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Name/Site Information What are you going to find there?        Favorite Pairing?         Is there a site you'd like people to visit in the fandom?          What's your favorite Episode?
Abi (LJ) My fic and WiPs, of course. ;)            
Adam (LJ) Mostly slash and/or character study fiction and art in SV and DC. Lionel-friendly. Luthor friendly, actually.
Aelora (LJ) At the site, fanfic and SV fanvids, and link to my SV AU 'Downfall' series. On the LJ, lots of blather about SV, MR, vids, manips, pics and personal stuff.   Lex/Hudson (Natch!)   I think they're all already listed...   Tempest
Akinaj (LJ) CLex stories are collected under 'Meteor Capital.' On the journal, a few CLex fics and drabbles, though most of my recent stuff is either Spike/Xander or swimslash (in journal only)   CLex only!        
Alexa Jones (LJ) Fan fic.            
Aly (LJ) A few fandom manips   Clark and Lex! Doomed but oh so pretty together.   KryptonSite is such a great resource for pics, spoilers, all the good stuff. I love it.   So hard to choose! But I guess I have to go with ‘Heat’ for the sweaty GUH factor and the hilarity of Jealous!Clark.
Amandajane (LJ) It's all art! Manips, LJ icons, and LJ moodthemes.   Clex, baby.   KryptonSite! It's the be-all end-all.   At the moment? Transference. *sigh*
Amy (LJ) Um. At the site? Fic. And other stuff, but no one really cares about that. At the journal? I dunno. Rambling and crap.   Is this one of those things where you get beaten with sticks if you don't select Clex? I just need to know. For... my records. Before I choose. Yes.       I seriously do not know a single episode name.
Anino (LJ) Nothing of interest, really. No new posts except SV-related ones that are all friends-locked,   The *entire* relationship of Clark and Lex, be it as friends, lovers, enemies, etc.   Existential Heroes. Smallville can be brilliant and fascinating when it really wants to be. This site proves it.   Can I add an 's' to that? Shattered, Asylum, Memoria, Pilot.
Arysteia (LJ) Clex fic, Classics fic, comparisons re Lex and Alexander the Great, fic where Clex and Classics cross over...   Lex/Clark, of course       Shattered
Asphyxi (LJ) All the Chlex fics and drabbles I've finished and some WIPs too.   Clark/Lex, Chloe/Lex The Complete Online Chlex Resource!   Forsaken
Audra Rose (LJ) obsessive Clex raptures and whimpers over the rift, Clex fic by me, and recs of Clex stories and authors that I love.   Clark/Lex b/c I'm all about the pretty, but my Chloe love runs deep and true.       Stray
Beeej (LJ) At the LJ: slash fic, art/manips, icons. At the website: mostly slash fic, art to go up eventually.
  Clex       Pilot
Bonibaru (LJ) Smallville Video Archive, Existential Heroes (hosted), Smallville fic recs, Smallville vids (1st season)   Clark/Lex   Existential Heroes isn't technically mine, I just host it. Smart people say smart things about the show. Folks should read it. *nod*   the Pilot
Caelum (LJ) Smallville squeeing and meta, slashy fanfiction, icons, a few manips, and a wallpaper or two. Also random squeeing and chatter about DC Comics and JLU.   Clark/Lex   SVART: Smallville Fanart Archive - lots of great fanart and a pretty good source for good quality high-res screencaps as well. TWIZ TV Smallville Transcripts - A good place to find episode transcripts from the Pilot up to the current season.   Probably Memoria. I have a soft spot for wee sobbing Lex and any episode that gets into Luthor backstory.
CapnZebbie (LJ) My boring life, and, so far, one Smallville video, but I'm working on others. :) I don't have a website.   Clex!   My favorite Smallville website is the SSA. My other favorite place to hang out, besides LJ, is TWoP.   For quality of the ep, Shattered and Asylum, even though they're incredibly painful to watch. For the Fun! Unsafe and Nicodemus. Least favorite? Relic (the one with flashbacks to 1961--ugh, ick, ew).
Carcassi (LJ) SV fanfic recs and reviews, especially about Chloe. Also, the occasional RL thoughts/discussions/rants, and maybe in the future I'll post stuff on Battlestar Galactica. Y'know, after I watch more than two episodes of the show, because I think that'd help.           Toss-up between "Rosetta" and "Delete."
Caro (LJ) On the site, my fic-- so far, SV & OC            
CatHeights (LJ) My fanfic (mostly Smallville and Oz), fandom squeeing, and occasionally screencaps.   Slash: Clark/Lex

Het: Chloe/Lex

Chase (LJ) The occasional fic, squealing about the newest episode and how hot Clark and Lex were in it, and squealing about how great someone's new fic is, mostly.   Clex, definitely. If we're talking favourite canon pairing, Clark/Alicia.   The Historical Fiction Challenge produced some amazing fic that newbies might not know about.   Ummmm...the one with the guy where that thing happened. (I have never been capable of picking my favourite anything. Hee.)
Chris J.  (LJ) Some SV bits, comments to shows and movies, stories, but mostly memes and whining about my life.   Clark/Lex - there's no other one.   VampyrAlex's Place: Because I like her fics and hopefully there'll be more in the future.   Ehm. The Pilot. Jitters.
Ciaan (LJ) Fic, essays, icons etc by me, recs to other people's fic, babble   Clex        
Cinderella81 (LJ) can find my rants ... I post fics to the LJ community bloodclaim, or the Smallville Slash Archive (under the penname Smallvilles Girl).   Clex        
Clannadlvr (LJ) Natterings on life and fandom, with episode comentaries.
On the fic journal-- SV is one of the many fandoms I write in, with dabling in Chlex, Clex, Chimmy, and other non-pairing stories.
  Chloe/Lex, followed by Clark/Lex   Always, always, the wonderful work of Seperis. Just hands down fantastic.   "Shattered". Just rip my heart out. Like, now.
Dianehc (LJ) SV slash fics (Wips and Stand alones), mostly Clex but with crossovers into X-Men, Batman, and SG-1, Vids, Manips, and heavy doses of TC&HC, Drabbles to 40+ chapter wips.
  Clex   [info]clex_pass_story Why? [info]ilovedoyle and several other Lj'ers have started an interesting round robin fic that could bear with a few more writers.   Almost anyone that lets Lex's human side show... Probably the most recent one was Lexmas until the ending.... but the one with Lucy let a little of Lex's charm through as well.
Digitalwave (LJ) Drabbles, some longer fictions, my manips and blatherings about me, my sweetie, my family and my life. I try to balance out the rl angst with fic and art offerings to thank you guys for sticking around.       I actually did an end-of-year roundup this year of all the art and fiction I'd created for 2005 so if anyone is interested, here you go:

FANART for 2005

Dionne (LJ) Mainly SV fics, some slash, some het, some RP...(both are friends-locked, to shield the eyes of ignorants innocents.)   Clex, otherwise Chlark.   The SSA. I love it. I've spent countless hours there.   The Pilot. I must have watched this ep about a thousand times.
DrkCherry (LJ) Not really sure how to do this, since it's not my personal website, but an archive I co-own. I am going to use my LJ name, as well as the archive's LJ community. The link I use for the archive will be for the Smallville section only.            
Emelerin (LJ) All fics (pretty much) archived at SSA, linked in LJ memories. At the LJ, very occasional stories, high amounts of blasphemous foulmouthedness, evidence of my lust for life (with an emphasis on 'lust'), some whining.   Aw. The Clark and the Lex. Also have time for character pieces, pretentious meta-filled postmodern "texts" and crackfic.   svtimeline. a good knowledge of canon is imperative in the production of quality fiction! (unless you write ridiculous futurefic like me.)   Pilot! And the Whitneys-dad-funeral ep. For the beauty, the beauty, the beauty.
Emily Anne (LJ) SV vids (Clexy, Lexy, Clark-y and Chloe-y) plus occasional rantings and ravings about the show.   Clex, baby!       Tough one, but I'll have to go with Shattered.
Fajrdrako (LJ) Smallville Slash   Clark and Lex       Pilot
GothGirl (LJ) Mostly Smallville fan fiction and digital art - wallpapers and a link to Smallville screen caps. I hope to host other sites at            
Henry Jones Jr. (LJ) Mainly fic related posts with bits and bobs of RL thrown in to keep things interesting.   The Clex, of course.   The Bunny Farm. Because she doesn't write SV any more, but the stuff she has up is both Hot and Excellent.   Shattered.
HRD (LJ) Slash, manips            
HYPERFocused (LJ) 85% fic (slash mainly) in SV, The O.C, Everwood, The Sentinel, Sports Night, Stargate SG1, Crossovers galore, Due South, and a few John Hughes movie fics.10 percent poetry, 5 % random ramblings.   Clark/Lex. They're why I started slashing   The randomizer at the SSA  It's like panning for gold. Sometimes you get a good chunk, sometimes you get pyrite, but it's always fun.   Season One: pilot Season Two: Rosetta Season three: Shattered Season four: Transference
Ilexa (LJ) My fics   Clark/Lex       Heat (half-naked, sweaty Lex)
Ingrid (LJ) Fic, icons, pics, total and utter insanity.


  Clark/Lex   SSA, lot of good slash   Jitters
Innusiq (LJ) SV Clex fic, Rosenbaum/Welling RPS fic, and occasional Due South Fraser/Vecchio fic, and a few other odds and ends   Clex       Phoenix and/or Memoria
Issaro (LJ) Just me. Sometimes is Fandom, sometimes it's my job, sometimes it's my cat. You never know.   Clark/Lex Am Fandom Monogamous, I dabble but really there's no one else.        
Itsuki (LJ) One or two SV stories and WiPs, wednesday100 drabbles in the memories section.            
Jackie (LJ) Rantings about life, bitching, fandom obsessions   ChLex, xover- Bruce/Lex is the best site for all things ChLex   Shattered, Memoria, Transference, Onyx
Jaded (LJ) My manips/fic   Clex   TWoP- because of Omar's freakin' hilarious recaps.   Shattered/Asylum/Memoria
Janet F. Caires-Lesgold (LJ) Fanfic (such as the Nourishment series) and a few links   CLex, of course!       Prodigal or Red
Jayne Leitch (LJ)
At the site there is fic. At my journal there is lots of blather--mostly ep-specific/post-ep commentary, but also the occasional attempt at meta.   Ze Clex.       Oh jeez. This season? 'Transference.' Last season...'Truth.' 2nd season, 'Rosetta'. 1st season, probably 'Tempest'.
Jed (LJ) Fiction and manips are on the website. The things that can be found on my journal are: occasional SV comments, but pretty much all RL and new-fandom related chatter at this point since I'm no longer watching SV at all.   Clark and Lex, of course.   Rhiannon Rave and Lenore's Stories both have quantities of good fic, heavy on the well-done porn. Also, their stories are generally happier than mine :)   Prodigal for sheer enjoyment, Shattered for unrelenting angst.
Jenn (LJ) Smallville, Star Trek Voyager, X-Men, Queer as Folk slash and het and recs.           Prodigal, Heat and Insurrection.
Joanie (LJ) Icons, art, episode reactions and some RL stuff.   Clex   Dysfunctional because Zahra writes great Clex fics.   Lineage
Joanne (LJ)
What can be found there: Talk of Smallville and other fandoms, fanfic. Lana defense.
  Clark/Whitney just edges out Clark/Lex in m/m slash. F/f slash Lana/Chloe for chemistry in canon and Desiree/Victoria for "why the hell not"? Het is Lex/Lana, then Clark/Lois - because it's Clark Kent and Lois Lane and is therefore Meant To Be.   Is there a site (other than your own) you'd like people to consider visiting in the fandom? Why? I run two ficathon comms LexandClark and ChloeandLana - I'd love more members and participants.   Nicodemus and Heat.
Jodie (LJ)
Older fanfic (SV, HP, Alias, OC), lots of RL blathering lately, recs and general silliness.   Clark/Lex       Prodigal
K (Bop Radar, LJ) Some thoughts and commentary on SV, and I promise more to come (I'm superbly late to the SV party, having been a fan for all of 2 months)   Clark/Lex   For giggles I recommend the ep guides on: Astonishing Tales
(It's very funny to watch the straight male reviewer get sucked into the Clark-Lex dynamic despite himself.)
  Asylum (still sobbing)
Karen Colohan (LJ) The website has a bunch of fanfic, including my SV stuff. My LJ has a random mix of things, but there's usually plenty of fannish content.   Clark/Lex   I think people have already mentioned all the ones I would have chosen.   Shattered/Asylum
Kate (LJ) My fic, incessent talk about Smallville, silliness, talk about porn, a lot of porn, enthusiasm, etc. etc.
  Clark/Lex       Onyx
Kathe (LJ) Chlex fic            
Kelex (LJ) Slash and het fanfic for almost any Smallville character, heavy on Lionel/Lex and Clark/Lex.            
Kitkat (LJ) On the website - Smallville, Justice League, Buffy and Angel fic by Indian Skimmer, Lemonbella and myself. In my LJ - Smallville, JL, Buffy and occasionally RPS slash, real life musings, WiPs and occasional random frivolity.   CLex of course!   I think the sites I would pimp here are already on this list. The sites run by people on my flist all come highly recommended, as they are a talented bunch.    
Krisdia (LJ) I'd like to be counted for SV fandom (cause I want to know how many of us there are, too!) but I don't really do much.

(Editor's note: So not true! She posts clips and RL things and cool articles.)


Kyanoswolf (LJ) There's a Smallville Link on my Website. On my journal a link also leads to my Mercychrons page, the stories that I've done in conjunction with Dolimir. I don't usually post to archives, so all of my work can be found either in my journal or on my website. I also post icon bases for JLU and The Batman in my journal. I write mostly CLEX. I have written het in the Mercychron setting. My work is mostly done in the shorter formats, but there are a couple of longer pieces that were done one snippet at a time.            
Lacey McBain (LJ) Fan fic (Smallville, Bat-verse, Starsky&Hutch), talking about Smallville, some real life stuff.   Clark/Lex   Lady Kardasi houses a lot of fic, including the Slash Advent Calendars and the Clexfest. You need to obtain a password to access it, but that's really simple and shouldn't put people off. There's lots of great fic here.   Jitters, Prodigal, Perry, anything Lex-centric
Lapetite Kiki (LJ) Smallville related manips   Clark/Lex        
LastScorpion (LJ) Random blithering, fic and recipes (check the memories section.)   Lionel + Lana (OMG MENT2B4EVA!!!)   I still love Television Without Pity. Another obvious favorite is Level Three.   Metamorphosis
LauraB (LJ) covers, art, icons            
Leticia (LJ) N/A (I have written in a previous fandom, but nothing lately and nothing in SV).
  I am an OTP kind of girl. Clex.   I mostly stick to the SSA, arysteia, suzvoy, Lenore, velvetglove, dogpoet, dolimir, the bunny farm, at reitz, kelex, lexalot, mahaliem, mistress ace, punk m, rivkaT, rose_emily, thamiris, and zahra. They (and you) are most of the writers whose fic (in my opinion) is well-written and thought out. And sometimes, hot. :)   Pretty much anything from the first season.
Lexalot (LJ) Fic, Art, Icons, Ramblings   Clark/Lex #1, and few of my other faves include Clark/Lois, Clark/Chloe, Lex/Chloe, and Lex/Lana        
Linzee (LJ) My website is fanart and videos; my journal is fanart, videos, blatherings on assorted fannish things, and occasionally links to things like Beanie Baby X Files Porn, just to add spice. True medley of ideas, that.   Clark/Lex       "Shattered," "Zero," "Exodus/Phoenix," and "Pilot."
Madelyn (LJ) Fanfiction- mostly Clex, recs, again, mostly Clex, the Smallville Resources Page, Multi-Fandom recs page. On the journal, I seem to like to issue challenges lately.   Clex, of course.   Smallville Fandom Resources, a page full of links that I try and keep updated with the most current links. The section I find most useful is the list of people who rec in Smallville.   Hourglass, Shattered
Mahaliem (LJ) Fanfiction - Clex
Maia J (LJ) Fic, icons, wallpapers, downloads for Lotrips, SV, and QAF.   Clex       Hourglass
Marina (LJ) That´s my fandom journal. Rants, new fics, new vids, recs, etc.   Clex, Clex, Clex   The SSA. Also, SmallvilleDedication, I find their episode guide very useful   Memoria (and Devoted, and the Pilot, and Shattered, and Transference, and...)
Meghan (LJ)
SV-centric fic, mainly slash one shots, SV worship and things about the show I find funny, random updates on my life.   Clex, natch.       Transference
Melisande I am an ardent Clex fan and I've written a few stories.            
Meret (LJ) My website contains SV related manips, slash, and captions.            
Metamorphogenic (LJ) The occasional fic (just starting as a writer), episode reviews, fannish meta and more general meta on the mythological aspects of the fandom (not necessarily just SV, but biased that way). Oh, there will probably be icons too, and recs when RL allows.   Clex, is there any other?   The SSA, because... Smallville Slash? What's not to love?   Tough one - Rosetta, Transference, Memoria, Shattered... to name a few.
Miffy Neko (LJ)
F-locked fic snippets and fics in three (at last count) fandoms, those fandoms being Smallville, Final Fantasy VIII, and Weiss Kreuz. Also, sometimes, when I'm particularly bored, fanart.   Clark and Lex For (most of) your slash needs   *squirms* I'm one of those bad people who try to write in fandoms where I have not seen most of the material. ;_;
Missu (LJ) Occasional SV fic, squeeing about the grand love of Clark and Lex, even in theory. My mundane life.            
Mistress Ace (LJ) Fanfiction - primarily Clex            
Mkitty3 (LJ) My fan vids mostly, Euphony M.'s fan fic and vids, and some manips.   Clex       Shattered
Mlle Elizabeth (LJ) Fic, Clex sims, polls
  Clark/Lex   The FHS archive has a lot of wonderful Smallville fic, most of which is not available at the SSA. It's a wonderful place to find some new fic to read and to post your own fic.   Shimmer
Nifra Idril (LJ) My journal is mainly natterings on anything and everything that pops into my little magpie brain, as well you know. And my website is multi-fandom fiction, mainly slash, and heavy on the SV.            
NiteLite (LJ) Mainly Smallville fic (Clex, challenges, missing scenes, a wip) along with a few zine stories from The Sentinel. In the journal--Personal blatherings along with some SV and TS fic.   Clark/Lex   Garryowen's the pleasure palace. If you like AUs, this is the place for you!   Prodigal, Jitters, Ryan, Lineage and Memoria.
PepperjackCandy (LJ) Fiction site is here.
Permetaform (LJ) SV vid, HP fic, PotC fic, OUATIM fic... In the journal,  SV recs, random fic recs, random link recs, occasional fanwork            
Philtre (LJ) Mostly CLex centric fanfic, fanart, and favids.            
Punk (LJ) My site has fic, almost all of it dedicated to Clark/Lex in some way. My journal has multifandomish chatter, updates on fic I'm writing, love for Clark and Lex, and occasionally icons.            
Quiet Tiger (LJ) My fics, recomendations,and just my random thoughts on the show or fiction.   Clark/Lex   The SSA, the SVART site   Shattered for MR's acting, Memoria for the back story, anything where it's a little more light-hearted.
Radioreverie (LJ) Unfinished fic, randomness   Clark/Lois, Clark/Alicia, Lex/everyone       Pariah
Raijahn (LJ) On the site, pretty much just my writing. It's still under construction, but most of my SV writing is there. On the journal? Oh, God, all sorts of stuff. *laughs* Fandom, personal, random thoughts, stuff about my muses (who are far too real), etc., etc.   Clark/Lex, always       *whines* I have to choose? I have too many. Shattered, Asylum, Memoria, Transference. *nods* Those will do for now.
Rana Eros (LJ) Clex fanfic.
RivkaT (LJ) Fiction, occasional commentary   Let me think... Clark and Lex.   Level Three, the all-inclusive SV archive, for any SV story at all. A comprehensive archive is good for the community and it's especially good for people like me who write slash, het and gen.   Shattered
Robin/Rob1 (LJ) Recs in many flavors- but SV dominates. Oh, some fic and vids as well, but you have to dig for them.   Clark/Lex- though romance in general is not my thing.   SSA   Asylum
Rose Emily (LJ) Slash fic (with some het), both by myself and by participants in the challenge I hosted. Clex Goss' site. Because this girl is wonderful at keeping tabs on what's going on in the fandom. Memoria
Roses (LJ) A collection of fan videos, fan fiction, and fiction recs from over the past few years as well as entries from the new look for superman challenge. Clark/Lex I'd suggest and because it's all about fan worship. Hourglass
Roxy (LJ) Journal: Mostly an endless round of WIP's that I do finish--some quickly, some...not so quickly. There's a lot of blathering about my RL stuff, because I'm yakky like that. Every once in a rare while, original art but that's seldom. I very rarely bite.


Lex and Bruce foreveah! Also Clex of course but something about Bruce and Lex together--*happysigh* I recommend SSA to everyone. It’s a great place to start, fandom wise. they have titles? The one with Lex split into the good one and the scenery chewing, swishy, .uber-bitch one. I loved that ep so much!
Sage (LJ) DC Comics/SV Crossover fic, mostly slash. Suitably complicated, post-rift Clex. Also, well-characterized Chlana. Worship: Wendi's fiction pages, because everyone should. Perry.
Sail (LJ) A little fic (of which at least one is a WiP), a few manips. All fannish creativity is on hiatus until I find an apartment, hopefully before April.            
Sandy Herrold (LJ) Vids on the site, at the journal, RL, recs and more.            
Sarah Jane (LJ) The occasional post/review of SV episode (normally after Wednesday, since I have to watch the episode on Thursday) and my one SV [haiku] fic can be found in my memories   Clex       Ha! More like episodes. Hourglass, Insurgence, Prodigal, Memoria, Transference...just to name a few.
Serafina (LJ) Slash fic, mostly Clark/Lex, some Chloe/Lana, almost all AU            
Shattered (LJ) Smallville. The slashy kind.
  Clark/Lex   I think it's been rec'd already, but it can never be rec'd enough... The Smallville Slash Archive. Because denial is best served with a side of slash.   Hourglass
Shellah (LJ) On my site? Mostly SV fic, slash and gen. A few others, too, like Everwood and Sports Night. On my journal? Occasional fic and fannish musings. Mostly chatter about RL stuff.            
Signe (LJ) At the journal-Mostly multifandom fannish content - wallpapers, icons, screencaps, stories, the occasional rec. At the fiction site, lots of Smallville (mostly Clex) and also Harry Potter, Veronica Mars, The West Wing, Alias, Buffyverse, Sports Night and Young Americans. Also - art and resources site, with lots of Smallville wallpaper, icons and screencaps, also West Wing and other fandom screencaps, other fandom wallpapers, collages, bookmarks, icons etc, and Photoshop resources.   Lex/Clark   SVART is a great archive for Smallville art. Linzee-STYLE has some of the best Clex artwork - gorgeous work.   Asylum (though it hurt)
Sinisterf (LJ) On the website is my fiction, on my journal is boring talk about my everyday life, and sometimes fiction.            
Slodwick (LJ) SV fan art, fiction, Rosenbaum adoration and general SV squee Clark/Lex, closely followed by Clark/Lois Shattered/Asylum, closely followed by Prodigal
Sterling Dragonfly (LJ) Fics, icons, photo manips Clex all the way! Pilot
Stone Princess (LJ) Smallville fan fic and fan art, Boondock Saints fan fic and fan art, links.
Supercaptain182 (LJ) Rants, rambling and often naughty thoughts. Slash, mostly Smallville slash is found in my journal. There are some surprises now and again. (wink wink)
Clark and Lex, who else would tolerate their issues? In a distant second, Clark and Whitney. It could all be so normal, don't you think. The SSA is the foundation. Also check out [info]ship_manifesto for the understanding and logic behind many of the pairings in the fandom. Unsafe, Pariah,Pilot and Ryan
Suzvoy (LJ) Slash fic, music videos Clex! The SSA. It's essential. Torn between Rosetta, Memoria, and Transference.
Suzycat (LJ) A bit of squeeing and meta and ranting in my journal, uneven porny stuff in the fic journal. I used to RP in the original Ask Miss Anvil monstrosity at TWoP. But we don't talk about it much.   Clex. There isn't any other pairing.   The discussion forum at TelevisionWithoutPity used to be a glorious pool of creativity and squee, and really intelligent meta. Make it good again!   The one in my head. Other than that I'm very fond of Jitters, Shimmer and Rogue.
Talitha (LJ) Smallville squee, a few music vids   slash: Clark/Lex het: Clark/Alicia        Tie between "Shattered" and "Transference"
Tamalinn (LJ) Smallville fic. Some old manips. Whatev.            
Tigress35 (LJ)
On website, hi-res scans, spoof scripts, video clips, fanvids. On LJ: manips, reviews, rare occasional meta, icons, fan art, video clips, occasional picspam            
Tommygirl (LJ) Fandom, television, movies, and writing talk   Clark/Lex - is there any other?       Season Three premiere is still my favorite! Bad!Boy Clark turns me to goo!
Vi (LJ) Fanfic recs, fanfiction in Smallville (Clark/Lex, Chloe/Lana) as well as other fandoms. Also, my meta posts will be up there soon. *cough*   It's all about Clark/Lex in Smallville, baby, but I'm also really fond of Chloe/Pete and Chloe/Lana as well.   Er, your rec site? Polyamorous Recommendations. Both are like mad crack and have kept me up obscenely late on more than one occasion.   Eep! Can I choose "Jitters", "Shattered", "Asylum", and "Memoria"? You can't ask a girl to choose just one.
Vissy (LJ) Multifandom fanfiction, recs            
Zahra (LJ) Multi-fandom stories, drabbles, links to the majority of my writing. Fandoms covered included, but not limited to: Smallville, Harry Potter, due South, Lost, Ocean's 11, Spider-Man 2, A:tS and X2.            


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