SPN and SPN RPS. I've put links to both areas in here, but the RPS ones are clearly labeled. This fannish 'guide' is even rougher than my SGA and SV ones - this is just meant to give you a *starting point*. It is in no way comprehensive.


  Links of Relevance:

Overview on [info]newbieguide (Features many, many links you won't find on this resource list out of redundancy fears. Nicely grouped and includes meta links.)
Big 'Ol Crack List by [info]cocombat
Lawrence Awards - SPN fandom awards. Links to many great fics and vids.
Super Canon - SPN canon resource.
Supernatural Comics by [info]moonythestrals
(RPS) WB Actors, a Guide by [info]ethrosdemon
Supernatural Overview on [info]crack_van
Somewhat Older Links on [info]sn_newsletter
Supernatural Fans
Ships on [info]ship_manifesto
Sam/Dean Slash Archive |[info]samdean_archive
Super Wiki
Supernatural Map by [info]muccamukk

The Big Damn SPN RPS AU List
The Winchester Journals
Various Archives in SPN

[info]spn_live - Live episode discussion, just like [info]sv_live.
[info]spnnewsletter - Compilers of most everything in SPN fandom.

[info]spnfic_podcast - podcasts of SPN fic


Some people on LJ to check out: (in the sense that you go to their websites and poke around and hey, there's fic, or the sense that you poke around their LJ and hey, there's fic and/or meta.)

Note: This is BY NO MEANS a list of anyone/everyone in SPN fandom. Many of these people are multi-fannish. These are just some names of people with journals people interested in SPN might find interesting, but nowhere near a comprehensive list. I suggest checking out *their* friends to find even more people. Actually, a good place to start would be reading [info]winchestercon's friendslist, and going from there.


Interesting Posts: (Note: Linkage does not necessarily mean I agree with the posters; it just means that they're...interesting. *g*)

Big-Ass Pimpastic Post of Supernatural Pimpology by tripoli8
A Law School Primer: How Smart is Sam? by penfold_x
Jensen Ackles is Hot Picspam (not dial-up friendly) by jascott
The Laundry List by clex_monkie89
153 Reasons to Watch Supernatural (not dial-up friendly) by dangermousie
Point of View, Story Archetypes, and Supernatural by cereta
On John Winchester by dodger_winslow
How to Get Scientific With Folklore and Legends by [info]researchgrrrl

Recs Pages:
Recs by [info]esorlehcar, syndicated [info]esorecs
SPN RPS by [info]esorlehcar
Del Icio recs by [info]oxoniensis | [info]oxoniensis_recs
Recs by [info]vylit
Recs by [info]theantimodel
Recs by [info]morgandawn
Del Icio recs by [info]poisontaster
Recs by [info]makesmewannadie
Recs by [info]ciela_night
Recs by [info]celli
Recs by [info]fairyd123
Recs by [info]untappedbeauty
Gen Fic Recs by [info]tsuki_no_bara
Recs at [info]polyfandomrecs

Recs by Killa

Recs by Hooloovoo

Recs by Saturn

A few commonly asked questions:

Where can I find transcripts?

Where can I get caps?

SPN Caps

What the heck was that song on the show?
Music Listing on [info]spn_info

Where can I get icons?