Medication for Sleep Deprivation Updates:


Updated 03-20: Updated recs pages for SPN, SGA, Multi Fandom and Vids.


Updated 12-15: Updated links on the links page. Updated links on the WiP recs page.

Updated 12-10: Completely updated Smallville recs selection. All links are current. Updated a few recs on the multirecs page as well and shall be linkchecking remaining recs...sometime soon. Updated Links section with more awesome people.

Updated 12-03: Site has FINALLY been almost completely moved and is mostly functional.


Updated 09-08: Updated the Smallville links list, SGA and SV resources pages, added When Your Job Description (You Announce Chevrons!) Is a Total Lie (complete with drawing by ileliberte!), Your Next Bold Move, an It Stops Being Funny at Skirts snippet to the fiction page.

Updated 03-11: Brand new SGA recs page, Vid and WiP Recs, renovated multi-fandom recs pages, added several new covers to the site, in addition to a new "Teacher's Pet" snippet and "One, Three, or Five Ways John and Rodney Never Went to Prison" in SGA.

Updated 01-25: Added all the SGA stories written in the last few months--"It Stops Being Funny At Skirts", "Teacher's Pet", and a couple of snippet type things. Reorganized the fiction page, 'cause let's face it, SGA gets its own category now.

Updated 10-27: Added new SGA story, "The Relationship Between Speed and Form".

Updated 09-24: Added new SV story, "The Slow Drag", and new Stargate Atlantis story, "But Not Taking Names". Totally botched up the SGA recs, shall work on it later, but the links are functional. Just--not pretty. Heh.

Updated 08-25: Have been reading lots and lots of Stargate Atlantis. Set up a syndicated feed and a recs page--sixty+ recs added. Then I went and redid all the multi-fandom recs pages and added in a handful of other stories. Sleepy now.

Updated 07-24: Tried to make site a little more cohesive all-around. Added "The Tuesday Accords", "When I Want, I Take the Wheel", various snippets and 55 challenge drabble type things to fiction page.

Updated 07-02: Got bored. Added a guestbook. Go sign it! So. Bored.

Updated 06-30: Added Clex Adoration Site to MFSD.

Updated 05-29: Kind of revamping the joint. We shall see what comes of it.

Updated 04-18: Uploaded new cover art awhile ago for "On Paper Cuts and Auld Lang Syne" from Joanie. So. Pretty. Tonight, uploaded three codas for "Onyx", first ever Lost fic, "Distraction", first ever Veronica Mars drabble "Overrated", and got bored and made the fiction page white. Updated talkoncorners and added a couple links to the resource and fannish links pages. I'm just a bundle of freakish energy.

Updated 04-04: Uploaded the Smallville Links page. Redid a couple of links on my personal links page and updated the Smallville Resources List. I am freakishly all about the organization these days.

Updated 03-27: A bit of a site revision on the pickyourpoison page. I think it looks cleaner. Some links added to the Smallville Resource page, and some recs added to the multi-fandom recs page. I've added Battlestar Galactica as a fandom I rec in.

Updated 03-21: Added new cover and art for "Four Things That Never Happened to Martha Clark" by Laura B. ...And apparently I forgot to mention that I'd uploaded the story itself awhile ago. Well, it's there.

Updated 03-03: Added "Say it's a Toy Spaceship" to fiction page, and codas for Recruit, Krypto and Lucy to the Coda Series. Talkoncorners was updated, and updates to the Smallville Fandom Resource page continue, along with the Newbie Guide link.

Updated 02-11: Added "Thirty Days of Living With Lois Lane, and How They Changed The Future of the World" to the Coda Series, under Recruit. *cackles* Added yet more links to the Smallville Resource Page. Finally linked to all the stories I've put up in WiP amnesty the last two years.

Updated 02-08: Added 200 new recs to the Smallville Recs page. Mostly Clark/Lex (Clex) recs. Updated talkoncorners a few days ago as well, redid the pickyourpoison page (now with image map!), added a Smallville Resource Page for links to communities and people, all those fun sorts of things. Also, added Hope's Smallville recs to the site; they're linked on the new SV resource page.

Updated 01-28: Added covers that I've made to "Projects" section.

Updated 01-28-05: Added "On Paper-Cuts and Auld Lang Syne", "A Day in the Life", "Unsafe Coda" to fiction page. Also linked to Conner DVD extra sets in the "Projects" section.


Updated 12-25: Have added Spiderman Movieverse as a fandom I rec in--10 new recs in multi-fandom recs.

Updated 12-07: Added "Ten the Hard Way" from the SVFF 2.0, "Office Humor", new sections to "Falling", the Devil!Lex WiP and several codas in the coda series.

Updated 10-12: Revamped fiction page. More organized, yay! New recs were added to SV recs a few days ago. Talkoncorners was updated for September a couple weeks ago. Am not keeping really great track on this updating thing, as you can see.

Updated 09-28: Added ficlet from the Smallville Block Party challenge.

Updated 09-01: Renovating. Added "Who Makes You Feel" a couple of weeks ago, added recs to multi-recs. Talkcorners was updated for August. Added a SV pretties page, which I shall link to sometime, yes.

Updated 07-29: Added "A Second Look" to fiction page--am contemplating burning it instead. Made fiction page purple, so as to match the rest of the site a little better. Yeah, that's kind of it.

Updated 07-25: Redid index page picture and colors, matched it up to the pickyourpoison page. All this and more in an effort to procrastinate my sv_undercover fic just a little further.

Updated 07-08: Figured out how to hyperlink to an area on the same page. Check out my genius on the multi-fandom recs page, which I've been updating with favorites. Redid the pickyourpoison page completely as I have realized that in any browser other than IE it looked horrifying. Also, there's a new comments feature on the fiction page. I'm feeling very impressed with myself tonight.

Updated 06-13: Major overhaul. Redid index page, added new 'pickyourpoison' link bar of sorts, and new multi-fandom recs page. One new rec added to SV, now with color coding features! Mmm. Organization. ...can you tell I have been computer deprived for a few weeks? I think you can.

Updated 05-28: Added "Reminders" to fiction page.

Updated 05-22: Added "Glass Houses" to fiction page, along with many W100 drabbles. New look for index and fiction pages. Mmm. Summery!

Updated 05-01: New rec on recs page, fiction page updated with "But For Your Misfortunes", "Taking the Plunge", and my WiP "All's Fair".

Updated 04-25: New recs on recs page, talkoncorners updated a week ago, and fandompoolside archive is coming along.

Updated 03-21: Redid Fiction page for a nice new 'Spring' look, reuploaded stories so the formats actually match. In addition, added the fandompoolside challenge archive. Go and check it out.

Updated 03-02: More recs added again, icons updated in 'extras' section.

Updated 02-29: Added recs to talkoncorners, a couple more recs over here. Slowly filling it up!

Updated 02-10: Redid index and fiction page looks. Amusing myself with photoshop mostly.

Updated 02-09: Added recs to talkoncorners, Added recs to main page. Added "Regression" on fiction change.

Updated 01-29: Added recs, updated "So Have I For You" and "Last Paper Bag Standing" in the brand new 'Other Fic' category. Oooh, two whole stories in the other fic section!

Updated 01-28: Added this scroll code and the bookmark code on recs page.

Updated 01-23: Redid some graphics. Reworded a couple of things.

Updated 01-22: Redid the index, and added some more links and a site counter. I'm actually *doing* things tonight. Go me!

Updated 01-21: Recs page is now uploaded. Starting out small. Expect it to...grow.

Updated 01-15: New icons added to the 'extras' section.

Updated 01-08: Talkoncorners updated with Dec. recs.

Teaching myself FrontPage again. Good times.