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Bright Shiny Objects

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Looking for something specific in Smallville fandom?


Things to note:

1) Some of these links haven't been active in years.

2) If it's a community, they have rules. Read those.


Intro to the Fandom/Point of Interest:

Fannish Overview on NewbieGuide

Velvetglove's Overview at Crack Van

Smallville GAYLE Awards (Gayest looks S1.)

Why I Love Smallville by literaryll

Devoted to Smallville


Television Without Pity

Archives and Mailing Lists:

Level Three Records Room | Archive for all fiction

Level Three  | Fic mailing list

Smallville Slash Archive | ...ditto | SSA Full Text Search

ClarkLex | Mailing list for SV discussion.

ClarkLexFic | Mailing list for SV slash fic

Wild Coyote | Smallville het archive

FHS Slash Archive

Glass Onion
Chemistry, Naughty Seduction | Chloe/Lex archives
Girl Friday | Chloe archive
Red Hot Mama
| Martha archive

Small Town Girls | Femslash


Need recent updates on fic/vids/art in the fandom?

Level Three (Yahoo Mailing List)

ClarkLexFic (Yahoo Mailing List)

[info]sv_fanfic: Updates for fic, vids, art; challenge promotions sent into moderator and posted on set days.
[info]sv_hetfic: Updates for het/gen stories and art.
[info]sv_slash: Community for slash.
[info]sv_digest: A weekly digest of all the WIPs and completed stories on LiveJournal-- slash, het, gen


Communities for your favorite characters:

[info]loislane_sv: Fans of Lois on Smallville.

[info]ollieville: Fans of the Green Arrow on Smallville.

[info]kill_lana_lang: ...kill Lana!

[info]lana_is_ok: Lana's okay!

[info]clana: Clark and Lana fans.
[info]one_true_hero: Lex Luthor fans.
[info]gotclex: For discussion and slash fanfiction related to Lex Luthor and Clark Kent.
[info]the_lioness: Lillian Luthor recs and discussion.
[info]whitneyfic: Whitney Fordman fic.


Specialized fiction:

[info]alien_desires: Smallville fanfiction which deals with Clark's sexuality as being somehow different than that of humans.

[info]clois: For fans of the Clark/Lois pairing.

[info]svcodatales: Codas for the series.

[info]old_school_clex: Clark and Lex, obviously in love.
[info]superfake: Community for RPs, RPHet and RPGen fiction about the actors and actresses of the TV show Smallville.
[info]sv_mpreg: Clark/Lex only mpreg.
[info]sv_roundrobin: Round Robin writing community.

[info]sv_rps: Real Person Slash.

[info]winchullivan: Chloe Sullivan/Dean Winchester Crossover Fiction

[info]sv_journals: RPG
[info]sv_cafe: RPG

[info]wednesday100: SV drabble challenges.

[info]svdodecals: 144 word writing exercises.


Fic Discussion/Specially Themed Fic Recs:

My Theme Recs (Grouped by Happy, Porn, AUs and Future Fics, Holiday, Humor)

[info]svroundtable: Recs, reviews, discussion, themed posts.
[info]sv_inquiry: Post your hunts for fiction, pleas for recs, your searches for anything in the Smallville fandom.
[info]svficforum: Community intended for posting of finished works of fiction by authors, for the purpose of inviting discussion.
[info]smallville_au: All AU's, all the time. Discussion and updates.


Can't find something SV related?

Smallville Storyfinders (Yahoo mailing list)

[info]sv_inquiry: Post your hunts for fiction, pleas for recs, your searches for anything in the Smallville fandom.

[info]smallville_dls: Sharing media related to Smallville.


Looking for meta?

Television Without Pity

[info]eat_crow: The place for Smallville reviews and episode-specific analysis.

[info]sv_live: The place for Smallville live episode discussion.


Looking for vids?

Like Cheap Wine's Vid Recs

[info]sv_vids: New vids, requests for betas and you can also request vids you'd like to see.



People to get you started:

Talitha (Must see: Don'tcha)

Shalott (Must see: Drop Dead Gorgeous)

Hazywizard (Must see: One Way or Another)

Luminosity (Must see: O Come O Come Emmanuel)

Sisabet (Must see: Without You, I'm Nothing)

Mkitty03/Euphony (Must see: The World is Not Enough)

Linzeems (Must see: Pet)

Rivka T (Must see: The Way it Really Is)

Suzvoy (Must see: Ordinary)


Looking for fanart/manips/wallpapers?

Smallville Media

Smallville Fan Art Archive

[info]sv_art: A community for posting Smallville Fanart.
[info]sv_manipsnip: Look at the process behind the work of Smallville's manippers

to generally delight in how different pictures can look in the before and after.
[info]clex_manips: Showcases Clex manips.
[info]sv_icons, [info]smallville_cons: Looking for some icons to pretty up your LJ?

People to get you started:

Beet, [info]beetarty



Lapetite Kiki







Looking for screencaps?

Smallville Media

Smallville Fan Art Archive

Cap It Community


Goth Girl


Looking for past/present fannish happenings?

[info]sv_ledger: weekly fandom newsletter reporting on fandom news, meta, fics, art, polls, etc.

[info]sv_board: make Smallville fiction announcements, post links to your new community, vids, talk about episodes, post recs,

and inform other SV fans about Smallville actors appearing at upcoming conventions.

[info]sv_independent: Newer version of Fandom Bulletin Board.

[info]fandom_bb: This is a news community created to keep SV fans abreast of the latest fandom happenings.


Need to do some research? Looking for ep timelines and transcripts?

TWIZ TV Smallville Transcripts


Looking for People?

Smallville Fanfic Resources (Some out of date links, but some good ones too.)

Master List (If you are a member of the fandom, you may add your links at any time.)

[info]clexoholic Addicted to Clex? This is the community for you!

[info]sv_fen (Lots of great links too.)



Looking for WiPs?

WiP Recs


Looking to get rid of a story idea? Or find one?



Listing of Challenges in Smallville Fandom:

55 Challenge

A Clexian Tale

Clark and Lex Honeymoon Picture Challenge

ClexFest Waves

Clex Hexed Sex Challenge

Clex Classics Movie Challenge

Fairy Tale Challenge

Historical Fiction Challenge

LaT's Isn't it Iconic Ficlet -A-Thon

Lois and Clark Go To Smallville Challenge

Ray Bradbury Title Challenge

Rivka and Lenore's Cliche Challenge

Smallville Block Party Challenge

Smallville Flash Fiction Challenge (link unavailable)

Smallville Flash Fiction Challenge 2.0

Smallville Harlequin Challenge

Smallville Sports Night Titles Challenge

Smallville Swing Challenge

Smallville Undercover

Tham and LaT's Rub It Till It Breaks Challenge

The Clex Typography Challenge

The Neil Gaiman Title Challenge

Tower of Drabble-On Challenge

Under Mistletoe - Holiday Challenge

[info]svbigbang : Novel writing and art challenge.

[info]sv_flashfiction: New challenge every two weeks.
[info]lexandclark: Lex/Clark ficathon.
[info]chloeandlana: Chloe/Lana ficathon.
[info]virginlex: Exactly what it sounds like

SV challenges that are also multi-fandom:


Badfic Summary Challenge

Celli's Tax Fiction Challenge

Elves!, Elves!, Elves!

Fandom Poolside

Kink and Cliché Multi-Fandom Challenge

Metamorphosis: The Transformation Challenge

Remix Redux

Slightly More than 24 Hours (Literal) Crack Crossover Challenge

Teen Summer Dance Party Challenge

The Intoxication Challenge: Of Blood and Wine

Worst Case Scenario Multi-Fandom Challenge