This is just a list of some of my favorite works-in-progress in fandom. You usually won't find these on recs lists because hey, not completed. Sometimes, stories just refuse to cooperate, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy what's there.


Some of these have not been updated in years, and will most likely never finish. If they're here though, I still think they're awesome enough to read even without the closure, because they're just that *good*. (So long as you won't like, break something when they end *there*.) They are grouped by active and in-active listings.


Active WiPs


Drop Dead Gorgeous by Mistful - HP, Harry/Draco

Vermin by Isagel - Heroes/X-Files, Mohinder/Sylar, Krycek/Mulder

Take These Broken Wings by Synecdochic - SG-1 JD (yes, Jack's clone)/Cameron


The Magic 8 Ball says 'maybe'...


Gilgamesh by Koi - SV, Clark/Lex

Landscape of a Thousand Lies by Jenn - SV, Clark/Lex


Hey, they had a great run! The not-so-in-progress.


Altville by Livia - SV, Clark/Lex (sort of)

Arkham by Devin and Jenn - SV (Ignore the weird formatting issues in the first couple of parts. They distracted me but nowhere near enough to disturb the action of the story.)

Part One--Clark, by Jenn | Part Two--Clark, by Jenn
Part Three--Lex, by Devin |
Part Four--Lex, by Devin

Best Laid Plans by Siobhan, SV, Clark/Lex

Captured by Isagel - SV, Clark/Lex (again, sort of)

Falling is Like This by Joyfulgirl41 - SV, (Girl!Lex)

Oedipus Lex by Abi - SV, Martha/Lex, Lucas/Clark, Clark/Lex

A story where Lex is married to Martha (no, not a typo going on here--and wow, this story *works*), Clark's obsess-o over stepdaddy Lex and is of course tormented by this, Jon's a mess and Lucas is a skanky Siren of doom. *grins broadly* Highly addictive. I keep telling people on AIM to read this thing, but I say Lex/Martha and people just blanch! Wusses. It *works*! This is another one of those things where you just need to have *trust*. I'm maybe more receptive to this pairing because of...certain things I wrote in that Four Things That Never Happened to Martha Clark story.

Pretty When You're Mine by Jenn - SV, Clark/Lex

Addictive fic, in more ways than one. Newly prostituting Clark had a memorable first meeting with Lex.

Shell Game by Dolimir - SV/Angel

So--Lex meets AtS's Illyria. You wouldn't think that would *work*, but it's a seriously good time here.

Something is Wrong With the Sum of Us by Joyfulgirl41

Continually hilarious and fun with Lex and Lana switching bodies. Lex deals with PMS while Lana...does other things that we'd all take into consideration if we were in Lex's body too. *looks around furtively*

The Yard by Jenn - SV, Clark/Lex

Tic, Tac, Toe by Suzvoy - SV, Clark/Lex

Un Dieu Anonyme by Switchknife, HP, H/D - AU premise that I haven't a huge clue where she's taking it, but I'll be there mentally willing for moremoremore.

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