic | R

So you swoop in, grab Lex, ground the helicopter, secure the bad guys for the police. The usual.

Lex never seems surprised when you show up to save him, never clings to rescue the way other people do. He doesn't flail or grapple at the fabric of your suit or hold on so tight that even you feel it. He just kind of-- lounges against you, like being flown free of danger in your alien arms is his due, an exotic taxi ride he's bought and paid for.

You find this irritating too, this demented sense of privilege.



Thebes by Hope: Egyptian. Clex. With different names, century, setting, etc...but...damn if it isn't still *them*.


    The Big Black and White Game by Zahra: Beautiful, *fun* first season fic. Clark and Lex play chess.

No, Clark is definitely not going to last long with the whimpers he's making, so maybe Lex should just stop.

"Lex, no! No - don't stop."

Lex is evil. He's been told this quite a bit, and he takes pride in this fact. But Lex is just evil; he's not stupid.

"I'm not stopping, Clark. I just want you to sit down." If someone had told Lex that by the end of the day he'd have Clark Kent sitting in one of his leather chairs naked and waiting to get off, Lex would've hung them upside down by their balls until it came to pass. And if it didn't come to pass, oh well.


  *** The Butterfly Effect by The Spike | Drama | R

Holy--the--okay, you've perhaps seen this recced as *the* Hourglass fic.

And it is. It so is. And you probably shouldn't read it until you've seen the episode.

The Kents' house looks as warm and yellow as Christmas inside but he can't stop shivering.

Some kind of anticholinergic reaction or... no, he's sweating so much, maybe... Fuck it. He's poisoned, he knows that. Can only wonder how permanent the damage is. How much fluid his body can throw off before he goes into shock and if he's going to be lucky enough for it to happen before the Kents can catch on and send him out into the cornfield.

Wait, not 'cornfield'...


Boneyard. Bonefield. Graveyard.


  *** The Crack Inside by Mareen | Future-Fic/Drama | R

When I rec this to people, they either love it or they hate it. There's no gray area with this one, apparently. Traumatizing but with some incredible lines.

His plain shirt is red, with small streaks of blue in it. And a blue jeans, fitting the shirt. Dark brown boots. He's thirty-six, but when Lex looks at him for a second all he sees is the farm-boy who dragged him out of the river and brought him back to life. The one who on their first meeting, in their first minutes together, pressed his lips to Lex's. And maybe that's the cruelest thing of it all. That after that one time...he never did it again.

And there's a big "maybe" in that. Maybe he wouldn't hate him as much if he'd done it again. Maybe. Or maybe he would hate him even more.



The Els of Krypton by Mahaliem

Lara, Jor-El and a smitten Kal-El on Earth. This story cracked me up in so many places


The sequel: The Farmer in Jor-El



The Field Where I Died by Beth: I think a two word rec works for this: Ahhhhhh! *shrieks*



The First Four Years by Punk: In which Clark is kinda slow at times, but at least he's open to Chloe banging him over the head with it. Lex is completely at one with his hot, hot little self, and--wow. Just wow. I love her. I need to fangirl her more madly.



The Fortress of Domination by Ingrid: Clark loses his mind (sort of) and has formerly President Luthor brought to him to be his shiny new concubine (sort of).



The Girl Who Lived by Hyperfocused: We care not about timeline issues! Great little story, crossover with Lana and Mr. Harry Potter.



The Last Outpost by Wendi: Set during the Civil War, one Lieutenant Luthor meets one Falling Star. Very swoon-worthy.



The Lionel in Winter by Ciel: I don't really know what to say about this one. The Luthor family comes back home for Christmas (including Lucas). Chaos and hilarity ensue.


  *** The Mercy of His Means by Nifra Idril | Drama | R

Clark can't move, and he can't ignore the sound of Jor-El's voice. He can't keep himself from hearing over, and over, "You are a son of Krypton. You are my son. You are of the house of El, and you will do great things. I will see to it."

He repeats multiplication tables over and over. He recites Goodnight, Moon from memory. He sings every song he knows.

He wants to go home.

Jor-El tells him that he can, and Clark knows they don't mean the same thing. They don't mean the same thing at all.


    The Milk and Cookies War by Punk: Poor Lex, why, he never even had a chance. I'd feel sympathetic, but there's worse ways to go.  

The More Things Change by Nifra Idril: Five Things That Never Happened To Kal-El. All five rock in various ways, but the fifth one kills you. I *love* these.



The Plan by Lenore: Poor, poor Lex is *tortured*. (Only not really.)




  The Pragmatist by Nifra. Pretty. *sighs*



The Prize by Velvetglove: This is one you want to read the author's warning *and* notes on before you decide to go on. It's an excellent story--traumatizing, and horrifying and it'll make you gape, but it's a damn good story.


  *** The Proposition by Emelerin | Future-Fic | R: I love this story! I love this author! I love the ending! I love everything here! (*effusively wills you to read this*)

"Clark. Everyone comes on to you. That's how it goes. You go out in public; people hit on you. You have to be used to it by now."

Quick dart of... something... at that. Not pleasure. No. The uncomfortable, suppressed cousin of pleasure.

"She offered me a million dollars to sleep with her."

Clark held his breath and waited, eyes on the bright columns of the Electro-Com towers across town. Waited for Lex's reaction. Waited for...

...laughter. Lex was laughing. Clark turned wounded eyes on him.



The Puppeteer by Pun: Desiree watches, Lex does something unexpected and a great, steamy atmospheric fic.



The Road Not Taken by Joyfulgirl41: You'll be gnashing your teeth, wondering if they'll ever get together and Joyful teases and teases and is generally evil and mean. A long, enjoyable blast to read.


  *** The Rules of Blue by Thamiris | First-Time | NC-17 I love Thamiris. She's brilliant with her details in her stories, she's written some of the most wonderful prose I've ever seen, and her stories just make me happy and satisfied. This one never fails to crack me up.

Meetings were a joke: he couldn't concentrate, and lost over ten million dollars because of missed details. His father went on a rampage, ranting about incompetence and failure in a slew of phone calls, but mostly Lex ignored him. After all, the accusations were nothing new, only more valid now, and apologies always sank like stones. He didn't care about Lionel's rage, or making money, or controlling his destiny, the three things that underpinned his life; they all seemed like a series of jokes whose punchlines only now made sense. It was time to change the rules, with the old ones yellowed and crumbling like the pages from a family bible.

Three months later, Lex planted a bomb in the downtown headquarters of LuthorCorp.


  *** The Same River by Isagel | Drama/Angst/Future-Fic | NC-17 You know how one story can sell you on a whole theme unexpectedly? This was that story for me. Alien!Clark, perfect reactions, incredible sex, great story. I had one issue with the reasoning behind Clark leaving Lex in the first place, but I think that was my post-Asylum hatred of Lionel talking.

"Lex." His body sings the name, vibrant with recognition, but his mind is still in control and the wave of yearning leaves his lips as anger. "What do you want?"

Lex's tone is matter of fact, unreadable in all too familiar ways.

"I saw you at the press conference today. You were gnawing on your pen."

"I'm a reporter, remember? Pens are in the job description."

A short, exasperated sigh on the other end of the line, and Clark can tell this is going to be one of those conversations where Lex lets nothing slide. If there's anything he needs less right now, he can't think what it might be.

"It's been one-hundred and eighty-nine days, Clark. And I know the signs."

"The signs are none of your business anymore."



The Scarecrow by Thamiris: Haunting, painful--but the end? Oh, God, that last line was perfection. *Do not* skip ahead to the final line. It doesn't have the same impact. I feel silly for saying that, but I know I *do* that sometimes if someone recs something, I skip ahead to the part they discuss. Don't do that here.



The Season by Lenore: Warm, wonderful and funny; everything you could want in a Christmas season fic.


  *** The Seven-Year Itch by Corinna | Drama | NC-17

He swallowed a long drink of Scotch.  It was warm and smooth, and it tasted like autumn.  "Why not?"


"She’s interested in you, Clark, and I’m not going to be gone any less anytime soon."  The headaches from LexCorp’s new European offices only seemed to multiply when he tried to manage them from Metropolis. 

"I can’t believe this. You want me to cheat on you?"

"It’s not cheating if we weren’t ever exclusive."



The Shining by Slodwick: Hey, so I'd write a rec for this but I'm too busy shoving chocolate in my mouth rapidly and cuddling under blankets and sniffling.



The Small Assassin by Sarah T.: Lionel puts it best: "I seem," Lionel observed, "to be in the midst of a family of criminal masterminds."


    The Street Corner by Nightchik--Um. Yeah. Have we mentioned how I love these sorts of stories? Big, imaginative ideas and she managed to pour it all into 1,000 words. *happysigh*
"Was it worth it?"

Lex paused only for a second. "Yes."

"Why? For what?" Clark asked. "Money? Power?"


"For what?"

Lex was silent for a few long heartbeats.

"For you."


  *** The Terrible Conflagration Up at the Place by Zahra | Humor | PG-13

Lex tries to do good. It doesn't quite work out the way he'd hoped. This is one of my favorite 'feel good' stories to read. For those of you not in the 'know', Zahra writes a gorgeously intricate Lex in her stories, no matter the genre and this piece is a goodie. This is one of those stories that pulls you in so much, makes you *laugh* so hard that you find yourself looking in the pantry for brownie mix and actually pitying Lex's poor, put-upon cook.

Sometimes smoke and fire are pleasant experiences, but Lex as a boy scout is an inspired idea at best and laughable at worst. These days, Lex likes his fires in the fireplace, and he likes his smoke to smell a bit more herbal and a bit less acrid.

Burned brownies smell like tar, and there's no reason microwave brownies should be so difficult to make. If you're supposed to take the cover off before nuking the little fuckers then they shouldn't be covered at all.

Fuck freezer burn.

Fuck trying to cook for a boy who's mother won three blue ribbons at the Lowell County Fair earlier this year.



The Very Cliche Motel Clex Fic by Nortylak: They're both so utterly likeable here, and it makes for a story that leaves you smiling.



The Very Secret Thoughts of Clark Kent by Viridian 5: Oh, this one has you from the summary. Clark decides to go goth. Like you're not going to read it after *that*?

Life sucks. It sucks more than... some great big sucking thing. When I walked into the kitchen this morning, Dad gave me a great reaction, just totally paralyzed with shock, but Mom said, "Oh, honey, your eyeliner’s...." Then she came over to me and smudged it a bit with her finger. Mom!

Still, it looked better afterwards.

School started out well, with Whitney saying that he never would have strung me up in a cornfield if he knew it would lead to this. Lana stared at me with wide eyes and looked more confused than usual. What did I ever see in her?


  *** The Wasteland by Jenn | Future-Fic | NC-17 It's Jenn. We love Jenn. I always forget how much I love this story until I reread it, and then I always find something new that resonates.

"Clark?" Two steps, and a t-shirt is under his foot. Turning slowly, he sees Clark beside the couch in nothing but jeans that fit too well and watching him with utterly naked hunger.

Twenty-one is a good time to build an obsession, and as Lex can tell anyone, they last.


  *** Things We Cannot Change by Joyfulgirl41 | Crossover/AU (Highlander/SV) | NC-17

"Go to sleep or go somewhere else, man." Pete's voice was muffled and grumpy.

"Sorry," Clark mumbled, forcing himself to remain still as he tried to calm down. The graveyard loomed before him as he shut his eyes. It was then that he noticed something, which, until that point, had been lost in the horror that his nightmare evoked. He closed his eyes again, counting the graves, reading the names of everyone he loved except... How had he not noticed before? Lex's grave was missing.



Lex gasped as air forced its way back into his lungs. He felt the blood rushing painfully through his numb limbs. His chest was on fire and it felt like he was being pricked by thousands of tiny needles all over his body.


He was lying in a puddle of something and he was sure that the last time he had almost died it hadn't been so painful. Of course, last time he had woken up to a beautiful wet farmboy hovering over him. It seemed that tonight he was having no such luck.



This, Too by Pru and Jenn: I could talk about the really fascinating Clark characterization in this, but you'll need to discover that for yourself. I will say: there's a lot of porn. And by *a lot*, I mean, you get to page seventy and you keep expecting something to happen with the plot, but?

There's still more porn.


  *** Three Fairy Tales of Smallville by Koi | AU | R

Lex sat there silently, considering his options.

Lionel said, "I know you've got the killer instinct, Lex. You keep burying it. I won't tolerate that any more."

He stood, and Lex stood as well. "Morituri te salutamus," said Lex ironically, giving a sketchy bow. We who are about to die salute you.

Lionel recognized the ritual response of the gladiator about to enter the arena, and he laughed, pleased. Lex watched him as he walked out of the room.


    Thrill of a Lifetime by Lenore: Lenore makes it better with spanking. *grins* Awesome, fun story with one of the best, best lines I've read in some time, and a lot of other great ones. I--really, really want to quote that line but you need to read it in the full thrall of the story.

Oh, I did a story summary for this once. *clears throat*

Lex: *jumps up and down and does many!evil!things*
Clark: *waggles finger* You bad boy, you.
Lex: But. But. I’m…evil. And stuff.
Clark: Sure you are.
Lex: I’m going to fuck everyone in this room.
Clark: *snaps* *starts spanking*
Contracts: *mmmm*



Thrill Ride by Viridian: Um. There's sex in a car, basically. Just go.




  Tied to the Wrist by Thamiris. So I kind of pointedly said something like, hey, I miss your writing, hey, you said you wanted a challenge, hey, I happen to be running one! And Tham was all, fine, fine, I'll humor you. And did she EVER. This is--this is my happy, gleeful Smallville place right here, with Clark in college, and a Clark that is just this beautiful *goober*: There's rain on the window and when he raises his hand to touch the glass his fingers are blue. He killed a pen.

And then of course, great sex with--hmm. I just realized something. I think Thamiris writes my favorite last lines in stories. She just--has this way of pulling it all together at the end so you're left there sitting and swallowing and thinking, YEAH FUCK YEAH and just grinning to yourself like an idiot in the library because it's just so


    To All The Aliens I've Loved Before by Zahra: Lex writes Clark a letter.

So what exactly is this giving business, again? Is it giving up smoking because your lover berates you incessantly about not killing yourself slowly? Is it not taking over the world on a Tuesday because your lover has a deadline and can't deal with your petulance when you've been thwarted again? Is the giving up in becoming 'we' where it was always 'I'? If you become ‘we’ instead of 'I' does everyone suddenly think you don't exist anymore? Is that what love really is, is that what love's all about?

Giving and giving until you have nothing left...

I offer a return letter:

Dear Zahra,

Please stop ripping out my heart and doing a little tap dance on it, okay?
...or, you know, don't, because *damn* this story broke me in all the right ways.

This is one of those stories where I forget that I actually like Clark, and I'm instead yelling, go, Lex, GO RAZE HIM TO THE GROUNDDD!

*coughing* Or simply re-signing my pledge to minion forever, but in gold this time.



Treads and Risers by Chicklet: Stairwell Sex. (*nods*) And....you're not even reading this anymore, are you? *squints*



Twenty-one by Livia: This story is sexy and brilliant and Lex is just a beautiful, beautiful thing.


    Uncle Einar by Shrift: *buries face in hands* If fics get any funnier than this, I don't know if my heart can take it. Man.


    Under Surveillance by Lenore: It's twisted. It's sad. We have slutty Clark and Voyeur Lex, and really, not even reading the rec anymore? I wholeheartedly approve. It makes you think that it's going to go to a bad place and then--

Well, you'll just need to read whether it actually does or not.
    Undertow by Elynross: Beyond being just a beautiful story it also has a hot tub. And a swimming pool. And a sauna.

"I think I'm gay." The words came out in a rush, and his face was suffused with confusion, bewilderment -- and a desperate need, as if Lex held all his answers.

Lex's stomach clenched, and he stared at Clark, who fidgeted. This was nothing like what he had expected; it didn't seem to be about him at all, at least not... Had this afternoon triggered this revelation? Was it possible that Clark was having as much trouble as Lex himself? God. Who had decided he'd earned this? And what the hell was he going to do about it?

He stalled. "And...why are you telling me?" Lex winced at the wounded, rather fallen look this elicited.

"Because you're my friend -- and I didn't know who else to talk to." Clark looked away. "I didn't want to talk to anybody else."

Whatever else Lex was, a coming out counselor wasn't part of it -- and this was Clark. Dangerous, beautiful Clark. Who needed someone. Someone he could trust -- not someone who only wanted to teach him exactly how good it could be.



Unromantic by Lyra Sena: Because they really don't need the grand gestures. Domestic fic at its best.



Unshatter by Lenore: Post-Shattered fic; spooky and very believable. Excellent integration of comics canon.





Useful Arts by RivkaT: "I’ll kill anyone you touch," Clark said.

Uh, yeah. That's how I like my Clex best. *glowy* 35,000 words of joy.



Vigil by Aelita: Very beautiful story. Clark, Lex, and Clark's baby brother Ryan. *sighs*



Visitor Coda Ficlet by CJ: CreepyBadWrongFic! with a hint of things to come...




  Wabbit Hunting, by Supacat. Smallville, with this prompt: "Kryptonite turns Clark (or Superman) into a bunny. Lex grabs his gun and goes wabbit hunting." from SummerCon.

Lex picked up the bunny and looked it in the eye, holding it at arms length. Its long white ears had fluffy tips that gave it a faintly lopsided look. It was soft to the touch. Its eyes blinked up at him. Of the many and varied forms of victory over his adversary that Lex had fantasized about over the years, this bunny scenario hadn't featured in any of them. But Lex was nothing if not opportunistic.

"Oh, that's a French Angora, isn't it?" said Crystal, his personal assistant. "I just adore his little lavender collar."

"I call him Bunnykins," said Lex, with a feeling of intense pleasure.

*bounces* This was completely hilarious and Clark is still scared of breasts, and likes Lex's *shoe* and AWW.


  *** Waiting for Yes by Shalott | Future-Fic/AU | NC-17:

This is a shorter story, but so, so powerful. My breath gets caught in my throat every time I read it, and when Lex touches Clark for the first time it's so *wrong*, but hot and perfect and horrible and you're wondering, how the hell did she do that?

"Think about it, Clark," Lex said patiently. "I can't do anything to you directly but kill you. You've made it pretty damn clear you don't want anything I can give you. So I can't threaten you straight-on, and I can't bribe you. Believe me, I wouldn't bring other people into it like this if I had other options. It's just messy."

"You could try taking no for an answer," Clark said.

"I've been trying that for years." Lex stood up, brushed his pants straight. He slid his hands into his pockets and came closer, that same loose-hipped saunter that said the whole world was there for him to walk on. "I guess I'm just getting tired waiting for you to change it back to yes."



Walking the Line by Sarah: Clark has desires, just like everyone else. Sarah shows us a few key ones here.



Watch by W. Hawthorne: Fun story that shifts from sex talk in the barn to Clark watching a much more suitable subject with his telescope.



Watching...Caught by Spyhop: Unrushed, interconnected, and I love her Lex madly.


We Grow Stronger in Sin by Kirsten Sea: Lex/Lana (Shh! It's *awesome*!) Fun sex play, Lana embraces her inner-dom, and hey, Lex is a virgin. ...wild ride, but hot, and lately people have been coming up with some really interesting takes on Lana's characterization.


    Wetwork by Destina: Amazing, amazing story. Unique structure that I was in awe of, and had to read again immediately after because I felt like I needed to soak it in more.

Associated Press - Metropolis, Kansas
March 21, 2016

Presidential candidate Lex Luthor was shot three times by an unknown assailant outside his LexCorp offices in Metropolis last night. He was pronounced dead at Metropolis General Hospital at five minutes past midnight.



What a Girl Wants by A. Campbell: Clark should definitely make Lex jealous more often.



What He Wants by Brancher: Okay, so that typo at the end still grates on me *three* years later, because I'm weird and mean like that. But typo notwithstanding, beautiful story, excellent Clark p.o.v. and I remember when I first read this yelling, OMG CLARK HAS A FUCKING CLUE.


  *** When a Strawberry Is Pushed Into a Mountain by Thamiris | Future-Fic/Drama | NC-17 This is one of the most beautiful stories I've ever read. I reread very rarely as a general rule, but this one is one that I find something new in every time. This is a story I read whenever I just need to see something beautiful. (I've taken to letting myself read it once a semester, at finals time; it soothes my tired, broken little soul.)

There's poetry, and mixed messages, funniness, fruit, writing on Clark's naked body, melting sex, and did I mention the poetry like you've never had in your life (unless you're lucky and you have; in which case, don't tell me, 'cause I'd have to hate you blindly)?

Thamiris' story will make you bounce in your seat, sigh happily, and just be at peace with the world thinking how right everything is. (Side note: If the Beat poets are not your thing, be prepared to like them a whole lot more after this one. If you're already a fan, well, you're just going to be giddily glazed throughout.)


Clark wanted to warn him about holding too tight; Lex's skin was no match for broken glass. Besides, the shards always scattered in impossible places and someone always got hurt. "Don't think so much."

"It's a bad habit I picked up somewhere. Now go take the shower while I still have some self-control. Use the one upstairs, off my bedroom, which is at the end of the hall. I'll be there when you're done."

"So we're skipping the poetry lesson? Not that I mind--"

"No. I'll give you poetry like you've never had in your life."

"Lex, we are talking about poetry, right? The stuff with meter and metaphors? Because when you talk about it, it sounds more like sex."



White Bees and Sunflowers by Velvetglove: Clark's still--hmm. I want to say innocent, and I can't come up with anything better, so we're going to go with that. Maybe things wouldn't be better if they were together after all. They're consumed, and I like that.



Wired for Action by Lenore: Clark knows an opportunity when he sees one, and yeah, this is definitely the way "Legacy" should have gone down.


    What Might Have Been by Lenore: "Obsession" ficlet.

If he got hard every time he heard one of his father's platitudes, he was never going to forgive Alicia, no matter how special her abilities might be.



Wonderland by Rhiannon: This is a sexy, hot and gorgeous piece, with a fantastic, happy-giggle last line.



X is For Xenosexual by Garryowen: "I'm indestructible," Clark sighed. "I can't bleed."

"What else?"

"I like tabasco sauce and chocolate," Clark said.

Lex laughed and looked Clark in the eye. "That has nothing to do with being alien."

"It does! Do you know anyone else who likes those two things together?"

"I guess not."

And then yay porn! Fun story.


Yellow by Rivka T:

It was an ordinary day, until the windows blew in.

Lex had been sitting with a few of his advisors, discussing the impending midterms. He would have been much happier if he could somehow have abolished or at least suspended Congress, but even Luthor power had its limits.

As the others were getting up to leave, there was a sound like God clapping His hands, and the entire office shook as shards of bulletproof, concussionproof glass flew across the room.


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