Vid Recommendations

Just 50 of my favorite vids *ever*. I'm going to give you all a very valuable hint. If you find a vidder or a story or--well, anything in fandom you ever love, and want to see more of? It's in everyone's best interest if you drop a note and say, hey, yeah, I enjoyed this. No, really, *trust me*! It's this pretty cycle of encouragement fostering happy artists, and getting a smile out of someone liking their hard work. PSA over!

If something is password protected, just e-mail the vidder for help.

* Additional Vid Recs (by others) *





Tragedy by [info]dualbunny - AHAHAHA SPIKE. ...that is all. I adored this.

Two Words by [info]sisabet. 5 years of Angel in 3 minutes of vid. That takes serious *talent*.


Whatever by [info]sisabet and [info]sockkpuppett-- Don't drink anything when you're taking a look at this one.


This vid CRACKS ME UP to no end. Airquotes!

You don't have to be an Angel fan at all to love this.


Precious by Xandra. Chock full of Dexter and Brian goodness.

West of Her Spine by [info]sweetestdrain. Chock full of Deb, Dexter and Brian goodness. This vid was so...I guess beautiful's the only word, even though, hey, serial killers and brutality. (Uh, yes, that is my version of a warning, so if you haven't seen the show, think about this one.) *coughing* Someone said this in comments, and she totally nailed my reaction as well: What I really liked about this was the structure -- you begin with what's fake (Rudy/Deb) and the song choice is juxtaposed against that, but then you circle around to what is sincere (Brian and his real connection to Dexter, even if it's all effed-up), at which point the song choice becomes quite tender. I've always loved this song, and now this vid is always going to be the association I have with it.



Poison by Scapersisters--This vid? This Scorpius/Crichton vid is so. Damn. Hot. God, I love this vid. Okay, so you're blinking at the pairing. Believe me when I say this? This WORKS. There is *bloodlicking*, lust, violence, torture, action, unholy alliances and at the 1:44 mark, the most awesome visual ever.




Rodieohead by [info]absolutedestiny. I've never watched Firefly - but this vid was the first thing that ever made me really, really interested in it. In the program it was listed as a "Big Damn Vid" and I think that's the most succinct and appropriate summary ever. Every time you think it's ending it just...goes on. And that's a *good thing*.


Harry Potter


I Think I Love You by [info]femmequixotic - Snape/Harry to David Cassidy.


Maneater by Jarrow. HILARIOUS. Wonderful reaction shots.


The Boy Was a Puppet by Wistful Fever - Gen. This vid gives me chills every time. Magnificent.




Centerfold by [info]kuwdora for [info]oxoniensis' Porn Battle Challenge, Mohinder/Sylar GOODNESS. *bounces*


Faith - Who has Faith in Peter and Nathan?! Everyone should, as this vid by [info]heidi8 clearly shows.


Goodnight Moon by [info]bradcpu, Heroes. Twisty narratives, really freaking cool editing. I can't remember the last time I've stared this hard at a vid.

The Noose by [info]meivocis. Summary: Paintings, precognition and Peter Petrelli... with a dash of Sylar for good measure.

This was absolutely *beautiful*. PETER, I LOVE YOU.

...*straightens* (Use the Stage6 link if the site link won't work.)


Pictures of You by [info]greysssvu. Okay, this one caught me in a saptastic mood. What a freaking *cool* idea for a vid. Mohinder at 1 minute in slays me. (Though I do really wish there were a not-youtube link available.)

What Goes Around by [info]wistful_fever - Mohinder/Sylar to Justin Timberlake. She takes their precious few scenes and makes MAGIC. (Additionally:
This is a rec of...a rec! [info]kuwdora put together this amazing, 4,000 word post about why [info]wistful_fever's Heroes, Mohinder/Sylar What Goes Around vid is amazing, and she is so, so right. I love this vid more every time I watch it, and believe me, I loved it plenty the first viewing.)




A tribute to vidding by [info]counteragent - oh man, this was cool. Basically - a bunch of fantastic other vidders' clips fit to Destiny Calling, add a sense of good timing and love and push go. There was clapping. There was misting. Mostly grinning and clapping though.


I Enjoy Being a Girl by [info]absolutedestiny. I'd never really heard of this guy before going to VVC, but I mean, he sings during karaoke, he captions karaoke, and he makes *really great vids*. And probably did a whole bunch of other stuff that I was too busy eating or something to notice. GO WATCH. And giggle.


There's No Way Out of Here by Gwyneth -- X-Files, Buffy, La Femme Nikita. I first saw this at Vividcon - great song, and I found this to be a really memorable, visceral experience. You can find it in her 'Classic Vids' section.



Detachable Penis by Media Cannibals, also available on imeem. (Linked with permission! *g*) I first saw this vid at [info]vividcon, and lo, there was staring. On each subsequent rewatch it doesn't get any deeper - because penis substitutes + men + lots and lots of weapons is your basic equation for this vid, but it DOES brainwash me into thinking I want to watch Professionals sometime. And that blowing shit up is fun, but we all knew that already. Very cool vid; and no, you do not need to know a SINGLE thing about this show to appreciate this.


Silence of the Lambs


Uninvited by Shalott. Lecter/Clarice to Alanis Morissette. Creepy, creepy GOOD TIMES.




Change (in the house of flies) by [info]obsessive24. Clark/Lex, with some comics thrown in, and ....!!! I decided to download this vid based on her list of vid inspirations, which had one of my favorites in the fandom.

At the two minute mark, it segues from 'good' into 'awesome' territory. And no, you do *not* need to watch this show regularly to get something out of this vid. *breathes* This vid makes me think beautiful apocalypse type thoughts, and that's how I like my Clex best. *sighs happily* (And people, read the notes.)


Cobrastyle by [info]talitha78, SV. It's a vid that essentially celebrates Lex Luthor's sheer levels of awesome and hotness through the years. Nothing not to love.


Dont cha, vid by [info]talitha78. Characters: Clark/Lex, Lex/Lana-ish

Summary: Lex, dont cha wish your girlfriend was hot like Clark?

*helpless laughter* Oh God, this vid is so priceless. Glowing dildo, check. Horrible dancing, check. Pretty, pretty, pretty to the nth degree CHECK.

I'm never going to be able to hear this song again without laughing. Hopefully not aloud. *grins* Even if SV is not your fandom? SO worth watching.


Drop Dead Gorgeous by [info]astolat. AKA: The Vid Where You Sing Along In A Car Full of Fangirls Only Fifty Million Times, Especially The Yeah, Yeah, Because He's Drop Dead Gorgeous Part. Wow. What a *fun* vid. And smart to boot. And also, lives up to its name.


Emmanuel by [info]sockkpuppett.

1) I love the song. [info]boniblithe had me listen to it months ago, and I vaguely remember yelling at her because it froze my computer. I hope I also told her it was worth it as it is a damn beautiful song.

2) Now, as everyone knows, a good song does not necessarily a good vid make. But this trio of fandom, vidder and song are perfectly matched. I'm not a person who's hugely into vids, but when someone gets it right like this, I get all enthralled and generally go into a wow, 'vids can really rock' mode.

Someone should also make [info]sockkpuppett enticing icons so she might be persuaded to create more SV vids.

If the sight of Lex on the table gets you all choked up, watch it anyway because it is WORTH IT.


Gay Bar from [info]emily_anne

Short and really cute.


Master and Servant, Smallville Clex vid from [info]mkitty_03. Download and adore her now, now, now!


The--the *whipping*.

The *writhing on the bed*.

The Depeche Mode song.


I just love, love, love this vid.


Objection by [info]talitha78 - Smallville, Clark/Lex. A SV vid with S6 and S7 clips! I have loved that song for years, and it's wonderfully suited for this vid. Lex is at his angsty, dramatic (and hilarious) best. Twist in the wind, Lex! Twiiiiiist. *glee*

One Way or Another by [info]hazywizard. AKA: The Vid That Shows Just How Fast Lex Can Run, When Inspired Properly a.k.a. Lana + Lex 4evar! And That Is All You Need To Know. This is *the* Lexana video, my people. No, no, trust me. Lexana in all its fine, fine glory. And--just brilliantly cut.


The Walk, Clex Vid by [info]bipolypesca. This was impressive (and also, gay, but that goes without saying because....well, you know how SV is), and when you take into account the fact that it was a first time vidder, even moreso.

The World is Not Enough from [info]mkitty_03

My basic premise is, what would have happened had Devilicous(Lex) and Warrior Angel(Clark) joined forces and conquered the world.

Damn, they look hot when they're evil.


Winning Sometimes by [info]bipolypesca. Clex, of course, and this is a vid with a fun story in it. The ending is what made me smile though and pushed it into 'aww, nice!' into 'oooh, reccable!' territory for me. I absolutely *love* the lyrics to that song too.


Without You I am Nothing, Vid by [info]sisabet

This vid is my favorite in any fandom, not just Smallville. Before viewing this, I never really got the appeal of vids. Every now and again, I'd think huh, okay, that was kind of cool, but this vid? This vid was, and remains to this day for me, unparalleled. It's [info]sisabet's first vid in Smallville.

The images she used are so fantastic, and it's all about how Clark and Lex are in each other's orbits. The music lines up *perfectly* with the clips; and the clips themselves are among some of the best, highest, and most traumatic moments in the show-- Clark saving Lex, Lex's complete obsessiveness in regards to Clark, and then it heads into a section where the cuts are from different flashbacks to Lex's time in the Institution and back again.

I'll say again what I said back when she posted it: the blending of the electroshock, and the lyrics and the crescendos and pauses in the music interspersed with the footage of Lex in "Hourglass" (otherwise known as the episode where Lex kind know, blows up the world) is so beautiful and just dripping with Smallville's whole aura and mystique of destiny.

And oh God, the ending.

For the uninitiated, why yes, that is Lex standing in the middle of a field surrounded by skeletons as blood rains down on him, why yes, yes it is.

There's doom! And it's so hot. And aching! Bring on the doom! This vid can blow you away even if you're not in the fandom, and that's why I'm reccing it here.


Stargate: Atlantis


Another Sunday (We Built This City) by [info]jescaflowne - I'm easy, what can I say. Sparkles. At VVC it was a vid show heavy in the drama and the sobbing this year, so seeing this come along was like spring after Narnian winter, yo.


Girlfriend by [info]nel_ani. I have posted of my love for this song and its jaunty, jaunty beat before, and I've even thought, you know, this would make GOOD VID.

But I often think songs would make good vids and no one shares my Vision. However, she WINS because she GETS HOW RODNEY WOULD MAKE SUCH A GOOD GIRLFRIEND FOR JOHN.

...anyway! Go! Watch! Bounce! Adorableness.


A vid you *must* see features Jealous!Rodney-- Jolene, by [info]z_rayne. She said it's an entry for Sisabet's Lord Bad King vid challenge but--okay, it's funny, *hilarious*, really, but it's also very wistful--which somehow makes it funnier. Don't ask--just go. I enjoyed it a lot. Hallelujah is also good too--but hey, the Jolene caught me in the mood for it.


Running Down a Dream by [info]fan_eunice--I'm sort of odd with music at times--I know many, many songs, but sometimes I don't realize it until I've heard the opening note. And as soon as I pushed play on this, I just started *smiling*, because, this is--this is *such* a John song. This was an amazing vid, and it's like--pure shot of JOHN in your ARM, but that sounds like--wrong. And it's so, so *right*. WATCH THIS VID.

Welcome Home by [info]permetaform--Enjoyed this vid quite a bit. I said something like this in my comments, "It's like someone told you to make a vid of why people should/could love SGA, and then you did."


Stargate: SG-1


Fancy by [info]barkley. Daniel Jackson to Reba McEntire's 'Fancy'. I think Pru and I busted Important Organs laughing in delighted glee.


Star Trek: TOS


White Rabbit by starcrossedgirl. This cracked me up so much. Summary: A comedy crackvid about the TOS crew (mainly Kirk, Spock & McCoy) to Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit". In no way am I implying anything about their use of mind-altering substances. *cough*wellmaybealittle*cough* It's a beautiful thing and you really, really should watch this.




Fit But You Know It by [info]deirdre_c, Supernatural. One word: HILARIOUS.


Want by [info]destina (and barkley!) - Gorgeous and intense and absolutely amazing SPN vid.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles


Paris Is Burning by [info]serrico. I didn't really get into this about halfway through, but then it was like boom-boom-boom, and you're nodding your head and going YES and YES oh SHOW.

Human Behavior by [info]halcyon_shift. Really *fantastic* editing. I generally hate Bjork's music, but wow, was that ever a perfect song for this fandom.

The really fun thing is that both these vids end on essentially the same clip choice. It's one of my favorite show moments, despite the fact that I still don't quite understand what it meant (and I don't think we're able to understand at this point in canon.) It's just--really neat to see these two vids building to that same moment, in a way. Good, good stuff. *crushes vids to chest*

The Matrix


Man in Motion, vid by [info]renenet. LKBV for the Matrix trilogy, and it got me pondering it again a couple months ago, so I went out and bought all three at Best Buy for 5.99 each the other day. This one is just freaking *fun*.


The O.C.

All Because of You by [info]barkley. That clip around 2:46 when they're leaning into each other? *squeaks* Yeah. Yeah, that's the good stuff. Great song, great clips, cute boys, what the heck else do you want. And SV people, you can see Lucas in here for a couple of seconds.


The Tick

A Crush Story by [info]wickedwords and [info]sherrold. I've never seen the source, and I can't say that I want to. *g* This vid is adorable though. Available for download here.